Saturday, March 7, 2020

Dragon Warrior II (Game Boy Color, 2000) - Epilogue

I have unfinished business with Dragon Warrior II for the Game Boy Color. I asked around online to find out what the level cap was for this version, and couldn't get a straight answer anywhere. So I decided to find out for myself. Is it 50/50/50 like the Android remake or 50/45/35 like the NES original?

Here's where we're starting off from. Midenhall needs 9 more levels, Cannock needs 10, Moonbrooke needs 5. It takes her a lot longer to level (hee hee) though.

Yeah, one level for her can take a while.

I tried leveling in the Cave to Rhone and Hargon's Castle, but I found that this area right here was the best place to level. The EXP here is better than CtR and almost on par with HC, plus you have the restoration point right there. There are no Metal Babbles here like those other places, but I found them to be uncommon enough in general for it to not really matter in terms of speeding anything up.

As for the best way to roll enemies around here...



"Go Mid!" says the healer guy nearby, who thought he was going home after all of this.

This is a slooooow process to say the least, but levels are moving.

.........……….....some of these later level gains aren't exactly useful.

Oh yay. 1 point seems pretty good after rolling 0's.

Almost there. Looks like the caps are gonna be the same as the NES version, otherwise the gaps would have significantly closed by now. In the Android version I believe everyone was 48 at the same time. I expect Cannock to be the last one to max out due to all of his dying.


And it isn't even that bad. Gwen's level ups are generally taking around 3x the exp of Mid's.


It's another anemic stat gain, but whatever. Now to get the other two.

This is how you know they've hit the level cap. For all I knew it was going to keep going all the way to 99. One could argue Gwen was strong enough a while ago since she's by far the best character (for 99% of the game...the final boss is all about physical attack damage).

And speaking of...second character done. What's left?

I knew Cannock would be the last one to max, though I wasn't expecting him to be almost two levels behind. Some of this is due to deaths. It wouldn't be surprising if he took the most EXP to max even without that.

There we go, everyone has "become strong enough" so we can confirm that the level cap is 50/45/35. It's an odd way of doing things, for sure. I'd rather have uniform level caps across the board, because the character with the lower cap ends up taking AGES to level after a certain point. Getting these last few levels took several hours.

Now to take on the final boss again with a maxed-out party, just to make the whole thing worth it.

Hargon immediately starts healing himself pre-emptively while high-pitchedly screaming.

Sidoh: "Raise shields!"

...and Gwen lowers shields right back down.

Mid with a devastating slash! This is about as good as damage gets against Malroth at this level.

That was certainly easier than it was before, but I was surprised to find that it wasn't THAT much easier. It was a more manageable fight, but it still felt like it could go badly if he got a lucky round or two.

Hargon's Castle collapses into dust, and that's it for this game. Behold the maxed-out stats.


  1. Yeah, just Explodet everything and heal up.

    Those 0 point level ups are an insult.

    Now we know!

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