Monday, February 22, 2021

Xenogears: Perfect Works


Whoa, what have I got here? And where are Elly's clothes? Well, in Japanese media, it's very common for characters to be portrayed as naked when they're represented in a metaphysical world, since they've shed any Earthly additions (Thanks to Shesez on Youtube for this information).

Every so often I like to look at an art book, and Xenogears' Japan-only art book is a good one. As the cover tells you, it's got all kinds of information on the world of the game. It's a crime that this never got any translated versions in the West, though. As for why that is... well, look at the cover. Is that the outline of a nipple? Such vile and evil things are verboten! I've got them too, unfortunately.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Demon's Souls Playthrough


Videos. Lots of videos. Also Vagrant Story music. I completely break the game by starting with 10 million souls. Don't worry, I finished the game normally a bunch of times in the past. I'm no cheater!