Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dragon Quest III: Seeds of Salvation, Finale - Best DQ3 Port?


The six orbs are placed, and it's time to plow the rest of this. I gave my thoughts on the Phone Port in the previous post, but I'll re-iterate it here: I think this is the best version of Dragon Quest III. I'm surprised too. It's a great update of a game that originally came out during a generation whose primary hobbies were tank barrel cleaning and fighting the USSR.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Dragon Quest III: Seeds of Salvation (iOS/Android, 2014)


This will be much quicker than my look at the GBC version, focused mainly on pointing out differences and improvements. This version of the game is actually pretty rad on the QOL front and manages to out-do the already-great GBC version in most respects. I'm also going to seize this opportunity to try the 3 Goof-Off Challenge I alluded to in the earlier posts. Will this party be as huge of a PITA as I think it is? Yes. It's fantastic once they all metamorphosis into Sages, however.

I don't mind playing DQIII multiple times back-to-back. The only thing this game doesn't have is chocobos. Which reminds me. Legend has it that if you bring the right greens and a little luck, occasionally a chocobo chick will pop out of Kenny Omega's hair.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Dragon Warrior III (GBC) Finale: The Baramos With The Most


Rubiss is petrified, and can only be cured by the tears of Pikachu. Also Zoma awaits, in this final episode of Dragon Warrior III on Game Boy Color. What a great game this turned out to be. I think I have a new system-favorite game for the GBC.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Dragon Warrior III (GBC) - Part 4: Only the Lonely

Dragon Quest III: Now available on SouljaConsole. Game Speed FPS 1:1!

The nutty thing about this: The console is a Chinese-made knockoff console with an emulator and 800 old ROMs on it, so it wasn't even made by SouljaGames. In other words, Soulja Boy's literally one contribution to the design of this console was slapping a badly-copypasted image of Soulja Boy onto the box. "Nintendo ain't doing shit!" he said when reached for comment.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Dragon Warrior III (GBC) - Part 3: Louisiana Purchase

This game's Japan equivalent is our next stop after the class change. At this point the game becomes open world, so you can take on the next bunch of objectives in any real order. The Zipangu section actually contains one of the tougher upcoming bosses.