Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dragon Quest III #7 - Orpheus

Our heroes bring down the apocalypse by throwing a sword into a volcano, completely decimating an ecosystem. Dragon Quest III!

It's raining fire! Can The Beast be far behind?

...I wish Angel were a current show so that these references would make sense to more people.

This poison pond is suspicious. I bet an evil castle is going to rise out of it later.

Here we are, the Cave of the Necrogond. It sure as hell isn't the Cave to Rhone from the previous game, but it tries to be. This is the biggest challenge yet.

I take down my first Metal Babble in here, and with Faith at level 1...

...she gains 13 levels. YEOW. Fighter is the best class for babble-slaying, due to their higher critical hit rate. You want to take them out before they flee.

I take down another one with Spike as the only character standing, since he's the one in the most need of levels at the moment.

He gets quadruple exp, which gets him a bunch of levels quickly. This place is awesome! Now I'll have two characters with HealAll, while Angel and Faith do the heavy boss-bashing.

Aerocross? Don't remember that name from the NES version, so this might be a new spell. Unless it's an old one renamed. It's potent, and Spike's soloing continues.

BAM! Spike gets to the target level. It took a little while and it was fairly tricky, but it was worth it.

It's good to have one character with Revive (a more reliable Vivify), and Explodet is the best attack spell in the game.

He'll be the raddest Thief-caster of all time. My melee-heavy party is complete, and they've got a lot of alternate abilities to make use of.

Much like he probably would in the show, Spike takes his sweet time reviving the other three characters. There's just too much comedy gold to be had in lugging around three coffins.

He FINALLY gets to put on his Black Coat.

After going through two other classes, those are some seriously beefy stats for a level 1 character.

Spike has quite the selection of attack spells, and his dagger is very good against Metal Babbles. Time to solo one...at level 1.

This gets him 40,000 exp and the single greatest level-up in history. Well, besides his Buffy-laying marathon in Season 6.

Project Spike is complete, as he goes from level 1 to 21 in one fight. He's now my strongest character. I get everyone else revived, and it's finally time to continue with the story.

I find a new sword for Buffy, and it's an awesome one. Angel has the Orochi Sword, Faith has the Golden Claw, and Spike has the Assassin Dagger. We're in good shape as far as weapons go.

Oh, and here's the final orb. What was the point of finding these six orbs? Can we summon the Eternal Dragon?

...nope, just the Legendary Phoenix. Laaame!

With the six orbs placed, Ramia hatches.

What follows is a SWEET Mode 7 flight sequence. You can look down at the world from here and see the shapes of the continents. I believe this one is Australia.

Here's Aliahan, the first continent in the game. It's the one in the Pacific that doesn't exist in our world.

Lorneburg has evolved again. The citizens let Lorne out of jail, but they still want him to leave. So he does. After this you can recruit him at the character pub, except there's no real point.

The Dragon Queen should get together with Bahamut from FF1 and have dragon-babies.

She gives us the secret seventh orb, the one that will save mankind.

Angel passes the orb of world-saving off to Buffy. He didn't ask to be the hero! Also, it was burning his hands.

...and Buffy hands it off to Spike. Great, so saving the world falls to Spike's noble sacrifice again.

Here's Castle Baramos, finally reachable with our bird of prey. And with the Light Orb, we have a chance.

Off to the side, we have Fox News pundit Ann Coulter a mysterious pit.

This whole place has a creepy vibe. It's the Mordor of the game.

Castle Baramos looks different from everything else up to this point. It features highly-damaging floors... luckily Spike has StepGuard.

At the center of the area, ominous stairs.

Down here, everything is red and hellish. Here we have my final stats before facing Baramos.

Baramos doesn't think my levels are high enough. We'll see about that!

This is it... our heroes versus Baramos in an INFERNO MATCH!

Baramos has some highly-damaging spells, but it's nothing I can't handle.

Boosted by the attack buff spell, Faith completely demolishes him with her regular attacks. This is my most powerful offensive move going forward.

Buffy isn't far behind, though.

Angel sees their game and raises them a boosted attack of his own! On a good roll, Angel can do as much damage as Faith.

Spike declined participation in this game of turning Baramos into a pinata, as he was busy casting spells. Also, Thieves don't hit for much. I thought his Assassin Dagger would insta-kill enemies, but so far it hasn't. Need to find him a weapon on par with the others.

I win handily and with very little trouble. This party is extremely badass.

THE END... or is it?


  1. Holy hell, you got Spike to end-game levels as a Sage, no wonder Baramos was no trouble for you.

    One clever thing about your Sage-to-Thief transformation is that he can still gain MP and isn't stuck with the paltry 71MP he would have been as a Fighter or Soldier.

    This is easily the most creative team I've seen in this game yet.

  2. Amazing job on the EXP-farming. Your lessons from character-building in WRPGs seem to be paying off with all the excitement. The GAME is bringing a ton of excitement too; so much drama here, way more than what preceded it.