Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Yakuza 4 Remastered - Boss Fights

Continuing the tradition of Yakuza boss fight videos with yet another one. These boss fights are becoming more and more fighting game esque as the series goes on.

Ihara - The cool thing about Yakuza 4 is being able to play as several different characters instead of just Kiryu. Some of them are a lot of fun, while others are big and slow.

Daisaku Minami - Goro Majima's protege comes equipped with very Neville/PAC sounding music. This series loves fights in clubs.

Kiryu Kazuma - One way to get new main characters over is to have them fight old main characters. Unfortunately, Saejima here is bigger and slower than Kiryu, which isn't really a change the series needed.

Ivan - The now-obligatory UFC-style fight for this game is with the Russian monstrosity, Ivan.

Goro Majima - Yet another battle with this guy, who completely outclasses my character on speed and moves. Too bad you only get to play as him in Yakuza Zero.

Junji Sugiuchi - This fight is cool and out of the ordinary because it starts with a speedboat battle. It's the main boss fight for Chapter 3 of the game, where you play as a parry-based character, which makes for a fun and skill-oriented brawl once the boat chase is over. 

Kiryu Vs. Akiyama and Tanimura - Kiryu's chapter starts with him beating down the new main characters 1 on 2, just so we know who the man is in this series. Way to make new stars, guys. At least it's a really challenging fight.

Akiyama Vs. Arai - The four main characters each have their own final boss, and you go through these four fights in a row. This means it's crucial to make sure all four characters are well-equipped and have plenty of healing items.

Saejima Vs. Kido - Significant step up in difficulty here, probably because Saejima is slower-moving and a bit more difficult to play as.

Kiryu Vs. Daigo Dojima - Kiryu gets the third final boss instead of the last one, weirdly enough. This definitely should have been the last fight, as it had a lot more heat than the one we got. Kiryu Vs. Daigo is a hell of a fight.

Tanemura Vs. Chief Munakata - The final final battle. The one thing this fight has going for it? It's pretty difficult. Easily the toughest of the four final bosses. This might explain the placement. The boss himself is very weak, but his minions are numerous and vicious. Getting stunlocked between a bunch of them is commonplace.

Last but not least, here's all four final bosses once I maxed my character levels out. The fights were a bit more fun this time, though Daigo seemed like he was even tougher.

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