Monday, March 9, 2020

Dragon Quest III #3 - Cadenza

I love healing springs in games like this. I could do lots of level-grinding here with all the free healing.

It's worth noting that the world of Dragon Quest III is, in fact, our world. More or less. There's a new continent in the Pacific, and a lot of North America is underwater. The flooding seems to originate along the Mississippi River and emanate outward, which is actually a pretty accurate estimation of how things will be in the distant future.

This never would have gotten past Nintendo's censors if the game had gotten a U.S. release.

Is there hooping? I'M SO EXCITED.

This girl wants to get all naked and soapy around dudes. She's like the opposite of all the obnoxious, man-hating characters in Love Hina.

Weird, this one inn gets its own portrait.

Our heroes continue their wandering through the world. This is Egypt on the world map, and it's a pretty rad section of the game.

There's another monster arena here. I say again, WHO ARE THE REAL MONSTERS?

This is very easily exploited with save states. The winner is pre-determined, so once you know who will win you can go back and bet the farm on them.

These double agility, which is amazing. This was better known as the Meteorite Armband in the NES version. I give this to Angel, for now.

Unfortunately for the queen, Buffy is only into men.

Faith, on the other hand... nah, she's probably only into men too.

This is some kind of yuri-palooza. Let's just move on.

The Pyramid is a pretty big dungeon, one that requires a lot of preparation.

Even treasure-hunting is no longer safe. Beware of the fearsome Cannibox.

He bites. HOW HE BITES.

This is all that remains of Cannibox's many victims.

This room has a bunch of treasure chests... but each one comes attached to a random battle, so it kinda sucks.

Atop the Pyramid, one can see for miles.

I don't know if any of Spike's jester moves actually do anything. The class change shrine has to be coming up soon, right?

Buffy does what she usually does on weekends and opens a casket. Inside is the greatest Fighter weapon, but the game is sure as hell going to make you work for it.

You get attacked every two steps once you grab the Golden Claw, at least until you get out of the Pyramid. In the original NES version, the higher encounter rate was permanent until you sold or dropped the claw. Ouch. Glad they fixed that so that the weapon is now actually usable.

Oh, and spells are disabled in the Pyramid basement, so you're walking out.

Har har, that was quite morbid. She might need that later for Vampire Slaying.

Now that I have the Golden Claw and the Magic Key (yeah, got that somewhere in there too) it's on to greener pastures.


  1. I'm rather surprised that Cannibox won't square dance with you.

    If I remember the SNES version right, they added some better weapons for Fighters later in the game.

  2. I really like this world map. They did a lot of things to make it interesting. You're in super-Australia right? Starting in Oceania like the best Risk players!
    There's nothing in America. Does that mean it's the last level? We'll see.
    I remember DQ Japan being awesome.

    Would've thought that roofied girl was a joke earlier in my life but now I'm sadly nodding in agreement and I think that's serious.

    This queen...this game has all kinds of interesting gender stuff doesn't it?

    Also, gotta say again I'm a huge fan of this world design and map. I wonder if any players had been saying "I'd love to see a DQ-ization of our own world". And they GOT ONE! Makes you wonder how Final Fantasy would do the planet earth.

    This game takes an even harder stance on grave-robbing than Romancing Saga 3 did.