Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dragon Quest III #6 - Lorne's Town

Lorne HAS changed. Instead of sipping Seabreeze, he now chugs it.

Baramos is the big villain of the game, and he's starting to come up more and more often at this point.

Our heroes stumble into a pirate hideout. And the boss... is a girl.

A hot girl.

Bao chicka wao.

"Bada ba-baoo."

Soon after, our heroes do battle with Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell.

"Hey kids! UFC great Chuck Liddell here! Stay in school!"

Next up: The Thing theme plays as our heroes arrive in a barren, frozen wasteland. Hope they brought flamethrowers.

Huh. Well, this might work too.

If this were South Park: Stick of Truth, this guy would immediately kill himself. That game is messed-up.

I also take the time to get ahold of some more of these puppies.

Next up, our heroes try to stop a corrupt king. He throws the party in jail, and they just compliantly go along with it. Weird.

The guards file them into a jail cell and leave.

Two seconds later, I let myself out with the Final Key.

Turns out the real king has been imprisoned down here, and the bastard upstairs is just a wizard impersonating him. Very Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall-ish. I need to get back to that series.

In any case, time to go get a mirror to reveal the true form of the king.

That latest cave was a bit of an ordeal. Little did I know, the stairs I needed were really close to the entrance; since I missed them, I was wandering around for a while.

I barely get out with the mirror...barely.

Buffy holds up the mirror, and discovers that the not what he seems!

Turns out, he's actually...



Buffy uses her new attack spell, to good effect. It's quite powerful, and only she gets it. There's an upgrade later too.

Soon after, I find the Red Orb laying around. Four down.

Time to revisit Lorneburg. It's developing, but not very quickly. I need for it to hurry up and grow into a metropolis so that I can get an orb.

Too bad I couldn't name the town and call it Caritas, like in the show.

It seems the people of Lorneburg are already growing discontented with their leader. He's overworking them, and the minimum wage is something that might have been livable 20 years ago. Lorneburg is America?

The town is now fully-equipped with a strip joint for all the overworked citizens to get drunk at.

"I don't dance" says Angel, and keeps walking.

Next thing we know, Lorne ends up in jail, imprisoned by his disgruntled citizens. Well, at least they didn't behead him or something. This is Angel, not Game of Thrones. You can tell because no one is boinking their sister.

Our heroes offer him a Seabreeze, and we're on our way.

Yellow Orb obtained! One left. But where is it?

Next, I end up at this house in the middle of nowhere. What happens next... is decidedly un-PG.

This strange old man offers Buffy his bone. "It has seen action at sea-ports around the world!" he boasts.

Hope this isn't a mistake. I never even used the staff for anything. The bone should be useful, though.

"You gotta stroke it good!" says the old man. "Can barely feel a thing anymore!"

Turns out that the bone is used to trigger the appearance of a phantom ship. Time for yet another dungeon!

...well, not so much. I barely got attacked in here and quickly found the item that I came here for. I'm a big fan of phantom ships in games. Final Fantasy V, Super Mario World, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, and numerous other games have one.

You have to use the Loving Memories here to get past a squall. Good luck figuring all of this stuff out without guide help... the game is very obscure.

The Lovely Memories, as far as I can tell, summon two lovers who committed suicide earlier because their parents were awful to them about their relationship.

The goal of all this is a very important sword. Not sure if this was Ortega's sword or what, but we'll need it shortly.

Faith hits level 24, which is all I wanted from her as a Sage. Now she can revive fallen characters, and Boom is a pretty rad spell too. Hits everything onscreen, which is a rarity in this game.

I've had that Golden Claw collecting dust all this time, and now I can put it to use.

The final party is 75% done. Just need to get Spike some more levels and as many spells as possible, then I'll make him a Thief towards the end.


  1. Huh, I thought I already commented on this. The Change Staff is used for buying Wizard Ring's at the elf shop. You can only do this for a limited time since you have to trade it for the bone.

  2. The Loving Memories story is the saddest shit ever. Sounds like an even more depressing version of the Tanabata/Double Sevens story. You're really moving through this game; it seems quite well-designed.