Sunday, February 26, 2017

Shaq-Fu (Super NES, 1994)

Shaq-Fu is a legendary game starring one of the NBA's most beloved players: Shaquille O' Neal. It exposes his secret double life, which consists of saving orphans from nefarious aliens and looking out for his neighborhood. A Boston Celtic (and formerly LA Laker and Orlando....uh...Magician), Shaq recently celebrated his birthday at the Boston Children's Museum with a bunch of kids. So basically the Shaq in the game is pretty similar to the real one... just with mad Kung Fu skills. With everything he does for this city, I'm surprised that Shaq isn't an honorary Boston Red Sock.
All of this should not be confused with former Chicago Bulls superstar Dennis Rodman's double life, which consisted of penis tattoos and doing drugs that haven't even been named yet. To put this in perspective, if we could get back all the money that was wasted keeping Rodman under lockdown at Animal Control, the United States would be on Mars.