Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Yakuza Kiwami II: Boss Fights

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is a visually stunning game, so this should be fun.

Daigo Dojima - The son of the big bad from Yakuza Zero (who gets quickly dispatched at the beginning of Yakuza 1, in the vein of Karate Kid 2). This fight shows off how visually stunning the new engine is, and it's pretty cool that the fight transpires in the rain.

Ryuji Goda - The new Big Bad of Kiwami 2, this guy is a strong foil to Kiryu. Maybe the best villain in the series. Hard to say. Definitely the biggest threat. Surprising that you fight him early in the game.

Goro Majima - Maybe the best fight with Majima in the series. This fight is TOUGH. Gave me more grief than any fight in Zero or the first Kiwami. It's a real slobberknocker, and especially cool after playing as both guys in Yakuza Zero.

Hiroshi Hayashi - Ryuji Goda's right hand man, and a surprisingly bland fight. At this point in the game I hadn't been building up my stats correctly (putting points into moves and defense instead of base stats and damage) so the fight is much more drawn-out than it should be. After this I figured out my mistakes so subsequent boss fights were much shorter.

Koji Shindo - Speaking of right hand men, Akira Nishikiyama's henchman returns here in a bid to take over the clan. This guy is vicious and gets to use a sword. I had the stats worked out a lot better for this fight but I still had work to do in the character-building department. Generally avoiding sidequests meant I wasn't anywhere near as powered-up as I could have been at this point.

Kei Ibuchi - This fight is notable because you get to play as Goro Majima for the first time since Yakuza Zero. A very Yakuza Zero style fight here, actually. As someone who'd rather play as him than Kiryu, it was a radical brawl.

Ryuji Goda, 2nd Brawl - The first of the three final battles, which take place in a row. It's cool that he brings a sword to this fight, which means I can use some of my super-overpowered weapons without feeling bad about it.

Daejin Kim - Like the first game, this one has a Surprise VP Outta Nowhere right before the last fight. And again, it's a really annoying politician-type guy with a gun and a bunch of goons. I used the fire sword to end this one quickly. It's a delightfully overpowered weapon. Major spoilers in this video as one of the good guys turns evil, beware.

Final Boss - The third and final fight with Ryuji Goda. He didn't use a weapon for this one so I didn't either. Gotta say, Ryuji is probably the best thing about this game. He might be the only time Kiryu faces an opponent every bit his equal in the series.

Will I cover Yakuza 3 the same way at some point? Maybe, we'll see.

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