Sunday, December 15, 2019

Yakuza Zero: Boss Fights

Yakuza Zero is a great game, and the strongest point might well be the boss fights. There are some sweet boss fights to be had here, to say the least. This post contains every boss fight video, with some liner notes.

Kuze - This guy is the Gades of the game. He's one of the four Big Bads, and the only one you fight (repeatedly) before the final area.

Oda - Probably the least-impressive boss fight in the game, since it mainly functions as a a tutorial for how to attack with chairshots and various objects.

God Hand - This guy doesn't exactly live up to his moniker, one of the easiest fights.

Kuze II - One of the most memorable fights in the game, as Kuze tries to run you down in a subway tunnel Biff-style.

Nishitani - This is the first somewhat difficult fight, but also the first really entertaining one. I had some moves at this point.

Masaru Sera - A major good guy in the first Yakuza game, so it's interesting that Yakuza Zero adds a fight with him to the canon as he takes on noted bad boy Goro Majima.

Kashiwagi - The Sgt-At-Arms for the Tojo Clan, for better or worse. This guy is "good" or "bad" depending on who is in charge of the clan at that point, which makes him a pretty realistic character for this kind of game.

Akira Nishikiyama - Kiryu's best bud, though you get to fight him as Majima. I played this prequel game before the rest of the series, and I have to wonder if I'd have gotten more out of it by playing it later on when I knew all of these characters better. On the flipside, there's a good chance I wouldn't have gotten into the series if I'd started with Yakuza Kiwami instead. The fact is, Yakuza Zero is a much better game and it pulled me into this world even if I didn't know who a lot of these people were.

Kuze, last fight - The final Hoss Fight with Gades. You battle this guy outside of the final "dungeon" before going in. The other three "sinistrals" lurk within.

Awano - The last three fights all have incredible music - unique to each fight - starting with this one.

Lao Gui - My favorite fight in the game, maybe the series. He's basically Claw Man. The music here has a Mortal Kombat II-ish vibe, and once it kicks in towards the end of the fight with both guys powered up, it's hard not to get chills.

Keiji Shibusawa - The final battle is a long, drawn-out epic. Another tremendous music track here.

More Yakuza tomorrow.

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