Monday, December 29, 2014

Lufia: The Legend Returns #6 - Terror Squad


On the new continent, our heroes battle weirdass enemies for exp. After my barely defeating Amon, I figured the party could use some levels. Luckily, the overworld has finally moved on from red slimes.

In the next town, we learn that a dragon has been attacking people. Conas is the local hero, and he's all about that dragon-killing.

He's also all about the hottest woman in town, Karina. I bet she's about to get kidnapped or something.

After storming through a local cave, our heroes come face-to-snout with the aforementioned dragon.

Boss fight! This is a disappointing one, and ends way too quickly. Much easier than Amon. Seems like the Sinistrals get to be way more powerful than the other bosses in this game.

After the boss, Seena goes on about wanting a boyfriend, Dei volunteers, Seena accepts, and Dei shoots her down. It was great.

Back in the city, Conas is about to propose when...

...we get attacked by the REAL dragon. The other one was just a child. Oops.

THIS one is much more powerful, which explains a few things. This is an optional-win fight, and you get uber-armor for pulling it off. I got the boss down to about 5% HP, but I couldn't get it done.

Moments later, some guy materializes and one-shots the dragon. WHOA.

Oh shit! He then proceeds to one-shot Conas too. Well, that sucks.


This didn't go the way I anticipated. Daos just sorta leaves, satisfied with that I guess. ...whatever.

Rudo isn't above showing emotion. Good thing Selan isn't here to judge him and spout off about his tears not meaning as much or something.

Next up, we do the only thing that makes any sense: GO GAMBLING! Here's Ruby, another of the hotties in this game.

That's the kind of 'bod Rudo can get behind.

Our heroes set out in search for Daos, but instead they find a Malboro.

Ruby likes her men... quick. Time for battle.

The nine-character party is finally achieved. Awesome. Ruby helps propel our heroes to victory by pushing her breasts together with her arms.

...and she immediately stops being cool. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted. Nice work, script-writers for this game. You really differentiated everyone well.

After getting Ruby, it's back to the casino. This guy is the head honcho, the evil promoter.

He throws a big banquet for my army for no apparent reason. Well, this is a surprising amount of kindness from an NPC. It's probably a trap or something.


Dei managed to escape and free everyone else, but now they're caged in the basement...surrounded by embalmed corpses. Well, between this and Conas getting gunned down, this game got dark in a hurry.

Our heroes beat down Leydock's henchman and escape.

That whole scenario was a indeed a bit of a time-waster. Back to the real storyline of hunting down Daos... but not for a couple weeks. Taking a break from this to cover some other, more interesting things.

Note: I apologize for the lack of more Ryback in this post. I was afraid that he might injure Lufia III.


  1. Oh man, Seena infected Ruby...she's the problem! Quarantine her!
    I find it kinda funny how cliche that part with the big dinner was. "Oh no, it is an evil bad guy who is giving us food to eat for no reason. He is obviously evil and this sudden gesture of kindness is very suspicious but we will eat it anyway. Ahhhhh."
    It's easy to see who the real idiot here is, Seena...and everyone who has been infected by her.

  2. The Sinistrals SHOULD be way more powerful!

    Ruby's battle sprite is adorable.

  3. Conas here (who looks like the DQ1 hero) really is a sad story. Damn. Very effective terrorism by Daos.

    "Ruby helps propel our heroes to victory by pushing her breasts together with her arms." I lost it at this part.

    Uh, do the embalmed people just stay down there? Is Leydock actually a vampire?

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