Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lufia: The Legend Returns #4 - Sea Legs

Previously on Lufia III, our heroes arrived on a new continent after defeating Gades. Somebody also had sex on a boat. It was really disrespectful to the other passengers.

Now, I barge into a shop via secret entrance to find this weird merchant. The Toy Ring and Pendant actually have decent stats, and you can easily buy a bunch of them to fill your accessory slots. No idea what the Bunny Ears do... too expensive. Since this is a Japanese game, it's likely that they turn some lucky gal into a leading cause of male collapsing, nosebleeding, and general retardation. Use with caution.

The new continent has a very different overworld look, which is a nice touch.

Same old dungeons, though. Unfortunately.

Our heroes follow an old soldier around, and end up helping him with a boss fight.

This thing isn't bad at all, but it absorbs lightning. This led to me giving it a big heal inadvertently at one point.

Once again, SuperRudo is the sole survivor for his team. This leads to the soldier joining us, and...

...he's an ancient dude. This game deserves props for having such a diverse roster so far, between this guy and Aima. This isn't a white teenager's club like most RPGs of the era.

In any case, Randolph is a tough fighter. None of the characters in this game are all that descript in their abilities, so there isn't much else to say about him. SuperRudo is tops, and everyone else is just sorta there to assist.

Randolph is journeying to find Princess Melphis, who was kidnapped by rogues. ...and here she is!

Melphis is the resident sex kitten of the game. Unfortunately, this is a Game Boy game, which reduces her to a tiny sprite. Why can't characters in HD modern games ever look this beautiful?

The next boss is a giant insect. With my roster up to six characters at this point, let's see what the green-haired maiden brings to the table.

She has a great roster of spells, making her as good of a spellcaster as Seena (without the intense unlikability). In particular, Melphis is heal-focused while Seena is offense-focused. I was in need of a dedicated healer, so this works well. Melphis should be a good compliment to SuperRudo.

You can call him Rudo.

Ouuum. Ouuum.

She also has an Escape spell, meaning I no longer have to backtrack through dungeons! BEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME.

Yes, prates are a big prblem for a lot of people.

Some caves have an optional route with super-strong enemies. These must be for later in the game. This game does love reusing assets.

If this were a Working Designs game, there would be a hilarious menu description for this item.

Our heroes take another boat ride, during which Rudo and Seena again vigorously plow. That is, until another ship is spotted on the horizon. BRING US ABOUT, NUMBER ONE!

I'm not your bro, pal.

Dei pulls a Jack Bauer. Time to beat up some pirates.

A boss fight follows, which SuperRudo easily wins. Seems like all of the bosses in this game fall into one of two categories... either they're a big enemy that attacks by itself, or they're a small enemy that attacks with two goons.

Moments after this picture was taken, the ship crashed into Seena at full speed.

RIP Seena. She will not be missed.

Wait, Deckard? Is this guy supposed to be a descendant of Dekar?

Deckard is quite popular around here. He easily takes out the pirates and saves the day, as is tradition.

We end up on an island, where I find the Giant Ring. This adds 100 HP (!!!) to the equipper. I put it on Rudo, since his one weakness was semi-low HP. He has now gone from SuperRudo to HyperRudo.

The pirates eventually capture everyone and put them in a cage, Lost-style.

Seena immediately starts to respond to this (probably by calling him stupid) when...


Ugh, it's talking again.

Another boss. The game is just throwing boss after boss at me at this point. It goes into boss-overkill the same way the previous game went into dungeon-overkill.

The pirate leader is still ticking, and fights us himself if we survive the alligator. Didn't we already fight this guy?

Either way, this time he means business. This fight is TOUGH, and it's the first time since Gades 2 that I've had any issues defeating a boss. Has the game caught up to my overpoweredness?

The pirates escape again, and beat up young Keit on the way out.

Well, maybe if he had a manlier name he wouldn't get bullied by the prates pirates. Keit is pretty much the least-manly name there is. It's like the opposite of Rudo. I guess what I'm saying is... blame the parents.

Melphis falls into the ocean, but Rudo saves her. ...oh my God, this means she's all wet.

A giant squid boards the boat as we make our escape. It'd be nice if it were merely looking for a cozy inn to rest and warm its tentacles, but that isn't the case.

BOSS FIGHT! Deckard joins us for this one. He's definitely got the genes of Dekar.

Tune in next time, as Deckard becomes a fully-fledged member of the team... just in time for us to battle the nefarious Amon.

But first, I'm going to take a detour and check out a slightly more beloved Game Boy game. Let's just say it involves a certain awakening of a certain Link.


  1. Somebody's been watching Dragon Ball!

    Keit... is not a name I'm familiar with, but it doesn't seem so bad. Just needs an h at the end to be a real name.

    Funny how Deckard's sprite is green but his battle portrait is blue. Well, you hardly need another blue sprite character.

  2. More games should have different plant species and geography on the different continents. That's the next step up in gaming! ...and was hopefully taken over the past several years.

    Melphis is really fine too. Yeah you got a number of cool characters this episode. I'm coming around to the view that this game is not that bad, thanks to this diverse cast.