Saturday, May 31, 2014

Highlander: The Series 2x06 - The Zone

Time for one of the worst episodes of this show. It isn't as bad as Season One's low points, but it really isn't good. In this one, Duncan must deal with the bad side of Seacouver, The Zone. Nobody goes into The Zone. In other words, going into The Zone is a lot like putting Baby in a corner.

It's a scientific fact that when women are on all fours for any reason... it's hot.

Here's the fiendish Canaan. While his name is way too badass for him to be a regular human, that's what he is.

Yes, in the last few episodes we've had MORTALS named Canaan and Pallin Wolf, while we've had immortals named... Greg and Michael.

Canaan acts like an immortal, and I'm guessing the only reason he's a mortal is because the Network wanted more mortal villains.

Here in The Zone, Canaan lords over the poor folks.

The best scene in this episode is Duncan and Charlie sparring while a bunch of students look on. Charlie actually has the advantage when it comes to boxing.

It seems that he faced adversity growing up due to being half black and half Italian. People of both races bullied him for being the other.

Duncan finally wins by locking on THE MASTERLOCK! THE MASTERLOCK!

It turns out that Charlie is from the bad part of town... a place called The Zone. Which we've never heard of in the 27 episodes that have aired so far.

Dawson asks Macleod to investigate this Canaan guy, who he thinks may be an immortal. Duncan goes to The Zone with Charlie, and doesn't sense anything, so case closed. Charlie knows nothing whatsoever about immortals...for now.

Canaan may not be immortal, but he IS a mega-asshole. Duncan and Charlie are about to leave when they spot Canaan giving guns to kids. This is the kind of thing that killed Tessa, so they stick around.

Duncan has a flashback, remembering what it was like when he saw some oppressed poor folks rebelling against their wealthy overlords.

...though this has little to do with The Zone, where no one is rebelling against Canaan because people like how he "takes care of them".

Canaan ends up hitting Duncan with a pipe, then his minions throw Duncan off a pier.

Charlie jumps in to save Macleod, but there's no body. The hell?

Back in the past, the strike is on. Duncan knows that these miners are all going to get shot.


And sure enough, they get slaughtered by Pinkertons. Bioshock Infinite's main character was a Pinkerton, and in the very first scene of the game he notes that he has a lot of blood on his hands.

Duncan tries to help the miners, but it's futile and everyone gets capped.

Charlie wonders how the hell Duncan is still alive. You'll probably be wondering that a lot, Charlie.

Canaan's goons show up at Duncan's pad and he beats them all up.

Duncan must now team up with a Sassy Woman. She might be related to the Sassy Female Reporter from the first season. The good news is that he doesn't sleep with her. It'd be good if he went a few episodes without sleeping with anyone after losing Tessa.

...oh, wait, too late.

Fast forward through this incredibly bland episode: Duncan gets captured by Canaan, one of Canaan's young goons turns against Canaan, said kid gets shot by Canaan, and the Sassy Woman clubs Duncan over the head.

I...I don't want to talk about any of this.

They get thrown into a freezer (her too, because she questioned Canaan despite being an evil Judas).

Immortals can't freeze to death, so this will be a crappy few days (or however long it takes for them to show up and retrieve his body).

Charlie gets beaten up by Canaan. Dammit, The Zone belongs to CANAAN! Fear him!

If this were a Sonic the Hedgehog level it'd be The Zone Zone. Act 1.

Duncan somehow dislodges the lock with a thin piece of metal, and they're able to escape the freezer.

Duncan saves Charlie, and faces off with Canaan. "There's a problem with thinking the strongest should have everything" says Duncan.

"...there's always somebody stronger!"

Duncan then proceeds to beat the absolute shit out of Canaan. All things considered, this episode actually has a pretty decent finale. Too bad most of it just feels so... low-rent.

Charlie wants to know Duncan's story. He hasn't seen someone with Duncan's killer instinct since he was in the SEALS. Duncan has no comment, but we know the truth.

...he's simply a Bad Dude. There are Navy SEALS, and then there are Bad Dudes.

Duncan might tell Charlie his secret, but not any time soon. "Some of the people who know aren't here anymore" he says. Well, that's ominous.

Not as bad an episode as it has a reputation for, but it certainly isn't good.

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  1. "Some of the people who know aren't here anymore" - Now THAT is a proper follow-up to the Tessa episode.