Saturday, May 17, 2014

Highlander: The Series 2x05 - Eye for an Eye

Time for Richie to get an Immortal Training Montage in what is otherwise one of the worst episodes in the series!

Desalvo's Martial Arts has been sold to a mysterious buyer.

...okay, the buyer is Duncan. They don't keep you in suspense for very long with this show. He sold the antique store because it reminded him of Tessa. He's keeping Charlie on to run the dojo. Will prospective students have to fight both of them now that Charlie is basically his Goro?

This is new... now both of these guys sense immortals instead of just Duncan. I was hoping Richie would drop the hot dog.

Behold, Simply Red and Replacement Tessa. They're IRA terrorists or something. Not sure what they're doing in Seacouver.

Long story short, our heroes stop them from killing someone. The immortal, it turns out, is the lady. And Duncan knows her. And Richie just accidentally killed her mortal Simply Red-ish boyfriend during the melee. OOPS.

She vows revenge against Richie, and now he must train in preparation for the big fight. Good thing she's painfully weak.

What follows is the only good thing about this episode, RICHIE TRAINING MONTAGE. He battles Charlie Desalvo and Duncan and gets beaten the hell up by them. He also goes from lanky to ripped in the span of ten minutes.

The hour's approaching to give it your best, and you've GOT TO REACH YOUR PRIIIIME!

That's when you need! To put yourself to the test! And show us the passage of time!



In anything if you want to go!

From just a beginner to a pro! You need a montaaaage! (Montaaaage!)

Always fade out in a montaaaaage

If you fade out it seems like more time has passed in a montaaage

Stuff happens with the Irish terrorists. Fast forward through all their crap, and we arrive at...

...Duncan showing up to battle her in Richie's stead. And he brings not a weapon, but a bottle of wine. It seems he knows her from back when, so he tries to talk her out of fighting Richie.

They've both lost their significant others lately,

so they have sex in a boat.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Charlie and Richie get dressed up for Anime Boston.

Richie gets to use a katana in a fight for like the ONE TIME EVER as he shows up to battle her. Because she insists that she kill Richie, even though Duncan gave her like three orgasms.

She claws at his face!

Richie wins, because she basically sucks at everything. He refuses to behead her, and storms off.

Duncan is like "look lady, you better leave him be". And, surprisingly, she does.

Then they embrace. Please, no more sex.

Richie: "I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill her."

Duncan: "That's because of who you are as a person."

It's amazing that more immortals don't show mercy on each other. They solve all their interpersonal issues by chopping each other's heads off, and it's pretty weird.

This episode would have been great if the whole thing had been Duncan and Richie training for his future battles, without the terrorist lady plot. I get what they were going for with her and Duncan both grieving, but it didn't work. Him having sex with a random woman in THE NEXT EPISODE after Tessa dies is really uncool, and I suspect it turned off a lot of fans bigtime.


  1. Hi Jericho!

    You've got a great vibe with the humor that is found in Highlander. :) The montages, oh my gosh! Paging the nineties line one! Charlie and the dojo where a few more things that they seemed to be willy nilly with from time to time. You're screen captures are great, too!

  2. Mooontaaaaaage!

    Sisko is so disappointed.