Monday, June 2, 2014

Highlander: The Series 2x07 - The Return of Amanda

It's the return of Duncan's favorite friend-with-benefits!

The DVD of this episode has fifteen-years-later Adrian Paul commentary. ...and he hasn't aged at all. This guy is in his late 40s?

We see Amanda in a flashback dressed skankily. She's doing some sort of striptease in an effort to liberate some wealthy guy of his money. Well, she isn't Tessa at all...

Duncan and Richie spar! Pretty soon Richie is going to get his own episode and actually get a Quickening and stuff.

They sense someone. WHO COULD IT BE?

Whoever they are, they also have a fencing uniform on. Are they psychic? How'd they know our heroes were sparring? Did Charlie rat them out? CHARLIE, YA RAT BASTARD!

After Duncan takes the newcomer down and unmasks them, it turns out to be Amanda. She likes the roughness. I bet this character was a lot more fun for the writers than Tessa, who was nearly a Mary Sue character in her pureness.

She likes Duncan's new apartment, and immediately wants to have sex with him. Well, when you can't have kids, why not just have sex all the time? These immortals have it made.

In any case, she heard about Tessa, and wants to help Duncan with his grief. Which is fine, but how about we wait a few episodes? It's only been two episodes since she died, and Duncan had sex with some random woman in one of them.

Duncan isn't interested in sleeping with her (really? Duncan of two episodes ago would differ). As usual, it turns out Amanda wants something.

This is a painfully average episode, so I'll just sum up a bit.

We get flashbacks with Amanda dancing with men-folk. One of her boyfriends sells out to the Nazis.

Duncan is there to be all unenthused and disapproving of the guy. "What did they give you to sell out? Cash? Goat balls? Maybe one of those tight little uniforms they like to wear?"

A surprising dose of borderline-homophobia from our hero. Unless he's ironically saying that since the Nazis themselves were quite the homophobes. And "goat balls"? I never thought I'd hear him utter those words.

Duncan helps Amanda escape from the Nazis.

What follows is NAZI BLASTFEST '39 as Duncan drives a motorcar around while shooting Nazis down with some kind of rifle. Duncan is mostly a pacifist, but he isn't above gunning down Nazis in cold blood I guess.

Back in the present, Duncan talks about Watchers and Amanda gets in the mood. She's like a 15 year old boy; watching paint dry gets her in the mood.

Duncan caves in to her advances. Not sure why this is such a difficult thing for him considering that he just boinked that other woman. NO, I WILL NOT LET THAT GO!

They have morning cuddling and Duncan talks about how he feels happy and safe right now. That's quite an admission.

Stuff happened with a crooked FBI agent. It was boring. I don't want to talk about it.

He shoots them in the back and they fall into a river. Then he steals diamonds or something, but Richie was looking on creepily and filmed the whole thing. Only after they turned their backs. So in the footage they're unknown victims while the FBI guy is clearly visible. He goes to jail, yada yada.

Duncan drags Amanda out of the river after they wake up. What happens if an immortal wakes up at the bottom of the river and has already drowned? Do they just immediately die again?

Amanda kisses Richie on the cheek and he smiles for the first time in a few episodes. Hooray!

She's helpful, but Duncan can't move on yet. So she heads back to Europe, and that's that.

Fairly weak episode, but the Nazi flashback stuff was kinda good.


  1. "What happens if an immortal wakes up at the bottom of the river and has already drowned? Do they just immediately die again?" - There is an episode with an immortal (a nazi, no less) that gets tied up and thrown in a river, so he can't get out for 50 years. I believe he just kept dying over and over and over.

  2. Because I am that guy, MacLeod says gold bars, not goat balls. I really liked this episode. Giving Mac a Catwoman girlfriend we see from time to time works better than a steady romantic partner you have to shoe horn into the week’s story.