Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kirby Super Star #2 - King of Swing

There's a lot more of this game to cover. Simply put, it's HUGE. Previously, Kirby defeated the mighty Dynablade. Now, he'll need to contend with the debut of Meta-Knight, who would later become his arch-nemesis over the years. 1996 sure was a good year for the Super NES.

 I take on one of the minigames next. Megaton Punch is basically one of those timing games where you press the button just as a meter fills to max.

It isn't much to write home about. I win quickly and move on.
Samurai Kirby is the other minigame. It's simple to play.

This sorta reminds me of those NES Dragonball Z games where you'd see the intense close-ups at the top and bottom of the screen during beam attacks.

 After several fights, Kirby has his first encounter with Meta-Knight.

 Who won? ...well, he did. This time. I got him eventually. You need to have PRECISE timing to win at this game. It's quite a challenge.

 I also tied with Quina Quen as "Booty Pump" Scott Steiner looked on and clapped happily like a seal.

Time for the upper-tier action game of this collection. This one is longer and more difficult than Dynablade, and it makes Spring Breeze look like...well...itself.

At this point the bad guys are legit terrified of Kirby. It's like when Batman became so well-known that all the criminals stopped committing crimes at night. That happened, right?

 I'm not really a fan of the stage designs for Revenge of the Meta-Knight. They get mostly mechanical-based, since a lot of it takes place on a flying ship. I'm not really a fan of mechanical stage designs; definitely prefer the colorful landscapes of the earlier areas. Luckily, this one gives you some more colorful landscapes before the ship totally takes over.


 Heavy Lobster is a bastardly mech that I can't actually damage at this point.

 Kirby gets dumped on a nearby island as the nefarious Meta-Knight takes off in his flying doom-ship. Whoa, check out the pyramid in the background.

Bright reds and yellows have been fairly underused in the game up to now, so I'm down with this. Time for some island-hopping.

Kirby UNLEASHES BEAMS~! against a miniboss that I've never seen before.

Wait, what? Whispy Woods is the boss here? I thought he had turned good. This guy turns from face to heel more often than a late 90's pro wrestler.

 After winning, I get dropped into a room with TWO Whispy Woods! Now this is cool! It's a logical difficulty progression, in that it makes this fight almost difficult.

 Next up, Kirby traverses some more Mario RPG type environments. I like that this game went with SGI, while Kirby's Dream Land 3 went with Yoshi's Island style drawn graphics. Both are fairly nostalgic looks, but at the moment I prefer this type. Better colors.

Revenge of the Meta-Knight likes to sic multiple bosses on you at once, rather than introducing anything particularly new and more difficult. At least, so far.

 Whoa, it's a Dynablade rematch? Nope, Dynablade is now a good guy and/or girl. Who knows.

Dynablade gives Kirby a ride back to the Halberd... then gets shot down. Dynablade just can't seem to stay alive.

  From here on out, the stages are fairly mechanical, unfortunately. This looks more like it belongs in a Mega Man X.

Halberd is suffering some technical difficulties. Don't worry, Yamcha can see their parachutes! They're okay!

Shit, they've still got Heavy Lobster on deck.

 What follows is a harrowing chase scene as Kirby flees from the vicious Heavy Lobster.

Buttons are pressed as Kirby proceeds through the ship... not much to say about this part of the game. It isn't as fun as the earlier sections.

The ship's core (I think) is manned by... "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner? What the hell?


Kirby dismantles Halberd and sends it spiraling into the ocean as FFIX's Adlebert Steiner looks on creepily.

 This is like that scene at the end of Spaceballs where everyone is abandoning Spaceball One. I half expect a bearded lady to run by.

Kirby battles the last of Meta-Knight's goons, the Axe Knight. At least, I assume that's who this guy is.

 Time to face Meta-Knight himself as the Spaceballs theme drones on in the background.
 It's sword battle versus sword battle, and his Schwartz is as big as mine.

  Meta-Knight: "BEHOLD! We are evenly matched!"

After an epic battle for the ages, Meta-Knight is defeated.

Halberd blows up the rest of the way and plummets into the ocean.

 As you plummet, you have to battle Meta-Knight one last time. He sprouts bat-wings for this one. Weird. Not sure what exactly Meta-Knight is supposed to be.

That's it for this game, but we're not done yet.

 I like how the credits show us all of the enemies and the powers that they impart. Good stuff.

 "Congratulations, Kirby! You can go on to the next stage now!"

Still haven't unlocked Milky Way Wishes, and all that's left otherwise is Great Cave Offensive. More on this later.

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  1. My favorite part of this is Kirby's backwards baseball cap for the Yo Yo power. It makes him "hip" and "street"

  2. The dueling seems really cool, and I like the way they've upped the difficulty and changed the settings on you small game by small game. This is a great solution to how to make short action games worth the money. Does Kirby control the same way he does in Smash Bros?
    The dialogue with profiles and speaking I did not expect. Reminded me of Metal Gear Solid tbh.

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