Saturday, February 1, 2014

Highlander: The Series 1x20 - Avenging Angel

A sweet-looking abbey kicks us off today. This is going to be a shorter than usual review, simply because this episode doesn't have a whole lot to it. Gonna get Season 1 over with.

Here we see the villain of the episode RAISING THE ROOF. Whatever, he won't be around longer than the next 40 minutes.

He gets shot! AHHH! The murder was heinous!

The guy was a pre-immortal, so when he died he turned immortal. And who happened to be driving by? Duncan. Well, this could be interesting.

Seems the guy is kind of insane. His father beat him when he was growing up, then he joined the SAS and served in Iraq.

In any case, Duncan has to explain to the guy that he's immortal now, and with that come... rules and stuff.

The guy SPEEDS OFF to "cleanse the world of evil" and Duncan goes home to get ridden by Tess.


So basically, Alfred (that's his name) thinks God chose him to live on, and now he wants to kill all the prostitutes and other wicked types. That includes Tessa's hot friend, here, who moonlights as a prostitute to pay the bills.

Alfred yells at street passerby about their sins and how they'll be struck by the "sword of Damascus"

Much like an unhappy lover, Duncan informs him that "we need to talk."

Alfred can keep living for now, because Duncan now has to beat up Tessa's cute friend's pimp. That's right, this episode features pimp-abuse.

I wonder if Tessa's cute friend is slightly damaged and open to experimenting. What is WRONG with me?

After they leave, Alfred sneaks in and kills the pimp. HE WILL NOT REST UNTIL THE WICKED ARE CLEANSED.

Alfred would be a lot more intimidating if his name weren't... Alfred. This episode has a badass name, but the villain sure doesn't.

The cute friend renounces prostitution... and immediately starts having tingly feelings for Duncan. I know he's a handsome slice of man, but My God woman. He's dating your friend! You could probably have any of the 500,000 single men in Paris, so don't be stupid.

Or a three-way would scratch this itch. But this show isn't on HBO, so the chances of that are slim.

Her: "Why are you so smart?"

Him: "I'm not. I'm just like a rat who bumps into every single wall until he finally learns the maze."

Me too, dude. Me too.

Alfred stalks Tessa, and she's all traumatized even though he didn't do anything.

And then after Duncan and Hot Friend gaze at Tessa lovingly, they all have a threesome.

No, they don't? Come on.

Next thing we know, Duncan confronts Alfred... who is now dressed up like a crusader. a bit ridiculous.

After another very quick fight, Duncan emerges victorious. Did you expect another outcome? This fight was notable for taking place in an abbey and having the bad guy in full medieval garb.


Duncan feels bad about killing the guy, since he was clearly insane. Tess is upset because her friend took off without letting them know.

I guess threesomes can make things awkward for people. Alright, I'll stop.

Last scene is them leaping through a flock of birds as the screen freezes and "She Drives Me Crazy" kicks in. Or not, the episode just ended.



Yet another villain who could have been pretty interesting given more episodes. But I'm a broken record at this point.


  1. This post may mark the first time a connection between Highlander and ICP was established.

    My memory's rusty on this episode, why did the abbey not count as holy ground?

    1. Not sure. I suspect because it was a long-disused abbey. Just ruins, really.