Saturday, February 15, 2014

Romancing SaGa III #10 - Reach Out And Touch Faith

Harid has a brief mental conversation with God.

Who is God?

You, the one holding the controller.

Maybe there's a God holding all of our controllers.

 This random girl is talking about Harid's tongue. He really does get around.

 Our heroes arrive at the "Island on the Edge of the World". Wait a minute, I see...


 A rare moment of sense from the game. The crab people are under assault from the Water Dragon Ruler and can't fight back due to their water elements.

 At this point, Harid is faced with a big life decision: Save the crab people, or continue on and leave them to their doom?

Well, I want to take down all five Dragon Rulers, so let's do it.

 At this point, I get Boston... the crab. Boston Crab. Square-Enix has some wrestling fans in their SaGa department for sure. SaGa Frontier has numerous pro wrestling moves, and Live a Live has a bunch of references to various Japanese pro wrestlers.

Boston hits REALLY hard. A consistent 1000 damage or so with his regular attack, which is pretty big. He's way behind on stats, too, so I look forward to seeing how badass he gets when he catches up with the others.

Downside is... again, someone has to get the boot. I deliberated between Snowman and Muse on this one; settled on Snowman since Muse is a sex kitten. That said, I can't bring myself to completely kick Snowman out, so he goes to the reserve slot... for now.

 Under a dark waterfall, Harid finds...

 ...the Water Dragon Ruler, preparing for an assault on the crab people. Here goes.

 This guy regenerates 999 HP a turn, which is HUGE and makes this fight take a bit longer than it would normally. Endgame foes in this game love their regen, and 999 is as high as it gets.

 Harid SLASHES. How cool is this party? Harid, a crab-man, a witch, a sex-kitten, and... Nora. Yeah, Nora isn't particularly interesting, but she's the best character in battles. So she isn't going anywhere.

 Victory. That wasn't too bad. The regen was the main thing of note here.

Two Dragon Rulers left that I know of... Green and Red. I believe Green is the strongest based on it being a harder fight than the Abyss Lord I downed, but Red is the last one in storyline, so we'll see.

 Our heroes bid farewell to the crab people, and head onward.





Why is Undine sleeping on the floor? Damn you, Snowman! You don't even sleep!

 Next stop, the Sea Palace. Yes, I'm still sailing around in a floating town.

 Yet another spot where I got stuck and had to look up what to do... if you head towards the Sea Palace, the game tells you that it can't be found. Even if you know where it is. You might take this to mean something's missing and head out to look for whatever trigger you missed.

However, all you need to do is keep entering the command to go there, despite it telling you it isn't there. After four or five tries of hammering through the same command, it'll let you go to the Sea Palace.


Alrighty then.

 The Sea Palace is a really cool place, at least, and leads to...

 ...the Water Abyss Gate, second of four.

 As is tradition, the Abyss Lord ROARS out. This is Forneus, lord of water.

 He has the same awesome music that Arakes had (no link, unfortunately). He also has that 999 HP regen that caused me some issues on the previous fight. Water is the element of regeneration, it seems.

 Luckily, I can do about 4000 damage a round. Still, his regen is blocking a quarter of my DPS. And that's at full party capacity. I was missing Nora almost from the get-go.

 This quite nasty. He's stronger than Arakes, and every attack of his does a number on the party.

 After an intense battle, I get the win. Sans Nora, since she was knocked out for almost the entire fight and I couldn't do anything about it.

Next up for the Abyss Lords... wind, then fire. Got two more Dragon Rulers to find, too. That'll do it for now, though. Time for a break to avoid burnout. I'll cover the rest of this epic game in the not-too-distant future.


  1. The Island at the Edge of the World has a beautiful color scheme.
    Boston Crab is a man's man's name.
    Your team is getting really magical. I'll miss Snowman because he's perked these posts up a lot! The abyss graphics are stunning, too.
    Whoa the security text I had to enter this time was Jericho!

  2. Instead of waiting for Harid, the Crab People should have turned the Water Dragon Lord into a Metrosexual.