Sunday, February 2, 2014

Highlander: The Series 1x21 - Nowhere to Run

It's Superbowl Sunday, but unfortunately for the NFL's ratings, I've got a new Highlander post for three people all of America to enjoy. Season One is just about done. Let's wrap this up.

And remember, always wrap your penii. Otherwise, you may end up with Nowhere to Run.

Some young folx are making out in a car. As much as she's into it, he's a terrible kisser. Also, he looks 25+ and she looks about 15.

She's quite fetching, regardless. He... is not.

Stuff happens, he gets all rapey...

...and he went through with it. Wow. She walks home to her stepfather...

...a pissed-off immortal, who is also a special forces commander. Well, it's safe to say that young gentleman who assaulted her is in some pretty deep doo-doo now.

So far, this episode is interesting. It doesn't fall into any of the usual Highlander episode archetypes. It's actually... something new.

Meanwhile, our heroes are visiting Tessa's first boyfriend, who lives in a mansion now.


Giles is the mild-mannered father of... this young punk. Well, I think I see where this is going...

Richie hangs out with the young punk, and no surprise, he's a snooty rich asshole.

Unbeknownst to them, Angry Immortal Dad (his name is Everett) is closing in. And there's gonna be a problem.

Duncan senses him and goes outside to negotiate. Everett says he's here for Giles' son, and if Duncan gets in the way... he'll die.

Duncan realizes that Everett has a legitimate beef, and he can't exactly tell the guy to walk away.

Duncan confronts the snooty rich punk. He doesn't get anywhere with the kid, and it looks like Duncan is going to end up between a rock and a hard place.

Quick flashback, as Duncan remembers seeing an innocent kid get a death by firing squad. Because of this, he won't let Everett kill this kid. Take him to trial, sure, but not kill.

It's funny because Duncan sentences people to death all the time.


Duncan tries reasoning with Everett, but he won't have it. The snooty punk must die.

Next thing we know, Everett's special forces team arrives and begins mortaring the mansion. Dear God.

Our hero has to be Duncan Macguyver and rig the place with traps.

To sum up, Duncan finds out that the young punk actually DID force himself on the flower-like maiden. At that point Duncan should have sent him out to the wolves, sparing everyone else (Giles, Tessa, Richie) from possibly getting hurt by Everett and Seal Team Six over here. But no, he has his code of honor and stuff. We are in disagreement.

Everett peers through binoculars, looking for babes signs of life in the mansion that they're bombarding.

Everett's squad is heavily-armed, and they're infiltrating the mansion now. Yep, this is just getting worse and worse.

Richie brawls with the punk at some point. Basically, this guy has no one on his side.

Not even Giles, seen here after learning the truth. That's not a good look.

But wait! Everett's daughter shows up and pleads for leniency for his targets. Finally, a voice of reason.

...and they respond by putting her into a box. There's a metaphor here.

Just realized that this actress was in The Dark Knight Rises.

Giles takes his son out to meet justice, and gets GUNNED DOWN.

He'll live, but he's quite pissed at this point.

This again begs the question... can Duncan and Tessa go ANYWHERE without running headlong into a problem?

Duncan heads out and confronts Everett, who is willing to duel him over this. It bothers me that Duncan is putting his life on the line for a rapist, but whatever.

It's on. Duncan is...unenthusiastic to say the least.

This battle, like so many others in the show, has amazing visuals as they battle through the mist.

Duncan wins, of course...

...but he refuses to kill the guy.

This little bastard shows up, determined to shoot Everett.

...but then the daughter, who somehow escaped THE BOX, shows up and shoots him first.


She's reunited with her immortal dad (...must be adoption) and life goes on.

Duncan sits down and broods. This was a rare episode where he was on the wrong side of things.

This explains his relation to the girl. Good character, and good episode. Matter of fact, this is one of the best episodes Season 1 has to offer, by far. It's far from black-and-white, posing some pretty serious questions of morality. Well done. One episode left.

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  1. Now this episode I remember pretty well, I had no idea Giles was in it though. Good stuff.