Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Romancing SaGa III #8 - Harem Ladies of El Nool

Next up, Harid takes time out of his busy schedule of being a bodyguard/lover for Khaleesi so that he can get the True Kamsheen. This is one of two weapons he can equip in the whole game (the other being the starting Kamsheen) which makes it a must-have. Khaleesi's quivering loins can wait.

The King's Capitol is a graveyard for kings of the past. One day, Harid will be buried here too. I think. If he shacks up with that princess.

This is one of the coolest dungeons in the game. It's short, and it explains right away what the deal is.

The deal? Defeat the Black Dragon Ruler. This is one of the five dragon rulers in the game. Ice, Black, Water, Green, and Red. The five dragon rulers are just below the four Abyss Lords in difficulty. Regular dragons are below the rulers, with most other bosses being below that. Interesting how the game has an unofficial tier system in place. Helps you not beat your head against a wall trying to advance.

Harid DISHES OUT PUNISHMENT! Avenge the harem (+ Snowman)!

Took a couple tries, but I got him. That was a fight.

True Kamsheen. It might be the best weapon in the game. No more starting weapon for Harid. If he was powerful before...

::Harid walks out of the King's Capitol in slow-motion as it explodes in the background::

At this point I look for the Wind Abyss Gate. It's at the top of a mountain somewhere... a mountain with very FFVI like music.

This place is awesome. You run across the jagged peaks, dodging various enemies as you go.

Unfortunately, the mountain culminates with this mist-filled room that goes on endlessly in every direction. I can't figure this out, and according to guides I need to go north. But that doesn't work. The hell, game? I must be missing a trigger somewhere. If you're going for open-world, don't lock everything behind triggers...

Next, I head for the Rotten Sea Ruins, another side dungeon... just because it's available and I don't know what else to do.

Any similarities to Fox News pundit Ann Coulter's vagina are not intended.

Interesting dungeon, this one. It's more colorful than a parade in New York City, and it has a distinctive feel.

At the end is a well... with a dragon ruler in it. What's this guy doing hanging out in a well?

This is the Green Dragon Ruler, and he's BRUTAL. Even nastier than the Black Dragon Ruler. Weird thing is that both of them are poison-element. I'd think they'd be different elements since there are only five of these guys.

I lose. Well, that's another area I can't contend with right now. This is getting a bit frustrating.

It almost goes without saying that this series of posts would be much shorter if I weren't running into so many brick walls. This game is setting a record for amount of times I've gotten thrashed in an RPG.

Part 9 will be along very, very soon. At least I'll get some wins in that one.

Here's the town of Great Arc, which is mostly beach. It's pretty snazzy. This game has great area variety, I'll say that. A little while ago Harid was roaming around in a blizzard.

A bunch of mini-dungeons branch off of Great Arc that have a ton of gold and monsters to fight. 

Lots of choices here. I'm going to do what we all wanted to do in college (but couldn't, let's face it) and plow all of them.

Harid doesn't normally comment on loot you find, but when he does, he tells it like it is.

This one particular dungeon is much longer than the others. This one is the relationship of the college metaphor. See it through, Harid.

This is something I don't need yet, but I bet I'll need it later. Good to accomplish something in this game.

Harid: "Hey, baby girl."

Mohawk Guy: "hee hee, boobs"

I continue on and-


If she so much as bumps into you, you're stuck with her again. Seriously, WTF. Steer clear.

After sailing to Vanguard and talking to people, a bunch of new towns pop up on the world map. NOW I can start getting to the Water Abyss Gate. Matter of fact, I'm completely un-stuck. Just had to talk to everyone in this one town. Huh.

Setting my sights on the remaining Abyss Gates and Dragon Rulers.

Meanwhile, in Vanguard, there's a sidequest to do.

This couple is sleeping. The guy goes to the bathroom, and the girl wakes up all "where you go" despite his best efforts to be quiet.

Been there, brother. Church.

Then... a demon drags his -bloody corpse- back into the room. My God.

The demon throws the corpse on the bed and BANGS THE HELL OUT OF IT! Well, presumably.

Fade to black with the demon climbing in with the girl and the corpse.

Just...just WTF. This game got really weird really fast.

 Our hero investigates the scene of the crime, and it's a mess. No wonder this game wasn't released in the U.S....

After that horror, Harid and his harem de-stress by turning in and having a foursome at the inn while the asexual Snowman looks on sadly.

Not a whole lot happened in this episode... new one tomorrow where stuff will actually happen. Tune in.


  1. The Rotten Sea looks great. Hope you got more pictures of it when you returned.
    Bumping into quests blindly, with some setbacks and brick walls, sounds like a real adventurer's life. I think you know that too, intuitively, hence you're doing this without a walkthrough.
    I'm really digging the variety of environments in this game.
    Glad Candy's still alive.

  2. The return of Candy gave me cold chills.

    What is dead may never die.

  3. Now Harid will never be the king and have his body buried together with the kings of olde because you were greedy...oh well, you can always look up what happens if you play Harid scenario properly on youtube or something.

    Protip: Never get the True Kamsheen.

    1. I had the feeling throughout most of this playthrough that I was "doing it wrong". Just seems like I missed a lot of story and a lot of triggers. I wonder how much of that is because of the translation and how much is from not talking to everyone. True Kamsheen beefs up his attack a fair amount, but if it's at the cost of a better ending then that's a bit of a dilemma.

  4. Apparently everytime you close a gate all the dead characters revives and this include fucking candy