Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The 7th Saga, Part 6 - Fear

Moments after this picture was taken, former President Bush began clearing the town while wearing a rugged cowboy hat. This post was brought to you by screwdrivers. Not just any screwdrivers, because the ones I make are like 70% vodka. I apologize in advance.

Our heroes arrive in.... another lake town. Stuff happens.

You again? I thought I told you to scram!

This fortune teller reminds me of Larsa from Final Fantasy XII.

It hasn't been a good idea to go ANYWHERE in this game.

Meanwhile, Brantu finishes construction on...

...a Fantastic Plastic Machine.

I WOULD like to try it. Tell me more!

We take flight. I had no idea this game had airplanes. Too bad we can't pilot it, but hey, we can warp to any town we've been to already. We need flying music

See the Vegetable Man, indeed.


que onda guero!

Walk into the church with the Spanish candles!

We arrive at the frozen northern continent as our popsicles are melting.

Unfortunately, our heroes don't know how the hell to drive, and crash ...TICONDERA's first aeroplane into a field.

This guy looks like Jema from Secret of Mana. He must be important.

He explains how the big bad of the game is Gariso, who King Lemele defeated before this. I knew King Lemele was a super-badass.

All it takes is moonlight? He's like an anti-Oozaru.

This new snow continent is home to all kinds of evil-doers.

Here's Vacuum 2. It's actually pretty decent for an area-effect instant death spell. But is it 60 MP decent? Jury's out on that one.

Our heroes cross the latest cave, and are hit by some sort of effect. What's going on here?

It's an un-removable mute spell. Good thing I'm not still sticking with that Esuna/Valsu party. I'd be screwed.

The town of... bugs?

Our heroes search for a way to remove the curse, which means finding the nearest senior citizen.

The next town? Guanta. Come for the food, stay for the whores.

Deal with it, dude.I've lived in the northeast for 30 years, and it's a wasteland five months out of the year.

After all that building up, I FINALLY find new armor that's an actual improvement. The money just kept piling up while every town sold the same damn stuff as the previous town.

Then lift the curse, ass!


You incompetent son of a bitch! You'll hear from my lawyers!

Our heroes journey to Silence Cave, which they have to get through without spells. Hoo rah.

Whoever put this stone here is jumping the gun JUST A LITTLE BIT.

Here's the culprit. He looks strangely familiar.

Wait, what? OH MY GOD.





First, he was Pison

Then... he was RED

Now... he's METAL

God help us all. Just.... God help us.

He's way stronger than even Doros. Was Enix just in full-on sado-masochist mode with this game or what?

On the bright side, his eyesight is worse than a chronic masturbator. He misses a substantial amount of his attacks.

Pison whips our heroes into submission! girlfriend just got excited. Don't get excited.

Behold! Pison can now cast. He has a badass new casting stance. I'm not sure if that's his whip or if he's just brimming with confidence.

And I win. He is now Nonexistent Pison.

It'd be unfortunate if he returned as Invisible Pison, following our heroes around and taunting them ineffectually.

Now that we have, uh, Moonlight, the curse guy realizes we're the real deal and lifts it. Ass!

...from the dead as Red Magic Power.

Time for Gariso's cave. Is this the final area?

It looks different from everything up to this point. Looks awesome.

At the end I find... uh oh. It's a dragon. The last one was pretty mean.

This one is even meaner, with sky-high defense. Physical attacks do all of 1 damage against it, and spells only plink him for 30-40.

But then, I used the Light Rune to boost the magic power of my characters and let loose with spells. That upped the damage to "not pathetic", and eventually I eked out a win. Onward to the big battle with Gariso... NEXT TIME ON THE 7TH SAGA.


  1. He DID come back, and as one of the only things more badass than red: METAL! Brayn will be very happy to see this.
    These lake towns can exist in places that don't have typhoons, like the Mediterranean...
    Did Brantu not go with you on the plane? Is he just gonna wait for you to return?
    Seems like this game got Mode 7 really early! I'm impressed!
    Ahh, nice job King Lemele. Too bad this Jema fellow screwed you with a curse. Yeah, going with Olvan was a great, great call.
    Those tall dark-armored bad guys are pretty scary.
    The Gariso Cave looks really awesome what with that bright blue spirit-like water. I like this game, indeed.

  2. Yes, I really enjoy this game too. Thanks for the reviews! Keep up the good work.

  3. METAL PISON?! My surprise has returned from the Dark World as shock.

  4. Metal pison made me laugh so much, what with making a grave for your character, is he trying to be scary or nice? Anyway he's fucking OP.