Friday, August 23, 2013

The 7th Saga, Part 3 - Crescendo

On the latest episode of 7th Saga, our heroes plunder the town of Bone. They also storm a few castles, as I thrust onward into the game.

Left off on the epic battle between Esuna and Wilme. The hero vs. hero fights are one-on-one in this game, so no bringing in Olvan as backup.

Said hero vs hero fights are probably the most difficult fights in the game. If Red Pison hadn't ended my journey way back when, this fight definitely would have. Unlike the rest of the game, even leveling up doesn't help with these fights because your opponent will always be two levels higher than you.

Winning is a matter of boosting Esuna's speed on the first round so that she can actually hit Wilme. After that, use the Water Rune every single round to keep her healed, since two hits from Wilme ends the fight.

When he misses, take the opportunity to blast him with Ice 2. It takes him missing five times and five subsequent Ice 2's to win the fight.

BAM! Fight over. A well-earned boatload of EXP. I hear it's possible to smuggle your second character into these fights, but that isn't what the game intended.

Three down, two to go. If you lose to the apprentice, they take your runes. And since you don't have the Water Rune, you probably ain't winning the rematch. I'm sure there were a few poor souls who lost their runes and then saved their game.

This rune boosts defense in battle. Not as useful as the other two runes. I already have inexpensive spells that do this, so it really just saves me a few MP here and there.

Finally, our heroes arrive in the town of Bone. Moments after this picture was taken, the camera zoomed out to reveal the massive orgy taking place off-camera.

Moments later, our heroes run into The Bush Administration.

The wizard he "got it" from? Esuna. That whore!

After a lot of townspeople-talking, we get the weirdest-looking boat ever. This gets us across the sea.

The weapons and armor are uber expensive in a place called "Bilthem"... har. Har har.

I find an axe that will boost Olvan's attack quite a bit, but I'm extremely poor at this point. Time for HELLA GRINDING~!

The random fights around here are REALLY HARD, and don't give a whole lot of money relative to their difficulty at this point. ...the hell is that thing?

This is the hardest of the random foes in the area. I don't know what it's supposed to be, but it's harder than some of the bosses up to this point.

Everyone here idolizes their leader, Doros, and it seems that leader is nefarious... of course.

I would, if the local priest would revive him instead of praising Doros. Poor Olvan has been dead for a while now.

Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

Esuna hits level 19, and gets her strongest attack spell... Blizzard 2. Finally, a big-looking spell. I wonder if there are any other spells that are badass like this in other element trees that other characters utilize. It hits all enemies for quite a bit of damage, and it outpaces Ice 2 enough in damage that it's probably preferable against single targets as well.

Here are my stats, with both characters at level 19. I'll have to level up a bunch more just to continue, since the journey across the sea put me squarely in the middle of Hell with no hope of retreat. That new axe would help too. I think I'm going to take the "hardest SNES RPG" title away from Paladin's Quest and give it to this game instead.


  1. Does Blizzard 2 cost way more than Ice 2?

  2. This is harder than Paladin's Quest? Now that's impressive. What's cool is that the game seems to be fair, as well. You'll have to fight all the other mercenaries, too? You've got a long road ahead!

    BTW you accidentally posted Esuna's stats twice at the bottom instead of showing us Olvan's.

    1. Not all of the mercenaries... I think you only fight two, maybe three of them throughout the game. Which ones you get seems determined by which character you pick initially.

      Not sure why Esuna's stats showed twice, the second shot is indeed Olvan's stats on my screen.

  3.'re right. I was wrong. I got confused because Esuna's icon was still showing in the front and I was too tired to really read the #s.

  4. ''Finally, our heroes arrive in the town of Bone. Moments after this picture was taken, the camera zoomed out to reveal the massive orgy taking place off-camera. ''