Saturday, August 24, 2013

The 7th Saga, Part 4 - Dystopia

This place is no Bone. In today's 7th Saga post, Esuna and her dwarven bodyguard square off with the nefarious Lejes and cross the meridian into the second half of the game.

Belaine and Telaine are at war. One is into industry, one is into naturalism. There's also a bit of Iran/Iraq syndrome at play here. They have slightly different names, so they hate each other.

In other news, at this point there are a bunch of optional dungeons. I skipped Grime Tower and North Tower, but I didn't skip Laosu Cave. Why do these optional areas? They contain a lot of phat loot, and at this point you need all the help you can get. The game undergoes quite a difficulty spike around the halfway point, which is where we are.

The people here have wildly differing perspectives on the political situation.

Political Intrigue~! follows as everyone wonders why everyone else is being so difficult.

At what appears to be a bar, Esuna runs into Lejes. Time for another hero vs. hero battle. It's about time Esuna and Lejes fought, given how smarmy he has been.

I spend much of the battle using the Star Rune to put up defense buffs that Lejes then dispels. Over and over. He'll have to attack eventually!

Eventually Esuna just blasts him with Ice 2. The problem is, whenever he gets below about 40% HP, he heals himself to full. Yeah, you heard right. This is in contention for "lamest fight in the game" as a result. It dragged on for a while, but I eked out a win. With that, Lejes ran off. Did I benefit at all from this battle?

"bzzz" says the robot while vibrating uncontrollably.


Jesus, this guy is everywhere!

Our heroes are interested in joining the army, but the army doesn't want them.

It doesn't accept women or dwarves, and believes that they belong in the kitchen / selling pot respectively.

::the guy unzips his pants::

No! Dude! WTF.

Seems children are being kidnapped by a sorceress named... uh... Serpent.

And we're off on our next mission. If we take out Serpent, this guy will give us the Moon Rune. Also on the itinerary? The Sky Rune is somewhere around here.

New enemies now appear on the overworld, and they're TOUGH.

Rare sighting in this game: a tower.

These things are even worse. They use a devastating fire spell, one that Olvan will hopefully get at some point.
Blizzard 2 may wreck, but I found it very difficult to survive a fight with three enemies at once at this point.

Our heroes finally arrive at a ruined town. Something about these graphics really screams "early Dragon Warrior games" to me.

What the hell is that?

It promptly breathes fire right in Olvan's face. NO! THE BEARD! THE BEARD IS AFLAME!

Esuna fires back with, surprise, Ice 2. The dragon has tons of HP, and this is yet another difficult boss fight.

Olvan bites the dust, and Esuna barely wins it.

Dammit, after all of that trekking, and that difficult battle...for nothing, basically. Some ass got here first. I bet it was Lejes.

I have to teleport from town to town until I find one that is flashing on the mini-map. Flashing means that the town contains a rune.

We head for the saloon. It's showdown time.

Son of a bitch! It IS this guy again!

Another tough battle follows. He isn't as difficult as Wilme, but he does like to spam heals.

Another rune obtained. That's what, four out of five? Time to find Serpent so that guy will give me the Moon Rune.

As for what the Sky Rune does... it restores some MP when used in battle. WHOA. This is pretty awesome for Esuna.

Our heroes now traverse a cliff. Those are some fugly early-90's SNES graphics right there.

Moments after this picture was taken, Esuna threw Olvan on the bed and rode him like the world's luckiest bearded horse.

Next stop? A distant castle.

Inside, our heroes must battle Serpent. Can they win?



  1. I hope it doesn't turn out to be Green Pison!

  2. "How do you find the Sky Rune?" was a section of Nintendo Power's Classified Information once upon a time.
    I'm impressed by your moxie, skipping optional dungeons though you know how hard the game is.
    Lux is the comic relief character, and it's great he's everywhere.
    Getting an MP restore like that is just huge for you. Great find.
    There is indeed a lot of blue and green in these graphics, making everything a little darker than we're used to.

  3. If I remember you can open up grime tower only with Olvan in the party. Funny how this game has optionnal content literally only for Olvan, is he supposed to be the hero of the story? I think there is another Olvan only thing that can happen with another NPC.