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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Part 9 - The Lost Post


So this is super weird. After "Part 8 - The Legend of Welda" something bizarre happened and one post just fell through the world geometry and got lost. So today I put up that lost post. Going to repost the several after this as well to get them back in the proper order, before I go onto finishing the Super Famicom version (finally).

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Arriving in the real world version of Weaver's Peak (the hero's hometown), Spike has to deal with people thinking he's Alternate Spike. Buddy in particular is very jealous that he's staying with Tania, and thinks something might happen since Spike is adopted.

Buddy should stop talking since he's basically cheating on his GF in the first place.

Wow, this guy is really jealous.

They really make a point of how Spike and Tania aren't related, and when you combine that with Buddy being jealous... I'm not sure what they're getting at here.

Who knows? Who cares?

Tania then leaves to go get stuck in a washing machine or something. "Adopted bro! Help me!"

"Live it up while you can!" says the Mayor. "When I was your age, I didn't have a stepsister. All I had was my hand."

The fuck

What are we doing? What are we doing here? Why is alt-world Tania so weird?

I'm just gonna leave.

With the two Spikes in the same place at the same time, the Mayor immediately softens his tone when he realizes the implications of this. "Wait... a double-team for Tania? Supreme!"


"Supreeeeeme!" he says as he slides into bed.

Real-World Spike is NOT happy to see his alternate self stumbling in here. They need to re-combine like Carver did to create a new Super-Namek, but Real-World Spike (correctly?) realizes this might mean he ceases to exist.

Upon further discussion, they figure out the nexus point that divided the worlds. The fight with Murdaw. In one world, Murdaw won. In the other version of events, Murdaw didn't win.

...except wasn't there a difference between the worlds pre-Murdaw?

We meet a strangely familiar merchant here.

"I was a studly studmuffin. It was I, the hard drive with the highest RAM and the banana in your fruit bowl of love."

Wait a minute...Taloon? COULD IT BE?

Hold that thought, as the village is under attack by demonic hordes.

Don't worry Buddy, I wasn't gonna help you anyway.

Guy is over here like "man, F my own girlfriend, someone save TANIA"

You know you can just jump over the counter, right? I know not every bartender is as cool as Tifa is, but come on.

The other Spike is fighting a boss, but he can't quite win by himself. It's like when Bolo crushed one of the Jean-Claudes in Double Impact.

That's right. We must do as the Nameks do.

"I'm an honest to God prince!" says the other Spike. That's all well and good, but we have to hurry.

They combine and become one single person, now supposedly much more powerful than before.

In practice, there's really no difference in stats, you just learn Zap.

...which you already have if you acquired the Hero class in advance, which to be fair most players probably don't.

Either way, a pretty anemic powerup. At the very least it could have given you a unique ability not found in any classes, like HealUsAll or something else.

As she says this, Ashlynn nonchalantly reaches over and begins unbuttoning his shirt while he quietly tries to swat her hands away without making a scene.

That thought is interrupted by a BOSS FIGHT. Well, it isn't much of a boss fight, and keels over quickly.

Tania doesn't recognize Spike's new, combined personality as being the guy she's known all this time. Or maybe that guy really is gone, fully absorbed by the main Spike. Either way, she doesn't want us around.

"Just GO, adopted bro!" she says before leaving in a sexually-frustrated huff.

Where were you during all the fighting? Hiding under a bush? Bone spurs my ass!

In other news I've realized lately that scythes are my new favorite weapon in games. I wish more games had them! Bloodborne has a great scythe but I don't think I've ever used or specced for it.

O_O      >_> 

King Somnus now tells us what the deal is with Spike in the world where he lost the Murdaw fight. I'm just confused at this point. Is any of this backed by any real-world science?

Sounds like Fusion Spike only kept the memories of one of them. So the other one basically just ceased to exist?

That gets us the next legendary equipment. Now that we've gotten all three armors, it's time to get the sword.

Welda has been toiling long and hard over the forge, shedding clothes to stay cool as she hammers away, all sweaty and glistening.

...I don't know why we don't see more female blacksmiths in things. They're so hot.

The ultimate sword, rivaled only by the ultra-rare Metal King Sword as usual.

This is a HUGE upgrade for the hero over store-bought equipment.

Our next step? Raising Stormsgate Citadel. I think this is actually Zenithia Palace, and like the Zenithian equipment, it has a different name here.

Before you can infiltrate the palace and clear it of bad guys, you have to actually FIGHT THE CITADEL.

Here's the DS version. As you can see, the enemy model resolution isn't that different between it and the phone version. And I really like how the DS version shows your character portraits onscreen (well, in a way you can actually see them). The phone version sure is convenient though.

After that, you can board the flying citadel. There are monster minions here, but no one attacks you. They're on a strict stand down order.

The issuer of that order? Dhuran, the strongest of the four archfiends in this game. By far. He makes Maou Mudo, Jamirus, and Graco look like a bunch of buffoons.

Before we battle him, we must first battle...Terry? And he gave his soul up seeking more power? Wat?

Terry is a formidable opponent, as strong as any boss up to this point. Which makes it very good that...

...Dhuran heals you right before the next fight, which is of course with him. Yeah, just like Rubicante, who happens to be the leader of his own gang of four archfiends. Interesting. It might even be on purpose, since Dhuran is fire-elemental and the other 3 archfiends each relied on a different element - Gracos water, Jamiras air, Mudo earth. It isn't as pronounced as it is in FFIV though.

Dhuran is a total badass, and easily the strongest boss to this point. However, again, I'm well over-prepared for this in terms of levels and classes.

But wait! He now reveals that the four archfiends answer to a Higher Power.

Mortamor, known in the Super Famicom version as Deathtamoor...which is a much cooler name

Terry now joins the party, and it turns out he's Milly's brother. Ashlynn immediately starts trying to take his shoes off and the other heroes have to intervene again.

Next we recruit the game's strongest character, noted dragon Lizzie. Well, strongest is relative, and at this point she'll never catch up to a class-maxed Carver. Either way, Lizzie is a worthy addition to the group. She has the Dragon class, aka one of the two secret classes, and can dish out pretty decent damage. She also gets the all-important Kazing (Life 2) and combined with her high HP she's good for recovering if a fight goes south.

Next up, the citadel in the other world is grounded so we can go on in.

This gets us to the next real dungeon, a tower on an island. This is a major dungeon, probably the biggest in a while.

Not much to this one except that it's full of damaging floor tiles.

At the top is this easy boss. Some of the bosses in this game are absolute jokes, while others get pretty intense.

Holy light shines down from the heavens, and we finally obtain...

...pegasus, the flying horse. Now we can travel ANYWHERE in either world, regardless of terrain or obstacles. This is such a magical moment in this game because the overworld is a bit of a nightmare for easy traveling.

It also looks super-cool. I might actually prefer this over Lamia. Almost there.

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