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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Chapter 11 - Finale, Part Two

Casa Del Mortamor descends.

Here we are, facing down the final dungeon. No idea what to expect. Let's gooooo.

But first! I hit up the final shop of the game to get a few Hela's Hammers for Metal King Slime farming. This works just like the previous game. Always criticals when it hits, misses half the time.

Against normal enemies, the Great Bow is actually a lot better. However, all I'm looking at right now are MKSes.

Lots of characters can equip the hammer, giving me an efficient slime-bonking group. Spike can't use it, but he can use Hatchet Man instead to try for a lucky crit. It seems to work less than the hammer does, but it's something.

Now we can farm. These things spawn right outside of Mortamor's Castle. They don't spawn super-often but it's often enough to make this the best grind spot in the game (for EXP... Spiegelspire is still best for class levels).

OH YEAHHHH. This will help Terry and Lizzie catch up on levels. While Lizzie certainly has a place, with Kazing and survivability, Terry is a bit more iffy. He's a great character and a formidable ally, but he's way behind at the point he joins in both level and classes. It's like Psaro but worse. I'm still making an effort to make him useful.

I'd say the key to victory in DQVI is doing two big grinds: One at Spiegelspire and one outside the final castle.

The castle isn't much to talk about. There are a few simple floor puzzles.

I also made heavy use of Holy Protection in here to get through without getting sassed.

Here's a single-use item that gives a character access to the Dragon class. I ended up giving it to Terry. He may not have all of the classes that the others have, but at least he can train up one of the better ones.

Also, the best sword. The hero sword is about 99% as strong as this, but obviously this can be used by non-hero characters. So it should definitely go to someone else.

Even healers can use it. I love finding the Metal equipment at the end of any given DQ game.

We get a dramatically nice visual background at the top of the castle. This is it, the final battle.

But first...we must go through space. This is treading on Final Fantasy endgame territory.

He was waiting here for the entire game, twiddling his thumbs and wondering if Ashlynn has a glandular disorder to be so horny all the time. No, it's some sort of redhead thing.

Here he is, just sort of meditating on a rock. He thought about dropping a meteor on us from a safe distance but didn't. I think he's bluffing.

Like the final boss of the previous game, he's got a weak first form to lull you into a false sense of security.


This freakish monstrosity is more like it, and the most dangerous fight up to this point even if it's over fairly quickly. But wait, there's even more!

Get past that very-Toriyama second form, and you reach the third and final form:

This Queen Zeal esque fight is the hardest in the game by a good margin. It has two hands and a central head, and all of them can revive each other with full health. So you basically need to get all of them down at about the same time, and it can be difficult.

The key is to spread out the attacks and try to keep a similar amount of damage on all 3 mobs. DQVI has a lot of Chrono Trigger DNA and it's something I like about it.

Even with advanced levels, this fight dishes out a beating.

Mortamor finally makes good on his earlier threat, summoning a meteor swarm before he dies. So basically he pulled The Tellah.

The flying horse finally puts the bong down and gets off his lazy ass, just in time to rescue our heroes.

I guess it speaks to how jaded I am nowadays that I expected this guy to turn evil at the end here and be some sort of new uberboss threat. Nope, there's no sleight of hand, the world's saved.

"And it's good to see YOU in one piece" says Ashlynn while twirling her hair. We need to put one of those cone-collars for dogs on her.

I mean...the other heroes also helped. Though Ashlynn has the Magic Burst of Doom, I never used it on the final boss. Probably would have been a big assist, but it has such a high cost. All of her MP, and a total mess to clean up.

The irony is, all she did for half the adventure was get to know herself.


Ashlynn is now... The Sorceress. She celebrates by kicking everyone out and bedding Spike right there on the table.

We've got one episode left. That's right, this wasn't the end. There's still postgame to do. Now that Ashlynn has finally gotten laid, she's all fresh and ready to fight. Spike meanwhile now has his pipes clean and mean. Whatever the postgame brings us, we've got this.

Here's the final boss fight in all its glory. This went a LOT better than the DQV final boss fight.

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