Monday, January 29, 2024

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Chapter 10 - Finale, Part One

After getting the flying Pegasus, you still need to talk to this guy to advance the story. I spent a few minutes bumbling about trying to go to the underworld until I found this out. Time to invade the realm of Mortamor.

Once you have the power of flight and have met with King Zenith, the pegasus gains the power to warp down to the underworld. No flying here, and the party is completely neutered to 1/1 HP.

Some weird stuff follows where you gotta stumble around in a marsh. Man, even when this game gets intense and things are happening, it's still slow as molasses.

This guy can forge you a particularly potent item, but only one.

I went with the shield, which is second-only to the Zenithian equivalent.

After futzing about in the ramshackle towns of the underworld, our heroes regain their powers.

And just in time, as the enemies down here DO NOT mess around.

Travel north a bit to find a town full of greedy people. This is reminding me a bit of the Dark World from A Link to the Past.

They're all rushing into this mud pit to be the first to get an empty treasure chest. Of course no one knew this, which is why they were all tussling and rolling around in the mud like maniacs.

"Wait for me!" yells Ashlynn as she throws off all her clothes and leaps into the pile of muddy people.

"Ya know, I've learned something today" says everybody.

Alright, now get outta here so I can find the real treasure!

Lo and behold, here we go. Where does it lead?

Onward, that's where. Here we have Captain Blade, turning up for the first time in a while. Before we can fight Mortamor in his fortress, we have to defeat this Blackmar guy in a prison dungeon. Yep, DQVI just won't end. Every time the story gets moving, it drops another dungeon in the way. You're all ready to take on the final dungeon/boss? NEWP first you gotta do a prison dungeon

This is one of the several particularly tedious missions, because you have to suit up as guards just to get through the area.

Reach the end and there's a battle with Blackmar's goons. The fight is unwinnable. This party is so tough that the goons can't seem to win either though, so after a while the battle just automatically ends.

Ashlynn: "Are you going to torture us? Oh boy! I want to be tied up and blindfolded while you do whatever you want to my body!"

Guards: ".............................."

What these guys didn't expect was that my team contains a super-freak.

After we freak them out enough that they just let us out, we run into... Erdrick! It's just a name cameo and doesn't mean anything though.

After the prisoners revolt, it looks like Blackmar's goons get slain off-camera. Which means you can never get your win back against them. Might as well have just had Blackmar himself subdue the heroes then. I don't even know what the point of these goons was.

Blackmar is the latest (and last) of the Maous. Mudo, Jamiras, Graco, Dhuran, now this guy. Not sure how he falls in the rankings. So the four archfiends were actually five? Or is this guy their boss? Or is he just the latest replacement Maou as each one falls?

Blackmar doesn't put up much of a fight at this point. The only potential issue here is that he revives the adds if you take them out, and the adds can summon Cureslimes that Fullheal the boss. Showing up with full MP and lighting him up with "Show No Mercy" pretty much weathered any threat of Cureslime-ference though.

Defeating Blackmar comes with a cost, as his boss Mortamor turns the entire town to stone as revenge. Mortamor is the higher power who stands above the five Maous we've taken out to this point. I think he's kinda like their deity.

Side note: Here's an optional area, the Slime Arena. A place where you can send any recruited slime characters to compete in battles for fun and profit.

I pretty much skipped all of this, but I did like the giant gold King Slime.

Moving onward, this is pretty cool. You have to use the orb to make your own way through The Nothing to reach Mortamor's lair.

We get a boss fight in the Sea of Nothingness. I've been fighting these guys since like DQ2!

This looks like an Earthbound fight. Don't know who these jobbers are but I wish it were the two goons from before so we could get our win back. You're damn right I'm mad about that.

This leads to a laser beam blasting out the cliff that Mortamor's Lair is on top of, making it reachable. That or we could have just flown up there if our lazy horse would stop smoking weed and get off his ass!


  1. ...did you miss an update here? Don't you fight a flying castle and a fifth demon, Dhuran, somewhere?

    1. Too bad I didn't see this comment sooner! I was lucky and happened to stumble upon the post sitting in drafts, which it definitely shouldn't have been.