Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Bloodborne Arcane Build Videos


A quick treat today as I have a bunch more Bloodborne boss videos to post, this time from an Arcane-focused run. This means spell damage and weapon enchant damage (electric) are the main forms of output. Between this, my Dexterity build, and the Gun-Only Run, I've recorded about 2/3rds of the game's boss fights. Saving the rest for the next run which'll be Strength spec. Hoping for a PS5 remaster first. Regardless, here are a bunch of boss videos from what I consider to be the PS4's best game, with liner notes.

Father Gascoigne - The first mandatory boss of the game is usually tough no matter what your build is. Here's the fight in NG+ when I had access to Arcane tools, to make it an actual Arcane fight. All fights from here on out are their first NG forms where I had less to work with.

Vicar Amelia - This fight on the other hand is easier than usual with an Arcane build, just spam Flamesprayer.

Merciless Watchers - This is an optional Chalice Dungeon fight but I'm including it anyway. Boss fights against multiple targets are especially ripe for Arcane builds. The problem with the Flamesprayer is that it obscures your view a bit. Not sure why I took so long to defeat the last minion, because I could have ended this fight a lot sooner than I did if I'd pressed the attack.

Shadows of Yharnam - The Nazgul of the game are another example of multiple bosses being felled quickly by Arcane build AOE spam. This fight can be extremely challenging on a first run, or it can completely keel over, depending on your build. At least I took less time to defeat the third and final minion on this one.

Darkbeast Paarl - Optional fight that is very easy to miss, and it's a shame because it's a visually-stunning boss. Flamesprayer again saves the day here and I was able to stagger the boss with it.

Celestial Emissaries - Aliens.

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos - Much scarier alien. This is one of my favorite fights in the game. It's one of the two big post-game bosses the game has (not counting the DLC or the optional Chalice Dungeon system). The other is Martyr Logarius, and I'm not sure who is tougher between the two. An Arcane build is basically useless against Logarius, so Ebrietas was the one I went after for this run. I'll get Logarius next time. Suffice to say, Ebrietas isn't too bad with an Arcane build. I love the music in this fight and the other-worldly vibe the fight has.

Living Failures - On the surface, this looks like it's just a palette-swap of the Celestial Emissary fight. Not the case, as this one is considerably more difficult and they've got some tricks. Still the easiest DLC boss by a mile, and a good showcase for Arcane talents.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower - This is, hands-down, my favorite boss fight in the game. And to think that it's optional and a lot of players don't even see this area. It's a test for an Arcane build, since she's too elusive for spells to land a lot of the time. I like how after the fight, you get her garb, which I put on here before leaving the room. And yeah, she is an intentional Castlevania series reference, given that the guy who sends you to fight her is named Simon.

Gehrman, the First Hunter - The regular final boss is pretty nasty, however an Arcane build can keep him at a distance. In other news this is one of the best-looking fights in any game.

Moon Presence - The other possible final boss. Like Gehrman, this isn't too bad with Arcane, but it's still a fight that can quickly go south. Also visually-stunning. I mean this fight is absurdly good-looking.

Still have more to do with this game, especially between the DLC and the optional dungeon system. Bring on the PS5 release so I have an excuse to do the rest.

Remaining bosses for the Str build run:

Blood-Starved Beast, The Witches of Hemwick, Rom the Vacuous Spider, Ludwig the Holy Blade, Martyr Logarius, Watchdog of the Old Lords, Pthumerian Descendant, Bloodletting Beast, Queen Yharnam, Lawrence the First Vicar, Orphan of Kos.

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