Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dragon Warrior IV RAW IS WAR Episode 5





The last couple episodes were pre-empted by the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but we're back today with more WWF RAW IS DW4.

...I attempt to get Alena some lesbian puf-puf of her own, but apparently they don't service women here.

They also immediately reject her application for employment.

At this point, our heroes journey to the past version of Rosehill to confront Necrosaro's now long-deceased girlfriend, Rosa. Before long, they arrive outside of Rosa's steamy tower of pleasure.

Ragnar then proceeds to play the flute for Rosa in an effort to impress her by peacocking with his musical skills.

Not to be confused with The Human Peacock, Sylvando.

Taloon: "And to my left... weighing in at a BUFF! ...CUT! ...RIPPED! ...JACKED! ...CHISELED! Two-hundred and forty-five pounnnnnnds... RAGGGGNAR!"

Ragnar's flute-playing gets us an invite into Rosa's Tower of Pleasure, only to find...

...This moderately tough goon, who turns over the Sphere of Silence.

Rosa and her pet slime now school our heroes on what's going on. Then Rosa realizes an actual man is in the room with her for the first time in years.

"And three women!" says the slime.

After the orgy, when everyone is feeling bad about themselves, Rosa cries about Saro and how he became Hollywood Necrosaro. He used to be a hero! DAMMIT THE ROCK BELIEVED IN YOU!

And then we warp back to the present.

Finally, I arrive in a very special room: The Metal Babble Hovel.

In here, not only do the highest-exp yielding enemies in the game spawn, your back row characters also get exp. This room is the single best level-building spot in the game.

In this shrine, I find a staff that lets characters change their appearance. With this, Ragnar could transform into a woman and engage in "HLA"

...unfortunately, instead they have to use it to turn into monsters and eavesdrop on Saro's army meetings. Why don't they just un-transform and assassinate the bad guy right now?

Next, our heroes trek to Aktemto in search of Esturk, a diabolical fiend from the underworld who must be stopped. Apparently Saro also wants to stop him, but this isn't an "enemy of my enemy" situation.

The lowest tiers of the cavern are visually unique. Impressively creepy for the NES.

After reaching the lowest level of the dungeon, our heroes must contend with...

...the man-beast, Rhino!

"GORE! GORE! GORE!" said Jim Ross when reached for comment.

And then... here's Esturk. The embodiment of hell and evil and whatnot. This guy feels like a final boss, and probably could get final boss status in another, shorter game, but he's more the Baramos of this game.

Estea unleashes her newest move! THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!

It was an underwhelming fight, thanks to all of my leveling at the Metal Babble Hovel.

Now, Necrosaro realizes that he didn't actually kill the legendary hero earlier. He then retreats quickly. This doesn't bode well...

Victory gets me... a gas canister? What?

Immediately, Ragnar starts huffing it. Dammit, Ragnar!

And now we get the most disturbing scene of the game, a flashback of Necrosaro rescuing Rosa from vile people:

...except he doesn't rescue her, she was already mortally wounded by these people who were trying to get her ruby-tears to get rich. He goes full-evil, swearing to obliterate the human race. Yeah, this sure is a lot like Live-a-Live. The way the character chapters are set up and the way the big villain is a fallen hero who ended up hating humanity.

Next, I use the gas canister to get a hot air balloon. Finally, we have air travel. ...though not necessarily air superiority. Thing is mad slow.

It's worth noting that for the first time in this series, Green Dragons now have a different look than they did in the original game.

"Well...well...well. Forget the Green Dragons, for it is I, the quintessential studmuffin. Every female's top tourist destination, and the man whose nether-regions are TRULY the happiest place on Earth!"

Our heroes climb the World Tree, where they meet the final character of the game. Lucia is a powerful sorceress... and a stunning redhead.

After making love to Lucia for hours, our heroine finally gets the best sword in the game. Now she has the full Zenithian set, in addition to being Full Gay as opposed to College Gay.

After climbing a sky-castle, our heroes find a cloud they can ride Dragonball Z style.

This transports them to... another castle, suspended on a cloud. HOW IS ANY OF THIS HAPPENING

Our heroes find the King of Dragons, who seems an awful lot like Final Fantasy I's Bahamut with his two guards and his powering-up abilities.

Estea's sword begins throbbing, so Bahamut politely asks them to leave.

At least our heroine can use the "masturbating makes you go blind" excuse.

This concludes the ultra-risque Divas portion of RAW IS DW4. Tune in next time for the stunning finale.


  1. Ha, best reason ever for the recent lack of DQ4 is WAR.

    This game cleverly subverts the whole "have a bad guy the whole game, then a higher power at the end" deal. You just took out the sudden higher power and there's still plenty of game.

    It's also worth noting that these green dragons look lame-ass. Sometimes change isn't what we can believe in.

  2. Saro's story is legitimately one of the best villain explanations ever. 25 years later so many games still struggle to match it.