Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World of Warcraft's Creepy Gateway To Hell

There's something evil under Tirisfal Glades. Tonight, I find out what that something is.

On a plateau in Tirisfal Glades, there's a circle of white mushrooms. You can only get here by flying, which thanks to my swank flying carpet is a possibility for me. Legend says that at a certain time of night, fairy-drakes congregate here to sing. This in turn causes them to channel energy to the center of the circle in an apparent attempt to open a portal. 

Sound creepy? It is.

And now, the wait begins.

Update: As of 1 AM Eastern Standard Time, a bunch of people with really cool mounts have gathered. I guess I'm here at the right time. I need a quick shower, and I hope nothing happens while I'm out of the room.

BELAY THAT ORDER NUMBER ONE. As of 2:12 AM Eastern Standard Time, an eerie singing rang out over the mushroom circle as light blasted everywhere. This all occurred very suddenly.

I get out of the way, and you can see the fay-drakes singing to their dark god.

Overhead aerial view. I'm glad I caught this, because I was two seconds from leaving the room when it began.

So, are they trying to open a gate to march into Hell... or are they trying to summon something through to our side?

 Oh My God.

He Emerges.


 Everything becomes a dark blur and all I can hear are the screams... and the giddy giggling of Toad.

Wait, hold on...I see... I see the universe. Is that... wait a minute...

 ...My God! Rocker Steven Tyler of Revolution-X fame?

Next thing I know, everything is back to normal. Except that I'm now alone in the woods, and all is silent. There is no sign of the unfortunate people who congregated inside the circle.

I don't know what happened out there. I don't know if what I saw emerging from that portal was real...or a figment of my imagination.

 But I feel confident in saying that Steven Tyler - best known for being the father of semi-popular actress Liv Tyler - may well have saved the world.

If anyone finds this footage... stay away from the mushroom circle in Tirisfal Glades.


  1. Nice Creepypasta-like write-up and demon-Toad is as good an explanation as any. TBH, it was great until Steven Tyler showed up, that was weird. But maybe that's the point.

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