Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Highlander: The Series 2x21 - Counterfeit, Pt 1

Time for part one of season two's not-that-epic finale. Prodigal Son would have been a better finale, but hey. I guess we've gotta resolve this Horton deal one way or another...

This was originally a TV movie, but they made it a pair of episodes for the DVD set. Huh, maybe Prodigal Son really was intended to be the S2 finale. These Highlander seasons get confusing around the points where they intersect with one another. S4's finale on the DVD set was originally S5's first episode, for instance.

Richie is shooting pellet-guns at the fair with some Bro. Intrepid viewers may have noticed this guy talking to Horton in the brief intro shot above. The episode is a lot more interesting if you don't know that this guy is a villain, as I didn't the first time I saw it.

Richie is attacked by Evil Watcher hooligans, and the guy from the fair saves him.

Richie is now Intense Richie. Time in the big house will do that.

Richie is now bros with the guy because the guy saved his life. Duncan is skeptical, though.

Richie being the TEMPESTUOUS YOUNG HOTHEAD that he is, goes back to the fair to battle WWF Superstar Earthquake and various other hooligans.

The guys claim they don't know what he's talking about, and send him on his way. Duncan tries to talk Richie out of doing dumb things like that.

Meanwhile, in an armored prisoner transport somewhere...

...cops are transporting this lady. That's Adrian Paul's girlfriend in real life (or was at this time... they're long since separated).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch! Duncan meets Richie's new bro.

They continue bro-ing it up while Duncan looks on skeptically. Come on, Duncan! Don't kill his buzz!

Of course, There's A Flashback For That.


Duncan is caught poaching on the king's land. No big deal, maybe they'll sentence him to firing squad or some- ...aw shit, beheading? Can't you just stab him instead?

He's gonna... he's gonna puke!

"No, the punishment for poaching is hanging! Please hang me!"

This super-jolly immortal happens along and saves Duncan's life. And with that, it's party time!

Next thing we know, Druncan is stumbling around macking on cuties. Party party people! He's in the back of the club wondering if she loves him or not!

PARTY PARTY PEOPLE! He's living large with a cutie on each arm!

He's the one who's double fisted holding bottles of jack!

::record scratching sound::

Now that The Jolly One has gotten him good and drunk... it's time to get beheaded. Why didn't this guy just let him get beheaded before and suck up his energy via proximity quickening?

Druncan thinks the guy is just joking around. Hilarious!

As he realizes the guy is serious, he asks the guy why he called him a friend.

We don't see the fight, or who won. Dammit, who won?

More importantly, wouldn't it suck to live forever while looking like this guy?

Back to the present, we see that Duncan is alive. That settles it, Duncan must have won. Phew. He tells Richie not to trust people.


Adrian Paul's Wife, meanwhile, gets busted out of prison by Horton's Posse. It seems her proportions are exactly like Tessa's, so they're going to operate on her. What vile witchcraft is afoot?

Our favorite Nazi, Horton, oversees the operation. "Pay no attention to the Hoo you may think you hear" he says as she drifts off to sleep.

Adrian Paul's Wife's screentime comes to an end already as she's all bandaged up from here on out.

Meanwhile, Richie is trying out this sweet car. The snooty car salesman is all "THAT one is $400,000" like Richie doesn't have it. How do YOU know Richie doesn't have that much, snooty car salesman? YOU WATCH YOUR TONE!

Richie's Bro gets kidnapped and our heroes go to the warehouse where he's being kept... groan, this episode... I don't want to talk about it. So tired of Evil Watchers.

Richie's Bro is saved! ...isn't he a bad guy though? Why would the bad guys kidnap their own people?

Well, you see, it's a trap. Seems like a lot of elaborateness just to trick our heroes.

Duncan flips out at Richie because Richie refuses to believe that his bro is part of the evil scheme of the enemy. "Why would they kidnap their own people?" says Richie's limited brain.

Duncan and Richie set up a very Nickelodeon show esque sting operation where they tell Richie's Bro that they're going out of town, knowing that he'll go back to his evil masters if he's really a foe. They then... hide nearby! Nickelodeon show, indeed.

Sure enough, the bro turns out to be a Judas, reporting back to his vile Evil Watcher masters. Dammit, Richie just wanted a friend! HE JUST WANTED A FRIEND!

Problem is, Horton is one step ahead of them. He guns down Richie's Bro and drives off, and it looks like Richie's Bro was actually innocent of wrongdoing. Duncan knows better, but Richie doesn't. This drives even more of a wedge between them, as Richie thinks they could have saved the guy.

Horton returns to the lab, where his evil creation is just about ready for deployment. Adrian Paul's Wife is now...


My God.

They've created a Fake Tessa.



  1. Duncan has a flashback for everything. Kind of the point of the show, except for those bad episodes with no flashbacks.

    Man, Horton just sucks.

    1. "Bad episodes with no flashbacks"

      For instance, the entirety of The Source. He might as well be a regular guy in that movie for all the movie tells us.