Monday, November 14, 2022

Live-a-Live #6 - The Masaru Smackdown

 Fast forward to modern-day Japan, as we meet a pro wrestler who is training to be the greatest fighter in the world. So... pro wrestling is a real sport in the world of Live-a-Live? It's still real to Square, dammit!

 Meet Masaru. He...doesn't look very much like a pro wrestler. Looks more like the hero of Terranigma.

Follow Masaru's journey as he spends years toiling in the independent scene jumps right to the main roster of the WWF! 

This is BY FAR the shortest scenario. You get a battle select, and can take on these six fighters in any order. There's Dhalsim, Doink, the bad guy from Avatar, Shang Tsung, Hulk Hogan, and Beardless Bray Wyatt.

Not-Hogan is named Max Morgan. No relation to actual pro wrestler Matt Morgan., the main character does not in any way shape or form look like a wrestler.


Max Morgan proceeds to beat the crap out of our hero in seconds. I'll have to come back to this fight. It seems that Masaru learns attacks when they're used against him, much like Yun. I'll take on the other foes before I try the Hulkster.

 Next, I go after Shang Tsung. He uses crippling status effect attacks like this bone-break.

I BARELY win, surviving with about 4 HP left. This random new guy just pinned the intercontinental champion! Just like 2010's WWE!

 With the special attacks learned from that fight, I go on to face Beardless Wyatt. ...why mention Masaru's Japanese-ness? Is he some kinda racist?

 The Eater of Worlds is probably the easiest out of all the fights. He only has one attack, and it's Air Man's tornado weapon. It pushes enemies away, which is very useful. Once I learn it from him, I just use it on him repeatedly while he keeps walking into it.

  What? Well I never! "Side Rope"?

 This just in: The Indian guy is flexible! Like Dhalsim!

 Naked Dhalsim strikes! I barely win with Air Man's weapon. Put on some pants!

 He's the "vain" character of the game. Every fighting game needs one.

 The next enemy is a buff marine. I eke out another narrow win. The buff marine would go on to star in every video game made after 2005.

 Now that I've gotten stronger from facing all the others, it's time for the big rematch... BROTHERRR.

 The Hulkster dishes out a WHOOOM punch! Duck, Masaru! 

 He chases Masaru around the ring, beating him down in the corner! This fight is brutal.

 Masaru manages to defeat The Hulkster with his own move, the Suplex, after learning it. I was about to lose.

 I missed one foe: El Rudo Doink.

 He uses Scott Steiner's move, so you know he doesn't mess around.

 Great Asia? ...Seriously?


 For some reason, the ring is full of Mexican flags for this battle. This guy is much easier than The Hulkster, so I win and move on. Unfortunately, I missed out on getting whatever his special was.

 Next, World Champion Masaru recieves word that some mysterious fighter has KILLED all of the other wrestlers. This is booking 101. Champion defeats top contenders. New contender appears and defeats existing top contenders to reach the same level as champion. They head for a collision.

 Masaru will avenge The Hulkster, dammit! For all the little Hulkamaniacs!

 This is definitely the toughest fight in the game yet, probably due to Masaru not being as powerful as he should be at this juncture. I barely win, which seems to be the trend in this chapter. I ended up having to basically cheat by using the tornado attack repeatedly to keep him out of range.

 A mysterious silhouette appears as Masaru stands over his fallen opponent. So was the Mystery Man Ode, or is the silhouette? If it's the latter, weird that I didn't fight him to conclude the chapter. If it's the former, then who is this Higher Power lurking nearby?

 Thus, the wrestling chapter ends. WHO'S NEXT?


  1. So weird!

    Great Asia is definitely the coolest looking of the opponents. The main character must be very tiny. I guess they are going for a little mac thing? He seems miniscule compared to the other wrestlers haha

  2. Well, this was short and sweet, but it needs to be said:

    God Bless Mr. America.

  3. Pretty interesting that it was like a Mega Man game you had to figure out the right order of. Learning moves from having them used on you is rad too. This was quite original.

    CRUSH! Glad you avenged Hogan.

    Also like how the modern day is something we all know already so there's no need for the character of our era to go outside.

    This is a really martial arts-heavy character list so far.