Saturday, November 12, 2022

Live-a-Live #5 - The Highest Monk II: The Next Highest Monk

Roshi and Yun train to battle the Cobra-Kai as Live-a-Live rolls on.

Roshi powers up to teach Yun the ultimate technique: The Sengazanken.

 After he finishes Yun's training, Roshi heads to the Cobra-Kai base. Looks like he'll be fighting his way in.

Roshi goes all Only the Strong and takes out capoeira-using drug dealers to avenge his dead friends! No word on if he also has sex with a cute teacher.

It looks like they're building an army in here.

Yun shows up, and Roshi could definitely use the help.

For the first time, Roshi and Yun fight together. They're both badasses at this point. The enemy monks all know how to dab, not that it'll save them.

The inside of the evil dojo resembles a palace, which is a stark contrast to Roshi's meager hut-dojo.

Finally, our heroes arrive at the Cobra-Kai command center.

Before I can fight Odiwan-Lee, I have to fight his massive number of goons.

Luckily, they only attack two at a time. Some of these fights aren't too bad.

Others are quite difficult. I barely won this fight, and Roshi actually got knocked out midway through.

This group attacks three at a time. The one on the lower left has some great legs going on.

I'm forced to use my one-charge super-attack items to win this fight.

The last goon is this guy, Odiwan's number two. He isn't as bad as the trio of chix.

Just when I think I'm done, he calls in his two secret assassin goons. This doesn't bode well...

Roshi tells Yun to fight Odiwan by himself, while Roshi holds off the assassins.

Roshi defeats the two assassins (without an actual battle). He's mortally wounded in the process. Meanwhile, Yun faces off with Odiwan.

By God! It's Terry Silver!

Victory is a matter of dishing out Roshi's super-move as much as possible.

It does a LOT of damage for this point in the game.

I BARELY win. Was about to lose when my desperate final strike got him.

Super-sad music plays as Yun talks to Roshi for the last time.

The next scene has Yun training on the mountain... alone. Note that there are now three gravestones.

Yun then proceeds to break the boulder that Roshi could never break.

Credits roll, and I'm seeing a lot of familiar names. Yep, the chapters get their own credits. With that, the monk chapter has concluded. Liked it a lot more than the ninja chapter.

Two down, five to go. Think I'll check out the wrestler next.

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  1. Hey, it's like you're fighting the kung fu version of the Magus sisters.

    I'll definitely start with this chapter if I ever play this game.

  2. I like this chapter a lot. We're seeing a true teacher at work, as well as plenty of social problems.

    Glad they did legit kung fu moves. Too rare for games.

    I have many friends here who do capoeira. Do you have friends that do it too? They're nice guys, totally unlike these dudes.

    You got yourself a great character in Yun. This was indeed an awesome scenario. Roshi lived well.

  3. You made the right choice. Literally all the playthrough and let's plays I've watched of this game chose the girl, finally something different