Thursday, November 10, 2022

Live-a-Live #3 - Tiger Style

Level 10 and decked out in Genji equipment, Oboro is very prepared for the final chapter. But first, he's got to finish his own. Too bad I missed out on Muramasa, because Oboro's attack power is on the low side.

After plummeting down a lengthy pit, our heroes find themselves in the basement jail. Again.

A violent juggalo assaults them as they try to leave.

Here's Goemon, who extends some of his vowels when he talks. This is so weird.

He sounds like the boss from Office Space. If you could go ahead and get right on that. Thaaaanks.

Goemon runs around and reverts every treasure in the castle to unopened. I could get a set of Genji equipment for Prisoner if I want, but there's no point.

Some of the random battles here are with TIGERS. ...and whatever the hell that other thing is.

Ode is confronted... again. This scenario really made sure to loop around in circles to increase the runtime, despite already being the longest.

If Musashi couldn't beat me, this guy doesn't have much chance.

After a quick battle, I easily win. Of course, in typical final boss fashion he'll probably have a second form.

Outside the castle, he cuts a blistering promo on the rooftop. His plan is to pit the major factions in Japan against each other, then seize power and finish off whoever is left after their war.

His second form... wow, Wart from Super Mario Bros 2 really let himself go.

In this game, tiles can be given attributes during battles. In this case, he poisons most of the floor tiles, which means my characters will take damage over time on those tiles.

Prisoner cuts a blistering promo of his own after the defeat of Ode. So...who is this mysterious character?, yeah. Who are you?


At this point I have the choice of going with him on the black ship, or going my own way. I choose to go with him, since he seems to be an alright dude.

Here comes the sun.

Scenario over. I killed 64/100 NPCs in the castle, 0 of the 2 uberbosses, missed a secret character, and missed the two best pieces of equipment for Oboro. Oh well.

After much deliberation, I decide to go with the monk for the next scenario. He is... the aptly-named Roshi.

This scenario is about his quest to find a student before he passes away. I'm guessing the student will be the character that I bring into the final chapter. Interesting.

 Up in his mountain hut, our hero does rugged mountain man things.

 He stands around looking off into distances and saying that he needs to find a student in like three different ways. I get it, let's start the chapter.

Heh, "Kung Fu Chapter".

 The hell kind of equipment is this? Well, already this scenario beats Oboro's. The environments are nicer and it looks like a regular RPG.

Turns out that Monkeypox has been ravaging the town. This is a land in dire straits.

Even worse, bandits are running around robbing everyone.

Jesus Christ! What did I do, lady?

Roshi gives her a talking-to, but his words have a fair amount of kindness.

Wait, what? This bandit is going to be his Padawan?

...yep, it looks like it. This is like the whole plot of Only The Strong.

She's quite pleasant.

This is some Hound/Arya type back-and-forth.

Her name is... Lei. No relation to Princess Leia.

She's no fan of old people and their ointment smell.

Kaoru: "And that's how the Kamiya Dojo gained its first student. Lei Kuugo: A fiery-tempered bandit."

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  1. I think that thing accompanying the tiger was Mewtwo.

    You should've hired Kaoru full-time to be your "look forward to the next episode please" sidekick.

  2. RYOUMA SAKAMOTO!!!!!!!!!! US gamers wouldn't get this but he was one of the great liberal heroes of Meiji Japan. Unfortunately he got killed while he was young...on that black ship I think. Cheers to the game for remembering him.