Friday, June 27, 2014

Highlander: The Series 2x10 - Epitaph for Tommy

This is a pretty bad episode, but it features RODDY PIPER~!

Duncan is jogging when he randomly runs into HOT ROD. And he's an immortal, breaking the streak of episodes with mortal villains.

Duncan is a big guy, and Roddy Piper makes him look small in comparison. Piper throws him around quite a bit, then retreats. Seemed like he was winning, but then he got tired and Duncan wasn't, so Piper ran. They just can't let anybody look stronger than Duncan, can they?

Piper speeds off, and runs over this poor guy. His name was Tommy, hence the episode name.

He's dead, Jim.

Duncan feels particularly bad about this bystander death, and visits the guy's family.

We get a pretty good flashback here, as Duncan is (literally) rolling in the hay with...

...this cute young lady...

...who he soon learns is ENGAGED to some guy who is jabbing a sword at Duncan right now! Rolling around with taken women isn't something to feel good about.

Wait a minute! That's Hornswoggle's music!

They swordfight, and the guy accidentally stabs the woman. Duncan, not the guy she's ENGAGED to, is the one to hold her as she dies. I feel bad for Hornswoggle; he just got cheated on and accidentally killed his girlfriend and she died in some other dude's arms. He must feel like total shit. Of course, this is Duncan's show, and Duncan can do no wrong and stuff.

A serious driving scene with cool music follows. It's like Miami Vice!

This whole thing reminds me of Miami Vice. Duncan goes full-cop, talking to seedy businessmen in an effort to find out why Piper killed Tommy. Turns out there was a reason for it, he wasn't just a random bystander. ...he sure looked like a random bystander. Perhaps Piper was there for him, and Duncan was the one who randomly happened by.

This evil blonde from True Blood is in a relationship with Piper. I shall henceforth call her Piper's Pit.

What follows is a super-uncomfortable boning scene that just goes on and on and ON. Piper is a terrible kisser, and they awkwardly rub together. I...I don't want to talk about it.

Later, she kills him so that she doesn't have to split stolen money with him (or something). He wakes up a minute later and kills her. BIG MISTAKE, BLONDIE.

We get an artistic montage sequence with Duncan talking about human life being fragile.

Finally, Duncan and Richie go to the fairgrounds, where they're encountered by...

...Roddy Piper! How'd they know he'd be there? Why doesn't he button up his jacket? Why aren't there any wrestling references in this episode?

Piper tells Richie to run along, and Richie snickers at him; he knows the guy is doomed.

The battle is joined! For some reason this episode is filmed in a grainy way.

Strobe lights make things even grainier as Duncan stalks Piper through the fairgrounds.

Piper puts up quite a fight. He's no pushover, but he's also nowhere near Duncan's level.

They fight through a strange room full of hanging chains. I just realized that the final battle of Highlander: Endgame steals from this fight a bit; it steals more from the Grayson fight (Duncan getting destroyed throughout an industrial site), but there's a part where they fight from one room to another and end up in a room with hanging chains. Just like this.

Duncan finally wins with a leaping slash.

Piper, we hardly knew ya. This guy was a huge guest star to get, and I'm surprised they didn't do more with him, keep him around longer, or at least give him a better episode.

The Quickening turns the power on. This is one of the better Quickenings in the series, which works because it follows a really good battle. Too bad most of the episode leading up to it was ass.



There's a potential desktop background right there.

Duncan visits Tommy's mom to let her know that the killer was brought to justice. He avoids taking credit for it, though.

Ha ha at his teacher's name. Lame episode, saved by the AWESOME last few minutes.


  1. Maybe there weren't any wrestling references because they were afraid he'd steal Duncan's kilt heat.

    Also don't think I didn't notice that "They Live" label!

  2. R.I.P. Roddy Piper

  3. I just watched this episode for the first time due to Piper being in can an episode with Piper suck as badly as it did.?