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Dragonball Z: Kakarot Part 12 - History of Trunks Pt 2 (The Future)


We rejoin Trunks as he heads back to his own timeline/dimension. It's still the catastrophic mess it was when he left, even though he helped save the world in our timeline.

Trunks (now buffer than in the previous episode) tells his mom about everything that went on in The Past. Specifically his getting to meet his father, and train with him, and how little he could get out of Vegeta emotionally.

We revisit one of their sparring sessions for our next fight. Here's Vegeta PUNTING HIS SON IN THE FACE.

Trunks is in fully-realized Mirai Trunks form now. All that training in the past, plus he got killed? by Perfect Cell, so he should have leveled up quite a bit.

Trunks meets with the Future Androids, and notes how weirdly different they are from the other ones.

...then proceeds to absolutely demolish them!

Or at least that's the story being told. In actuality, since it's a multi-foe battle, it isn't easy. Remember how Burder and Jeice was the toughest fight in the main game for me and it's supposed to be a total layup for Gokou?

It's still pretty awesome to wail on these guys after being their punching bag earlier in the DLC.

Trunks is no saint, and goes ahead and wipes both Androids off the face of the Earth.

He's not done yet though.

Cell is here too. In some other timeline, he killed Trunks and stole his Time Machine, which is how he became such a menace in the past to begin with.

.............I'm going to get a headache if I think about this any more.

Anyway, so this time when he goes to steal the Time Machine, the Trunks waiting for him is like 10x buffer and has foreknowledge of his attempted carjacking.

Trunks rocks Vegeta armor for this one. It's a personal fight for him, since Cell both A) Killed him during the Cell Games and B) Also killed his future self that he is now not going to become since everything's fixed.

...they should have just had Cell hitch a ride back with Trunks to begin with because this got way too convoluted. Maybe Cell starts out the size of a walnut and somehow makes his way to Trunks' time machine, being brought back with him. So Trunks saves everyone in our time from the Androids, while inadvertently bringing back an even worse menace with him.

In any case, Guile Flash Kick!

After another good battle (that's easier than the Androids), Cell is also completely obliterated.

Trunks' world is now free of all of its scourges, and a new day has dawned.

Life is peaceful for a while. But wait, what about Majin Buu?

Yeah, they're covering that too. This DLC keeps on giving.

Kaioh-Shin and his personal bitch Kibito explain the situation.

Also, Kaioh-Shin is still the most annoyingly smug character in this entire series.

Especially considering he has absolutely no reason to be so overconfident or smug. At least in this timeline he cuts right to the chase instead of dicking around being a Red Herring Villain at a tournament. Without Earth's Mightiest Heroes around, even Kaioh-Shin is less of a dumbass.

Trunks proceeds to go through the same training that Gohan went through in the main timeline...

...and completely aces it. Actually he aces everything much more efficiently than the main heroes ever did.

We even get to beat up Kaioh-Shin and wipe all the smugness off his smug face. Trunks notes that his own power feels very similar to what Gohan's was when he fought Cell. Which means... yep, he can very likely SSJ2 now.

Next I beat up a bunch of Babidi's henchmen. This whole thing with the heroes fighting these guys through 3 Stages of Hell or whatever it was felt kind of uninspired in the show. At least Pui Pui looks kind of interesting, like a Kooler form.

I power through them quickly.

Dabura arrives with the Majin Buu Egg. And only Trunks can stop him!

Will Trunks succeed alone where like six major heroes failed in the main timeline??


This guy is a little menace.

Wait a minute...shouldn't these guys have arrived waaaaaaaaaay earlier in this timeline? Like while the Androids were still rampaging? Cause Trunks was like 8 when they showed up in the main timeline, here he's like 20.

Yeah, they should have shown up many years previous. With the Androids killing so many people, they could have easily hoovered up energy for Majin Buu by just lurking around sucking up all the souls with their lamp or whatever.

Well...don't think about it.

Next is Trunks vs Dabura, and it's everything Gohan vs Dabura should have been in the show. A largely even battle between two very competent fighters who get right to the point.

This fight in particular looks very cool in the game, and it should, because it's the final battle of this DLC.

Babidi and Dabura manage to kill Kaioh-Shin (and his personal bitch Kibito) via their trickery, which gives Trunks the last push he needs to go ballistic.

He goes right to Super Saiyan 2, electricity and all. And he isn't going to spend any time dicking around like Earth's Mightiest Heroes usually do in these situations. The bad guys are hosed.

Another Dabura fight, and now Trunks has the advantage.

I make sure to finish the fight with a Masenko, and that's it for Dabura.

Oh yeah, and get this, he also made sure to annihilate Babidi and the Buu Egg in the same blast, so Majin Buu never even exists here.

"Sort of a...retroactive abortion?"

Unfortunately Supreme Kai and Kibito are both no more, so it isn't all good news.

When it comes down to it, Future Trunks' life is just nonstop awful things happening.

Not to mention that at this point it's basically one big plot hole. Why hasn't any of the stuff from Super happened here yet?

Well...don't think about it too much.

SSJ2 Trunks vs Dabura, great fight.

Very cool DLC here and easily the best one they've put out so far, including the one after this which I'll do something on soon.

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  1. Man, I really like this continuation of the Trunks future.

    I think the late arrival of Babidi and Dabura is actually supposed to be because of the Androids, without the same amount of people around it takes them way longer to gather up the energy they needed. Something like that could probably be made to kind of make sense.