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Dragonball Super Movie 1: Broly (2019)

It's Sunday at 6 AM, you know what that means.

I covered all 15 DBZ movies, why not also the Super movies that follow them? Here's the first one, which could also kinda be called DBZ Movie 16 if you really wanted to. Like the previous two movies it totally blows away the first thirteen movies. And this the best out of the entire lot. Hands down. Easily the best Dragonball series movie by a mile.

Interestingly enough, the last two DBZ movies (14 and 15) were basically Super movies as well, but still used the Z moniker at the time. This one, obviously, has the return of Broly. Except it isn't a return, because it completely ignores the other Broly movies and tells the story from scratch. Only this time it's canon, unlike the odd "parallel universe" first 13 DBZ movies. A lot of people probably thought this was a sequel, but nope, it's a replacement entirely. It's most similar to DBZ Movie 8, but it takes place during the time of Dragonball Super (aka much later than the original Broly story).

Quick story time: The first DBZ episode I ever watched was the one where Piccolo is killed by Nappa, then Gokou arrives and saves everyone. I had no idea what was going on but it was really the perfect first episode for summing up how most of the show is. It was interesting and I wanted to see more. I missed the episode after that (it was on at 6 AM on Sundays so that didn't help), then tuned in again for the episode where Gokou and Vegeta had their massive beam tug-of-war. That was one of the best episodes of that entire saga and was all it took for me to officially be hooked on the show. Made sure to miss as few episodes as possible after that, 6 AM be darned.

"Prolonged frenetic sequences of action and violence" COUNT ME IN!

We start with a very long flashback intro. So long that it actually runs for about the first seventh of the movie. Here's King Cold, back when he ran the Galactic Empire or whatever these guys are. It's always good to see more King Cold, considering how short he was sold in the show. No pun intended. ...because he is tall.

He and his young son Freeza are on their way to Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans. The gang is all here: Zarbon, Dodoria, the Ginyu Force, Kui, that unnamed fish guy who seems to have a lot of retconned importance in modern games/shows/movies for some reason, and even a couple of the weirdoes from Resurrection F.

During DBZ, I got the impression that the Ginyu Force weren't part of Freeza's regular minions. They're an ultra-powerful mercenary force that only gets brought in to deal with the most dire of situations. Here, they're just more of the rank-and-file minions.

The bad guys land on Planet Vegeta, where they're greeted by King Vegeta and the Saiyan high command. These must be the "First-Class" Saiyans. Most of them are "Third-Class", a few are First-Class because they've got higher power levels or royal blood or whatever. I don't think we ever see any Second-Class Saiyans, nor is it even really clear that there are any.

King Cold is kind of what I was hoping Freeza would be, back before Freeza debuted on the show. Equally malevolent and intimidating, only with size and maturity.

Speaking of Freeza, here he is. He's just a boy, but he's already very powerful. King Cold announces that he's retiring and Freeza now controls his organization...and the entirety of the Saiyans, along with everybody on every other planet they control. I'm sure he won't abuse this power at all.

"HELLO, MONKEYS!" he bellows.

Elsewhere, King Vegeta visits the pod room where they keep all their babies incubating. Not really sure what the deal is here. Do lady-Saiyans not produce milk? Why do they put their kids in pods?

Here's Prince Vegeta, who is the strongest of all the toddlers...or so the King thinks. Let's not bury the lead here though: The doctor on the right has great hips.

King Vegeta finds out that Baby Broly has a higher power level than Baby Vegeta, and he's quite displeased. He could welcome the fact that Vegeta has a potential ally and partner in crime, but instead he feels threatened and decides to fire Baby Broly out into space.

Paragus, father of Broly, is infuriated by this and begs King Vegeta to reconsider. That isn't happening, so Paragus hijacks a shuttle (with this poor pilot guy) and flies off into space to find Broly.

Ya know, Paragus here seems like he might be a Second-Class Saiyan. He isn't a noble or elite, but he was strong enough to have Broly be his child, and was able to get an audience with King Vegeta at will. Who knows, though. I'm creating headcanon at this point. I think Nappa might also be second-class. Maybe only royalty are first?

Paragus and the pilot guy arrive on an inhospitable planet and look for Broly. Instead, they run into Seti Alpha Five's last indigenous life form:

Giant ticks with evil faces. Alright, I'm outta here.

Paragus finds Baby Broly, but it looks like their ship is broken and they don't have many supplies. Paragus SHOOTS THE PILOT so it's one less mouth to feed. Also because the guy wouldn't have fit in Broly's capsule, which Paragus is presumably going to use to get them out of here. ...except that wasn't an option either. I think Broly might have destroyed his own pod when he turned into a Great Ape by looking at the moon. Regardless, Paragus and son are stranded on this inhospitable planet, and Paragus swears vengeance on King Vegeta.

A few years later, Bardock is returning from a mission. As they approach Planet Vegeta, the guy he's with starts ranting about Freeza. Bardock points out that his scouter is on, so everything he's saying is being recorded in the cloud. That's right, all the scouters were connected to some kind of massive Freeza Force Internet. And much like those stupid Amazon Boom Mics that people buy to put on their kitchen table, the scouter can listen to everything you're saying and send it back to some centralized hub. No doubt saying the word "Freeza" would flag your speech for review... and potential execution.

Bardock learns that Freeza has ordered all the Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta and assemble for a planetary meeting. He immediately senses that something is amiss. Why would Freeza want all of them in one place, and why is Freeza hanging out in orbit instead of coming down? Bardock's time in scientist school is finally bearing some fruit. He knew he'd eventually use that degree for something.

In orbit, Freeza is rocking some pretty nice black armor. He also has red skin. Not sure why he doesn't have the purple armor and pink skin that he had in the show. Also, these retconned-in weirdoes from Resurrection F are creeping me out. They have like zero appeal compared to the original DBZ version of the Freeza Force.

We meet Bardock's woman (and Gokou/Kakarot's mom), Gine. She's one of the few Saiyans who isn't a violent sociopath.

Bardock tells her that Freeza's minions have been asking around about the "Super Saiyan" mythos. She gets a good laugh out of that, saying the "Super Saiyan" is a fairy tale. Bardock says "Yeah, but Freeza doesn't know that". Indeed, what if Freeza decided to pre-emptively defend himself against them without a UN resolution blow them up?

Bardock tells her that he wants to send Kakarot away, because he thinks something bad is about to happen to all of them. He's going to send him to Earth, which is far enough away that it might stay off of Freeza's radar for a long time. He also refers to Earth as "not very technologically advanced".

Gine is horrified at the prospect of sending Kakarot away, but also believes Bardock that he might be safer if they do that. If they keep him here, he'll just end up getting sent away anyway next time King Vegeta sends out a round of planet-killing kids, and might end up on a planet much less nice than Earth.

If anyone's wondering about Raditz...yes, they DO mention him here! Lot more attention to detail than the old movies. They talk about how Raditz (who is much older than Kakarot) is deployed in the Saiyan military and working for Prince Vegeta himself. He, Vegeta, and Nappa are all off-world. Not sure why Freeza would allow this kind of oversight in his gathering-up of Saiyans he percieves as a threat. He's making sure all of them are here except for the strongest one? AKA the only one who might actually become Super out of this crop?

Bardock carries Kakarot out into the wasteland before deploying his pod. Again, attention to detail: They walk so as to not attract attention, and deploy from a location far away from any crowded areas. They needed the kid to disappear completely un-noticed so nobody would look for him.

Also worth mentioning: Gine being good-hearted is notable. The series kind of attributed Gokou's goodness (compared to other Saiyans) to him hitting his head as a child. However with this movie I think we can speculate that he might have inherited it from his mom. His dad isn't what I'd call good-hearted, but he's got some ethics unlike most of his kin.

Kakarot, who wails incessantly, looks pretty miffed about whatever is going on. It's like when you put a cat in a carrier and they hate you temporarily.

They say bye to Kakarot. Man, this is actually powerful stuff if you've been watching Dragonball since the beginning.

Dammit, this is as much feeling as Dragonball has evoked in ages. This movie is so well-done.

Somber moment for them, but we also know that having to do this kind of thing is very normal in their culture.

Course, within the week, we get the scene we all know from the previous series: Freeza blows up their entire planet from orbit, despite his minions warning him that losing the Saiyans meant losing "almost half" of his army. Interesting. So his army subjugated the Saiyans, then assimilated them. Now his army is much smaller, but he'll make do.

But seriously, why'd he just let Vegeta/Nappa/Raditz live? Especially if he was so concerned about a Legendary Super Saiyan appearing. Again, Prince Vegeta would be the one most likely to become that, something King Vegeta actually pointed out earlier in the movie.

Gine looks up as Freeza's death-nuke descends on their world. She was great in this short amount of screentime. RIP Gine.
Bardock tries to do something about all of this...but he's the only one trying to do anything, and can't by himself. We don't get a big space battle in this version, just him flying up to try and stop them to no avail.

He's literally the only one. All the other Saiyans were too busy laughing at him and his crazy warnings.

We cut to Freeza's POV as he scans the destroyed planet and the few remaining power signals all wink out one by one until there's nothing.

I know the bar was low for DBZverse movies, but I gotta say, this one flies so far over that bar that it's unreal. There's a new bar now.

We cut to Young Nappa and a couple of Saiyan troops we've never seen before. So there were more than 3 of them deployed? What happened to these guys? Why don't any of them wear pants?

In any case, they get the word that Planet Vegeta was destroyed "by a meteor" as per mainstream news networks. There's been some talk by common peasants that it actually wasn't a meteor, but social media companies labeled this "Russian Disinformation" and set up algorithms to auto-delete any posts suggesting Freeza might be culpable while banning any high-profile people who pointed it out.

...My God. This fictional universe really is terrifying.

They solemnly report the news to young Vegeta and Raditz... who couldn't care less. Nappa mentions that Vegeta had a brother and Vegeta shrugs it off. ........much like Akira Toriyama has.

Even genocidal killers are like "..........." at these kids.

Several decades go by, and we finally arrive at the present with Gokou and Vegeta sparring.

After the spar, they (very) quickly recap the events of Dragonball Super. Sounds like this takes place after the entire Super saga ends (to this point, which is episode 131) because they reference things from the final episode. Vegeta wants to get stronger so he can destroy Freeza if necessary, someone Gokou foolishly brought back to life. Gokou wants to get stronger so Vegeta doesn't pass him up.
Little do they know, somewhere out there is a Saiyan stronger than both of them.

And his JOHN CENA! Doo doodoo doooooo! ...I'll show myself out.

Next, someone steals the six Dragonballs that Bulma had collected in her lab, so our heroes set out to get the 7th one before Whoever gets it. Looks like Freeza (who is alive yet again) might be behind it. Vegeta speculates that Freeza might be working on a new form even more powerful than Golden.

Seems like there's a lot of setup here for future stuff that may or may not happen, especially considering this movie basically functioned as a finale for the Super anime series as it stands now.

Bulma reveals that she's been using the Dragonballs to make herself look younger, but only in 5 year increments so people don't notice. THAT how Keanu Reeves is doing it?

We need to get Joe Dawson watching this guy.
Elsewhere, Freeza makes his way towards Earth to get the Dragonballs. They're on a collision course! ...wait a minute, isn't this a Broly movie? We're nearly 40% of the way through it and so far it's been more of a setup for a Freeza movie.

Regardless, this adorable frog goon asks Freeza what his wish is going to be. It isn't immortality, or being impervious to damage. Turns out Freeza's time in Hell showed him that living forever is actually a really bad thing. So instead, he's going to wish to be 5 centimeters taller in his main form.

The frog guy asks him why only 5 centimeters, and Freeza says he needs to do it in increments so people don't notice.

Elsewhere in the universe, we're introduced to Cheelai (like "chili" you see). She's a green woman who wears skin-tight shorts and the previously-unseen "sexy" variant of Freeza Force Armor. That's because she's a member of said 'Force. She says that Freeza is "so desperate for troops [after his defeat in the last movie] that he's recruiting women and old men" now. Well, he wouldn't be so desperate if he hadn't annihilated a planet full of his troops a while back.
In any case, Cheelai and her crew are more mercenaries, and using the Freeza Force opportunity/resources to steal as much valuable salvage as they can. I guess they're supposed to be looking for people with high power levels to join the Freeza Force and rebuild it. And by high, I mean "above 1000". She says there aren't many people in the galaxy who are above that level. That's like 0.8 Raditz, not a huge ask.


Their search for people with power levels above zero takes them to this isolated wasteland of a planet, where they find...

...Paragus, who looks like he's been through the ringer a few times. They clock his power level at 4200, finally answering that question. About on par with Nappa at the start of the Saiyan Saga (think he maxed out at 6000 during his battles). I'd think Paragus would be a lot higher after years of probably getting beaten up by his son. Nappa should have been a lot higher too though.


Broly surges in to save them from a giant tick, and has the highest power level they've ever seen.


Cheelai and her old accomplice take Paragus and Broly to Freeza. They'll make a bunch of money for bringing in fighters with decent power levels, while Paragus is thrilled to just get off of that planet and seeks to curry favor with Freeza.

Paragus demonstrates that he has a shock collar on Broly to keep him from lashing out, since he has anger issues and can fly off the handle.

The others think this is pretty inhumane, because it is, while Broly doesn't really know the difference.

Also worth noting: Paragus lopped off Broly's tail long ago so he wouldn't Oozaru-out anymore. Which, I think, makes Saiyans more powerful.

Freeza decides that with Broly's incredibly high power level - which is probably higher than his - this is a good opportunity to get rid of Gokou and Vegeta. He'll sic Broly on them, which is fine by Paragus since all he wants is vengeance against Vegeta's family line.

Elsewhere, Cheelai demonstrates that Saiyan Armor is actually very stretchy. Or at least the Sexy Saiyan Armor Halloween Costume version she's wearing is.

Paragus is unamused by all of this and doesn't want Broly making friends. They're here to destroy Vegeta, and by extension Gokou.

No mention yet of Gokou's crying. In the original Broly movies, Paragus wanted to destroy Vegeta, while Broly's beef was more with Gokou for driving him crazy when they were both babies and Gokou never stopped crying. He had the pod next to Broly's pod and was a totally miserable neighbor. Well, no mention of that here, so Gokou is barely a factor in this story so far.

After Paragus zaps Broly, Cheelai goes ahead and pickpockets the shock remote.

She then crushes it! Now nobody can control Broly! What could go wrong?

We get more Broly Backstory as he hangs out with these two. He had a rough upbringing on the desolate planet, and his only friend was a giant beast that Paragus ended up injuring just to drive it away so it'd stop distracting his son. Which left Broly with nobody, really.

Very sympathetic version of the character here, but I'm now realizing how confusing it is to have multiple versions of the same character, with similar but different stories, taking place at different times. To say nothing of them doing the same thing with Bardock multiple times now, to the point that I can't even keep the canon backstory straight in my head.

And if the next Dragonball series starts with an episodic retelling of this movie (which would follow the pattern of what they've been doing for ages)...things will get even more muddled.

-Broly movie retelling arc
-Super Hero movie retelling arc
-Main universe vs DBGT universe arc - SSJ Blue Gokou vs SSJ4 Gokou to finally make GT relevant to something and settle the age-old question of what's stronger
-Moro arc
-Granolah arc
-Black Freeza arc

Stuff happens with the Dragonball Hunt that I've largely just skipped over here because it's mostly filler, and the Freeza Force arrives on Earth to claim the seven Dragonballs.

That's right, Freeza has them assembled! What's he gonna do? I don't know, but more importantly, when Gokou and Vegeta show up to stop him, he sics Broly on them.

Here we go, the big battle of the movie. They did a fantastic job conveying how ludicrously powerful this guy is, and at this juncture he's probably more interesting than any other villain in Super.

He mostly tangles with Vegeta at first while Gokou just kinda gets out of the way. Yeah, Gokou has been a non-factor so far in this movie.

Vegeta goes Super Saiyan when he seems to be outmatched.

That gives him the advantage...temporarily. It seems Broly is actively getting more and more powerful as the fight goes on, probably because it's the first time he's ever fought anyone remotely on his level.

...come to think of it, him getting this powerful while being malnourished on a desolate planet with nothing to fight with doesn't make a whole lot of sense, compared to what our heroes have been through via training and fighting the universe's strongest opponents many times over. Even if he was 100x stronger than them when they were all babies, how is he this strong now? Well, don't think about it too much.

Vegeta goes to Super Saiyan God, which I don't think we even saw in the Resurrection F movie. Pretty cool to see it again, even if it isn't quite so exciting. I thought Super Saiyan Blue just kind of replaced it, but no, it's a form before that.

As things get more and more out of control, Paragus decides it's time to subdue Broly and rein him in...only to find he no longer has the shock remote!

Vegeta decides to go for the kill and blasts Broly with this fire-beam. A lot of this battle animation looks CGI rather than drawn, and it works really well. Also good choice having the setting here be a frozen landscape.

Gokou wasn't crazy about Vegeta going for the kill. He hasn't even had a shot at Broly yet, and he's interested in who this guy is and how he got this way.

Not to worry, Broly is totally fine. He can't seem to go Super Saiyan, but he's able to gain a semi-aura regardless.

Finally, it's time for Gokou to step in, since Vegeta isn't making a whole lot of progress here and he's had long enough.

Gokou has the same issues Vegeta does and can't make much progress against this guy. Next thing you know...

...Broly's aura is getting pretty big, still no Super though. This re-creates one of the notable poses from the Broly movies.

Gokou goes to SSG form, which I'm now noticing has a little bit in common with GT's "Super Saiyan 4". Gold irises, dark eyebrows, a lot of red.

The battle gets good now. I think Toriyama saves all the best fights for Gokou. Notice Broly still hasn't really taken any damage.

Chilai is observing this and amazed at what Broly is capable of. I'm more amazed at what Chilai has going on. Look at those firm haunches!

Even in Super Saiyan God form, Broly is able to outmanuever Gokou and give him a vicious beatdown. I feel like Broly is probably stronger than Beerus. He's definitely the strongest single Saiyan in the canon at this point.

Yeah, I don't know that anyone else of the Saiyan variety could leave Gokou laid-out like this. I guess we don't know what Beast Gohan can do yet, though...but that's for the next movie.

Gokou finally goes to full power with Super Saiyan Blue. there a Super Saiyan 2 Blue? Or is this it? IDK. They've kinda run out of colors to go through.

As the fight spills down into the Earth's crust (lava contrasts nicely with the blue form), Gokou tells Broly that he's a mighty opponent, and that he senses good in him. He doesn't have to keep doing what Freeza and Paragus are telling him to do.

Meanwhile, Freeza is displeased to learn that Broly can't go Super Saiyan, and thus won't actually be able to defeat either of his opponents. Then...he gets an idea!

Remembering that Kuririn's death on Namek triggered Gokou to go Super Saiyan, Freeza goes ahead and kills off Broly's dad to see what happens. Damn, that's ice cold.

Now Freeza bellows forth that Paragus was killed by a stray blast from their fight. What a tragedy!

Broly is PISSED and goes Super Saiyan, finally. But wasn't Paragus like, awful to him?

Vegeta flies in and says Gokou can't win this by himself. Broly in SSJ1 is stronger than one of them in SSJ Blue.

No more wasting time. They both go blue and unleash a Gallick Gun / Kamehameha combination!

Broly just blasts his way right through their combined attack. Man, I hope this guy doesn't figure out SSJ2, the universe would implode.

Since they still aren't getting anywhere, Gokou instant-ports he and Vegeta away. Broly then just starts WAILING ON FREEZA for some reason. Hilarious!

They appear where Piccolo is, and Gokou says they have to fuse. They did it once before, with the Potaru earrings, now they need to do the dance. That's right, this is the first actual main-canon summoning of Gogeta.

Vegeta, of course, thinks this sounds ridiculous and doesn't want to do it.

It takes several tries to get it right as their angles are slightly off. This all takes about an hour. Meanwhile...

...Freeza is stuck with Broly, and goes to Golden Freeza form in an effort to hold off the raging monstrosity.

Finally they get the damn Gogeta form right...and aren't sure what to call it. Perhaps Gokjita? Then they settle on Gogeta.

They warp back in time to save Golden Freeza from getting murdered. He was no match whatsoever for Broly, who it's safe to say is definitely stronger than Beerus at this point.

Gogeta is pretty awesome so it's great to see him finally canon-ized in the series.

The first 13 DBZ movies took place in an alternate dimension, I guess. Like GT. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I mean we have all these dimensions in the Dragonball universe now so it isn't even a stretch to say this.

Gogeta and Broly unleash their strongest beams in a mighty beam tug-of-war. ...except the beams are so powerful that instead of holding each other off, the whole thing just blows up and SHATTERS REALITY.

They tumble into some kind of fourth-dimensional plane as timespace itself gets rattled by the fight. Man, this is everything I always wanted a final DBZ battle to be.

Broly powers up again, now to Green SSJ, his strongest form. He also loses the shirt and takes on his iconic look from the old movies.

SSJ Gogeta can't even scratch Green SSJ Broly. Which means...

...time for SSJ Blue Gogeta! Now Gogeta has the advantage again but it's insanely close. Broly is so stunningly overpowered that I don't even see how anyone else, good guy or bad guy, can believably even fight him one-on-one after this unless some new form is introduced.

What's going on with SSJ Green, though? It seems to be outside of the Super Saiyan form tiers. Not like Gokou or Vegeta can do it. I'm thinking it must be some "alternate leveling path", maybe that takes off of the Muscle SSJ1.5 form that our heroes generally avoided using (and thus didn't develop it). Perhaps using Muscle SSJ1.5 and transcending it levels it up to become SSJ Green instead of SSJ2. And Broly is just so powerful that he can do mega-damage with any of these forms.

This final SSJ Green Broly vs SSB Gogeta battle is pretty incredible, but it's over fast.

Gogeta casts Chromatic Orb!

Between the CGI, the color contrasts and art direction, the nonstop action, the huge stakes, and these guys being at pinnacle power levels for the series, I'm gonna go ahead and say that as of 2023 this is the best fight in the entire Dragonball-verse. Yeah, I'd put this over SSJ2 Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell, which to me is the only real competition from what I've seen.

Broly re-enacts another iconic shot from DBZ as he goes Fully Roided-Out.

If there's one thing I don't like about this fight, and this version of Broly, it's that he never shuts up. He's screaming for THE ENTIRE BATTLE, nonstop.

Gogeta continues to gain the upper hand more and more. At this point it seems victory is well in hand...they just had to use Fusion plus their best form to do it. Yikes. The only problem now is defeating him before the Fusion time-limit runs out.

Elsewhere, Cheelai holds a Freeza Force Frog at gunpoint and gets the Eternal Dragon summoned. Yanno, Freeza, at any time, could have made a wish over here but instead he watched the fight and left the balls unguarded. Never leave the balls unguarded, not in a fight, not in life in general.

Gogeta has no choice and goes to unleash a Super Kamehameha that could slay Broly outright if it lands. Broly is weakened and doesn't put up any defense in time. Then...

...he gets summoned back to Seti Alpha 5! Cheelai wished him to be warped back there just in time. Once he powers down, he's able to calm down I guess.

Freeza is angry, and nearly blasts Cheelai before Gogeta appears next to him and makes sure he minds his manners.

Poor Freeza, he's so outclassed at this point.

Cheelai wants to go to Broly's planet and meet him there. The old guy is like "oh cool I'm going too" and they're off.

Errr I think she might have meant "alone" but alright, they're all friends here.

Elsewhere, Freeza and his forces are engaged in all-out war on the surface of some planet, exterminating mole people or whatever. He laments how things went today and says one way or another he'll find a way to get Broly under his control, and then he'll have the ultimate destroyer at his command to sic on Gokou and Vegeta.

So Freeza is becoming like the shadowy recurring villain of this whole thing? Shows up with some new scheme like Dr. Wily and gets thwarted?

These guys are reunited and Broly seems to be okay now. Everyone just kind of assumed he'd no longer be completely whacko and murder them.

Gokou warps in to say hello, and Broly actually guards Cheelai. They all think Gokou is their enemy or something.

He has a quick talk with them and makes it clear they should be friends, and that no one means any harm to them now. He also wants to train with Broly, since Broly is hands-down the strongest Saiyan now. He's also a real wild-card. We don't really know where they're going with this in future movies or shows. I could see Broly being the new protagonist of something or other, could be interesting. I don't think he'll be losing his mind again. They had the big fight, that's done with.

Broly seems to think so too. Much better ending for this guy than his unceremonious life and death back in the DBZ movies. Well, "ending", cause like I said we'll see where this goes in the future.

That's it for this one. Fantastic movie. Best Dragonball-verse movie hands-down. I'm of the opinion that this has the best fight in the entire series. It really feels like a high peak for the whole thing and it's awesome that we got this in 2019 (right after Dragonball Super's run ended). They didn't need to do it, but they did, and damn.

The next (and last as of right now) movie is the aptly-named Dragonball Super: Super Hero from 2022. I don't think it's anywhere near as good as this movie on a raw visceral BEEF LEVEL. Gokou and Vegeta take a backseat for that one, Gohan gets to shine for once, and we get some good stuff with Piccolo and Young Pan. There's also a bit of a time jump, taking place about 5 years after this movie. Not sure if it's bridging the gap to the next show, or if there will even be a next show, at this juncture. All I know for sure is that I'm glad they're still making things in the Dragonball universe after all this time.


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  1. It's also interesting how those old dub episodes were so cut up that Piccolo ends up dying at the start of the episode giving a lot of time for everything that comes after in a single episode.

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