Monday, July 26, 2021

Super Metroid Speed Run (2020 Edition)


2020 Edition? Yeah, I'm catching up on the yearly Super Metroid runs. It's just as well that this gets the 2020 label because this one was actually a step back for me. Used a PS1 controller and had to deal with input lag. Going to fix these issues and do the actual 2021 run later in the year.

Notes for this run:

-I repeat myself a lot during the game's intro because I was going to remove the first part (pre title-screen) from the final video, and needed to repeat a few things from it. I ended up not removing the early part after all.

-I used a Playstation controller for this run rather than the usual SNES or Wii Classic controllers. It worked somewhat, but it also felt "off" a lot of the time. Couple that with some input lag and there were issues here.

-Originally this was going to be the 2021 run, which is why I say different things early in the video from later. However, the run didn't go that well, 2020 lacked a run, and I think I can do better in the official 2021 run. So this one's the belated 2020 run now.

-The video ends before it says my item collection percentage, which was a surprisingly-high 49%.

-Last time I played was a "Metroid 1 Weapon Run", this time is just a basic playthrough. Considering a 100% run for the next one, we'll see.

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