Thursday, July 15, 2021

FFVIIR - The Speed Run

 My God, I'm still doing FFVIIR posts? Well, here's one more: Speed run videos! Once you've gotten 100% trophies, defeated the uberbosses, maxed-out your party and materia, and finished the DLC, there isn't much left to do except plow the game.

PT 1 - Had to break the video up because Youtube. Here's the first third or so of the main game, beginning through Chapter 6. Not sure why I chose to fight Bahamut here since it's optional, but hey, it was a good fight.

PT 2 - Some surprises in this one as I went a bit beyond.

PT 3 - The last third of the game's chapters take a bit longer than the others. I could have probably done this speedrun a lot faster if I'd gone balls-to-the wall and not done any optional content, but hey, it's MY SPEED RUN~!

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