Saturday, September 26, 2015

Final Fantasy Type-0 #5 - Battle on the Big Bridge

And we're back, as the rad-looking crystalline zone continues. Today's episode contains...Gilgamesh.

At the end of the area I get to take control of Bahamut for a big boss fight. Not just any Bahamut, either... Bahamut ZERO, the strongest form of Bahamut.

He battles Shinryu Celestia in a clash of the titans. I enjoy these big Eidolon fights, but they don't require much strategy. You button mash square until the boss dies, and that's about it.

Bahamut ZERO is pretty awesome-looking, at least. Look at that wingspan! It's like Karl Malone is on my TV again!

That concludes Chapter 5. Was going to cover up to this point in the previous post but I ended up flipping tables over with rage instead. In any case, onward.

Chapter 6 is the shortest of the eight chapters, and basically consists of nothing more than one dungeon. That dungeon is fairly long and difficult, at least.

Maybe "dungeon" is the wrong word, because it's a big bridge. It also has every relation to the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V, as the Empire has recruited famed weapon-master Gilgamesh to battle our heroes.

But first, more Magitek walkers await. One of the things I really like about this game is being able to battle Magitek armors in glorious three dimensions. They look pretty similar to the FFVI versions.

I might have already mentioned it earlier, but this game absolutely heaps trophies onto the player. Most of the trophy list comes naturally while playing.

What? Is that... NO! IFRIT! IFRIIIIIT!!!

The bastard who murdered Ifrit happens to be the next boss, as Panzercommanden Major Ernst pilots a massive tank-mech and tries to squash Class Zero. Level 52 Cinque packs a wallop, at least, and I managed to demolish most of his HP before he really got going.

Survive the machines, and you live only to face a new nightmare...

...the war against GILGAMESH. He doesn't know, dammit! HE! DOESN'T! KNOW!

Mog chimes in that Gilgamesh is blocking our way. He may be a big goof, but Gilgamesh is a formidable foe.

The battle commences! Most importantly, a remix of Battle on the Big Bridge plays for this fight. As that's one of the most popular tracks in the Final Fantasy series, good call by the developers.

Man, this remix is sa-weet. The intro is still my favorite part of the song.

Gilgamesh is a formidable opponent due to his GIGANTIC SWORD. Even Mexican wrestling legend El Gigante (of early 90's WCW fame) isn't as gigantic as this sword.

He can also close the gap on your characters quick. The only way to do any noticable damage to him is to strike right before he does, as he flashes weak for about half a second. Strike then and you can stun him / get a couple OP hits off. The rest of the time, your attacks barely scratch him.

I've found that character levels - while they do make a substantial difference overall - don't matter in a lot of the boss fights. You still need to have good timing and whatnot to win, more often than not.

Gilgamesh has had enough of this tomfoolery, and stops the fight. I'm guessing he'd prefer to end the fight on his own terms rather than get defeated.

The Battle on the Big Bridge ends with super-overpowered L'Cie summoner Caetuna joining the fight on our behalf. It kinda bugs me that this game doesn't let you play as any of these powerful people. You're stuck with the Hitler Youth academy squad.

Caetuna summons Alexander, one of my favorite eidolons/espers. First appearing in Final Fantasy VI, Alexander is somewhat of an enigma.

This summon cutscene looks more like his FFVII summon. He's basically a massive armored giant with a castle on top. I don't get it, but it's awesome.

His mega death-ray cleaved through the wasteland, annihilating the Empire. Now we just need to bring this summoner to the Imperial Capital and the war will be over in minutes.

But first...more fallen need to be honored in the graveyard. The game continually acknowledges that this is a war with casualties, so I'll give it credit for that even if we don't really see any of them.

Getting skills for a few more characters, since I'll need six built-up for the final areas. They're a multi-party endeavor, sorta like some of FFVI's later dungeons.

I hit the weapon merchant (for the first time, haven't ever needed to buy anything besides healing potions)  and find lots of small weapon upgrades. I get those for my main characters, namely the Hunter's Bow for Trey. The upgrades are marginal at this point. If a character's weapon attack goes from 2 to 8, but their overall attack power is going from 142 to 148, then it really isn't much of a boon. I was hoping this would unlock further weapon upgrades, but apparently these are the only ones in the shop even at this advanced chapter. Weird.

I also visit Professor Mog, who has some lessons you can select from. I thought these lessons were just tutorials (their labels really do look like tutorials) so I've been ignoring them all this time. Turns out they're not tutorials, they're just very brief cutscenes followed by stat-gains across the board for all of your characters. Sorta like Guru in Dragonball Z. I choose all five or so options, take the quick boosts, and continue on.

A curious tower appears on the horizon. Reminds me of the Tower of Bab-il Babel from FFIV in that you can't see the top with the fixed camera. If there even is a top. I wonder if this is an optional endgame dungeon. Never came into play during the main story.

Back at the base, our heroes find... MON DIEU! WHAT'S TONBERRY DOING HERE IN THE CLASSROOM?

...there were no survivors.

Machina starts having one of his mental nervous breakdowns outside, going on about how he doesn't belong here. Get outta here then, ya emo jerk!

"Damn Machina!" says Wakka while taking a selfie.

I hop on a chocobo and ride for Militesi, the Imperial Capitol. The final battle is coming up, but it'll have to wait for another day.

Next, on the exciting finale of Type-0: Lots and lots of the color red, as King stands around awkwardly showing off. "Oh, that? That's just m' package."


  1. After FFRK this past weekend I'm glad to see that at least someone managed to kill Ifrit.

    Never underestimate the power of a good intro in a song. The intro is what tells you "it's on."


    ...they should make "It Follows 2" with a Tonberry as the monster.

  2. Recreating the Big Bridge fight is a great idea for getting fans into it.
    An esper being able to annihilate an army makes sense.

    I was wondering if you had been missing some free stat gains. Glad you got them from Dr. Mog before the finish.

    Having Tonberry at school would absolutely force me to pay attention.

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