Friday, September 25, 2015

Final Fantasy Type-0 #4 - Wacky Blasters

Judecca is part of the ninth and final circle of Hell as depicted in Dante's Inferno. Does this bode well for our young heroes? Probably not.

My previous Type-0 posts didn't go over super-well because I was downing the game pretty hard. I'm going to try to ease up on it a bit this time, or at least not be as offensive.

I LOL'd at "Verboten Eidolons". I guess the people who aren't Japanese in this world are probably German.

...................WAIT A MINUTE. Is this some kind of alternate Earth future where the Axis won?


...well, so much for not offending anybody today. Let's move on.

Immediately after the death of the 10 year old, she gets replaced by an even sexier child. Actually, this one looks a lot less out of place, so I'll allow it.

She's more cheerful than the other one and doesn't look like she's about to keel over from sickness. This one is called "Orderly", which means she doesn't actually have a name. The other one was Aria. No relation to Arya Stark.

Many, many overworld fights are between me and the next mission, allowing me to rack up trophies for murdering. This game pretty much piles trophies on you without much difficulty, and I was able to get around 75% of them without even trying to meet trophy objectives.

At this point the Dominion (that's us) splits their forces into two in an effort to attack both the Empire AND Concordia at the same time. If Concordia had stayed on our side I think we'd have the advantage at this point, as the Dominion has gotten fairly strong over the course of the game.

Our heroes now literally launch a blitzkrieg over Concordia with their fleet of airships.

...I'm a little wary of this game right now.

What follows is probably the most fun mission in the game, as you battle wyverns in an icy environment. It's stormy and crystalline.

I man a turret and fire at wyverns from the airship deck. This shooter minigame of sorts isn't half bad, and this wyvern fight reminds me of something out of a late-90's game. Like Panzer Dragoon. Dragons were all the rage pre-millenium but I feel like they've fallen off the zeitgeist somewhat since then.


Now for the on-foot portion of the mission. This environment is really trippy, and most of the reason why I like this mission the most. I liked the crystal level in Donkey Kong Country the most, too.

Here you battle creepy zombie-people from hell that don't seem to die when them.

Queen pokes her sword around at junk-level if you stand still, I've noticed. Watch out, men!

Cinque is a character I've started to like. She uses earth-element powers, which you don't see very often in games, and has braids. She's one of the younger party members, and has a bit of an adorable factor.

Even if your characters are leveled up, you still need to make sure to learn their skills in the menu. Alas, there isn't too much variety in the skill system, but it's something.

Fighting a wyvern on foot is no easy task. Where's that turret when I need it?

Actually, as soon as I start liking / playing as Cinque, I run into issues. She swings this big mace around that is apparently way too heavy to wield effectively, meaning she's constantly falling on her ass. Okay, as dumb as it is, I can accept this as a trope and move on.

...except that on her strong attacks she fully flashes the player. Okay I'm done for today.


  1. Between Game of Thrones and The Hobbit I think we've had some good dragon years recently.

    Those are good earth-skill names.

    Forget Doom Gaze, the real scourge is Male Gaze.

  2. You're right about this airship level being great and the ice level being trippy. Your shots make me feel like I'm watching you go to light speed.