Friday, December 9, 2022

Live-a-Live #15 - The Bad Ending

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Odio have to see it for yourself.

We rejoin the game in progress as Orsted hates on humanity. I chose him as my hero for the finale, but so far he isn't acting very hero-like...

...because, and this isn't exactly a big secret at this point... he's Odio.

That's right. Orsted is Odio. He's fallen into such a dark place that he's transforming into the new Demon King. How? I don't know. He then proceeds to leap around in time, becoming various beings throughout history to cause trouble. How? I don't know. But all of the Od-named bosses in the game were him all along.

And now I get to play as said bosses, as Orsted begins his leaping. This is going to be interesting, at least.

It took me a second to figure out what was going on. I thought I was controlling the heroes, but then I went to move...and the boss moved. Caught me completely off-guard.

Yeah! I totally murdered Kino and his friends!

Next up is the final battle with Odiwan Lee. This was probably my favorite chapter; really enjoyed the story.

He's got a lot of HP. All of these bosses do. Comparatively, the heroes are a bit underpowered. They certainly aren't at the power levels I left them at in the game. They all have generic mid-range stats.

Here's the finale of the first scenario I played.

SMB2's Wart really let himself go.

Time for the lumbering gatling gun oaf.

This guy is particularly fun to play as. He's got all kinds of sweet attacks, like the gatling barrage.'s barely a fight.

Odie Olbright was the last guy Masaru fought in the wrestling chapter, as it turns out.

WELL LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING BROTHER... Masaru doesn't have a chance. Too bad I couldn't play as Max Morgan.

The only slightly-difficult fight for Odio is this one. He becomes Master Odeo to take on... Akira.

And here's why it's a little bit difficult. Buriki Daioh is much stronger than any of the other hero characters.

Even in the far future, people aren't safe from Orsted the Emo King. He digitally uploads his essence into an arcade game to punish Cube. This "leap through time hurting humanity" plan of his just seems so...random.

My giant Terminator head makes quick work of Cube, and that should do it for everyone.

Orsted laughs uproariously at his handiwork. Wow.

Roll credits. Orsted now sets about conquering his own time.

The abandoned castle now belongs to him. He was once kicked out of here after being framed by his best friend.

In case you hadn't already figured it out, the game lets you know that you got the sad end. The bad end. Behind Blue Eyes.

I reset the game now, because there's an EVEN WORSE ending to get. It requires losing with Orsted. The easiest fights to lose are Masaru or Akira, and I go with Masaru.

Get beaten down to critical and an Armageddon command appears. Is this like when the Predator arms its wrist-nuke when it's near-death?

It triggers a huge dome of light that covers the screen.

This attack is apparently strong enough to cut through time itself, obliterating the heroes in all of his targeted eras.

...and that's the worst ending. Yikes.

Reset again. Time to go for the good ending and play the real final chapter. Need to choose a "main hero" to take on Orsted; the other characters can be acquired throughout the final chapter in different locations. Sunset (the cowboy) is definitely the best choice for hero, since he's a bit difficult to get otherwise and since he's strong right off the bat.

That said, I didn't know this beforehand, and chose Oboro just like I did at the outset. It was either him or Yun.

The chapter starts RIGHT at the end of Oboro's chapter.

Orsted's influence creeps on in, transporting Oboro to some strange dimension in another place and time.

This place looks like the medieval chapter. Orsted has been busy...

You don't get to bring non-main characters into the final chapter, so Oboro's friend Prisoner is left behind. He's on his own until I find some of the other mains.

I find the main castle from Orsted's chapter. There's no one to be found in any of these locations.

A sexy ninja in skin-tight spandex attacks Oboro in here. She's got an army of puppies that look adorable, but they're vicious little beasts.

Oboro finds Cube atop the castle... but his battery has been removed and he's just an unconscious shell. Still, this is the first sign of any friendly life here whatsoever.



  1. They should've made the Orsted fights harder, but I can see them also being afraid the player could have already leveled them up enough to be impossible to beat. Regardless, this is so awesome. Don't care much about the reason for the plot (IT'S MAGIC!) because what they did is so unusual. Thanks for giving this game the really long full look I couldn't have found anywhere else.

  2. Huh, so choosing Orsted here lets you bring about the end of the world after all.

    I had wondered if FF4: The After Years would have a similar side-character loss at the time I first played it, but you actually get to keep most of those.

    This game is eerie.