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Dragonball Z: Kakarot Part 10 - Resurrection F


On the second day of Christmas, my true love did NOT come to me. Instead I get Freeza.

That's right, time for the return of Freeza. Except now he's gold, because he trained. I liked it more when Freeza's power was largely static and new forms were his only avenue for powerups. Being able to gain power incredibly fast through training is a unique Saiyan trait, and to a lesser extent a Namekian trait. Now that Freeza and his minions can all power up super-fast from training, the specialness of Saiyans is diminished a bit, and it raises all kinds of questions about the Freeza Force. Regardless, load up your Maximum the Hormone playlist and let's get to it.

First off...more Whis training! This is how I got Gokou ready for the Beerus fight.

Not only do our heroes have new outfits in this DLC, now they can also go Super Saiyan Blue. Which is technically going Super Saiyan while in Super Saiyan God form. So in theory they could go SSJ2 and 3 in this form as well, which could be interesting, but I'd rather see new forms.

This looks pretty incredible though. Course, when I went back to the previous DLC area and fought Beerus, I only used SSG form to keep in-tune with the movie/DLC.

Question is, are they finally stronger than Beerus, like officially? Don't know, because...

...a distress call has come in on Whis' phone-pole thing. Freeza has returned! And it'll take Gokou and Vegeta a bit to get back to Earth. Can't they just instant transmission? I guess this place is out of range. 

Whis can transport them via The Bifrost or something, at least. Beerus couldn't care less about any of this. He'll accept an opportunity to visit Earth however.

Back in the world, the task of stopping the Freeza invasion until the REAL heroes show up...falls on Piccolo. And also Gohan I guess, though the game makes sure to constantly tell us how weak he is.

The Freeza force arrives...and this is ridiculous, they're back at full pre-Namek strength and then some. How many minions are there?

John Connor: "...All of them, I think."

Which begs the question of how all of these guys even came back to life to begin with...even CUI is here.

Now you form two different groups, and each one has to fight several battles against the Freeza Force. Gohan is at main story endgame levels (70ish), while everyone else is at like...Cell Saga levels at best, 30's or 40's. This means that most of my characters can't even do more than 1 damage to the bad guys. Yikes.

Luckily I still have a ton of exp potions from the first DLC. I'll focus those on Gohan and Piccolo and let them do all the lifting.

Tien, Yamcha, and Chaozu make up my C-Team. With nine characters, they probably should have just let you form 3 teams. Then again I'm glad they didn't because those Saiyan Saga guys are all still like level 15.

I spend a good 10 minutes or so spamming exp potions one at a time. With all available potions I managed to get both Gohan and Piccolo to around level 110. That's going to have to do.

The main new thing introduced in this DLC: Horde Battles. These are weird, and pit you against 100 Freeza Force soldiers. Luckily they're all very weak compared to normal random enemies at this point, and these Horde Battles give a ton of exp.

They're also really easy to spam. Just keep pressing attack and plowing through them one at a time, while watching something or reading a book.

Soon, named bad guys start joining the Horde Battles. I believe this is the first time these guys have met Piccolo.

That purple guy to the left of Dodoria...I think he's the same one who flew in front of Freeza during the main game. Who IS that guy? Is he supposed to be significant?

Fighting these guys in a Horde Battle isn't that difficult. Was worried they'd be really high level, but nope. Level 110 Piccolo and Gohan can handle it.

None of this makes any sense, but it looks like the Ginyu Force have also achieved new levels of power!

Just realized, this whole thing would have been amazing to me as a kid. Freeza and his minions returning and attacking Earth? It's quite a concept. This movie/DLC just sorta chews through all of them though.


Gohan, at level 119 after some grinding, is strong enough to outmatch all of these guys.

Burter and Jeice as a duo (plus a bunch of random minions) isn't nearly as bad as it was in the main game.

Gohan UNLEASHES HELL! Burter looks more like a pinata right now.

Lastly we get Ginyu and Recoome. Weird how these two fight together and Guldo is the one who gets a solo fight here. Guldo is so weak that I blinked and missed it.

Welp, that's it for the Freeza Force.

Freeza arrives.

Tien: "Get 'em Gohan! I've got your back!"

He instantly goes to Form 4. Not sure why he was even back in Form 1.

Gokou and Vegeta arrive and everyone's already all beat-up from the offscreen fight.

Gokou fights Freeza one-on-one, and for whatever reason you can't use any power-up forms in this fight. Just base form. Not that it matters because...Freeza is only level 160. Weird, I thought this DLC was higher-tier than the previous one? If the bad guys in this DLC aren't that high level, then it makes no sense to raise the cap to 300.

Freeza powers up to GOLDEN FREEZA. Alright! NOW we'll get a true fight!

This is it, the big final battle of this entire game, at least as of now.

The Peanut Gallery is over here talking a lot of smack.

BUT WAIT! Vegeta wants first crack at Golden Freeza. I wanted to win this DLC as Vegeta and specifically powered him up for that reason. Unfortunately I overestimated how much control it would give me. You're following the movie whether you want to or not.

This is the first time Freeza has even seen Vegeta go Super Saiyan... and it's Super Saiyan BLUE.

SSB is such a fun form to play as. Maybe the most fun out of all of them in this game. Looks amazing, plays very well too. You can feel the OP.

Here's the actual fight...which was quite easy, since Freeza is level 170. Again, why is this? The fights in the first DLC, which prepare you for this one, are much harder than the fights in this one. Level 250 Beerus at the end of DLC 1 makes this guy look like Raditz.

But wait! Our heroes dicked around too much and Freeza ended up blowing up the planet. NICE JOB, VEGETA.

Whis turns back time and un-does all of this, and now Gokou is going to have to take out Freeza quickly.

We get another fight, with the exact same-strength Freeza. Turns out that all you really need to reach is level 180 or so to get SSB, unless you really want to defeat Beerus.

It's another good brawl, though again...I'd have really liked it if Freeza were higher-level so that all of my grinding felt like it had a point.

Here's the fight itself, maybe the last fight I ever record from this game. It's good to give Freeza one more beatdown.

Whis thinks Gokou and Vegeta could be the strongest team in the universe...if they learn how to work together instead of being so standoffish. Let's be honest here, it's only Vegeta acting like that.

Annnnd that's it for DLC 2.

Whis and Beerus warp off, leaving our heroes to go back to their lives, with Earth saved yet again.

Couple things about this story. One... DBZ trivialized death and made it a mere speed bump long ago. Maybe even a powerup!

Now they've pretty much trivialized THE END OF THE WORLD by having it so easily un-done twice in a row (Buu Saga and here).

Two... I'd have really liked to see Vegeta be the one to defeat Freeza in this movie, and experience some real growth as a character by finally avenging his planet and his Saiyan Pride. Instead it just defaulted to Gokou yet again. This movie should have been Vegeta's moment to shine.

As for these DLCs...they're both good, but don't exactly make a ton of sense in how they're structured. The hardest boss by far is Beerus in DLC 1, functioning as an optional uberboss, while DLC2 gives us a new final boss that is far inferior to him despite having a level raise to go along with him. Wat?

Looks like there's a third DLC from this game at this point, plus apparently more on the way. So I'll be revisiting the game every so often for a while, probably.

Lastly, read the actual Resurrection F post HERE.

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