Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Romancing SaGa III #2 - I Can't Stand The Rain

I choose Sara next; a meek, unappealing 16 year old who doesn't talk to people. The intros for the Monster Hunter Brigade are so similar because they all start in the same spot, talking about the thunderstorm and how it makes their jobs easier when the monsters all hide. Time for another leap back into the game that has nothing to do with romance, Romancing Saga III.

The gruff Harid doesn't need your thanks, as he gets drunk at the bar.

Everyone likes the rain over here. They're the opposite of Missy Elliot, who has gone on record as not being able to stand the rain.

Me I'm supa fly.

Supa dupa fly.

Our heroes discuss some history that sounds straight out of Final Fantasy Tactics. This land has been dealing with some strife as of late, it appears. I wish the game focused more on this political intrigue and less on the open world, random episodic quests that make up most of the game time. It seems like this game wants to be everything at once.

Time to run around in the wilderness. The colors in this game seem fairly muted so far, but it isn't as bad as Mystic Ark.

Most of the characters face the Wyvern as their first boss. When six out of eight characters have the same first boss it's a wee bit disappointing.

She may not talk much, but at least Sara mentally questions the whole vampire thing. I know, it's pretty weird that they're going to a vampire for protection.

Here we see Sara demonstrating her extended verbal skills. And she's STILL more vibrant and human than Mitt Romney! 2012 SLAM!

Sara is pretty weak overall and I'm not sure why anyone would choose her as a main. Not only is she weak in battle, there's nothing compelling about her whatsoever.

The main group has a name now: Shinon Heroes. Perhaps they should have called this game Shinon Force.

Four intros down, four to go. Time for the gentleman, Thomas. He plays wingman, giving Julian a shot at Ellen.

This guy looks like he belongs in Final Fantasy VI.

Wyvern... again. Thomas has an awesome rain attack. It's like the Super NES version of Toad Man's Rain Flush.

The men of the group do most of the guarding while the women make sandwiches, or whatever it is that women do while men are guarding stuff.

Thomas is both gentlemanly and self-deprecating. What's with the self-deprecation? Is he Jack Bauer or something? "The things I've done... I don't deserve forgiveness."

And that's intro five. It was the same as Sara's, only from a slightly different perspective. These intros are getting a bit old, so I'm looking forward to starting Harid's game and getting into some kind of a groove with these posts.

This game has incredibly low inn prices. How do they stay in business? What is this commie paradise?

Godwin retreats into the mountains again. He'll be back later.

Number six? Ellen. She's CUTE. She thinks Harid is an Uncle Tom, however.

Now we see what Julian was saying during their alone time in the intro. Ellen agrees to go with him, but adds that "we're not lovers" like it needed to be added. So if you're looking for the poon, Julian, you best look elsewhere.

::sigh:: Wyvern again. Why am I doing this?

Note that much like American wars of olde, the game has the black guy up front.

Ellen, who hates black people, has her own reservations about sleeping in the vampire's guest room, as she and Sara head on in. What's this awful task? Did they have to tag team the vampire? We don't know, but it's very likely. They should remake this game, because two things are popular with young women in 2014: Vampires and group sex.

...and that damn Flo Rida.

Seven of eight. Here's Julian, the game's annointed golden boy hero archetype. He's front and center on the character select, and I wonder if he's the one the creators intended on most players going with.

Julian is the only character I bother to do Podol Cave with. It's a side area, and this is my last shot at it. It's... well, a cave. Your typical RPG cave.

Whoa, is that Callista Flockhart?

The overworld map in this game is weird, and nothing is clearly marked. This causes me some serious problems in the near future.

"You're a good guy," says Mikhail. "Look, it's my sister. I want you to take her ass to pound town."

"What the hell?" say Monica and Julian before fleeing the castle as fast as possible. Come on, guys! It's good to see SOME romance in this damn game! In any case, sparks fly between Monica and Julian as they reach a...a first-name basis. They better stop meeting like this, people are going to talk.

"I...can't...READ" says Julian. Next thing we know, he wanders off for no reason, and Monica gets kidnapped by Godwin. Wow, Julian is dumb.

Monica gets thrown into a cave, as in her own scenario. Julian goes all Bauer-esque on the Dandy Gay Bard. "WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE BOMB?"

Your timely harpsichord tunes won't get you out of this, you magnificent prancing lad!

I rescue Monica, Godwin escapes, and I fight the psychotic impgoblin again.

...and we're escaping from everything on a boat, Assassin's Creed 4 style. Since I escaped on my own volition rather than waiting for official escort, there was no sea monster battle this time. Now that I know who all of these people are and (roughly) what's going on...

...the game can begin for real. NEXT TIME, HARID COMETH.


  1. nice to see someone playing this today

  2. I like the little differences like sneaking away on the boat avoiding the boss battle.

    If she's asking to call him by his first name and using her brother as an excuse... yeah, she's interested.

  3. This game is really awesome for what it is. The amount of characters there is and the customization was really awesome. Too bad the plot overall wasn't super great, it was too open ended for its own good.

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