Friday, December 27, 2013

Highlander: The Series 1x14 - For Evil's Sake

This is the killer mime episode. It's the first one to take place entirely in France, and it's better off for it. The dramatic tone shift continues!

We see mimes accosting unsuspecting people and mimicing them. And here I thought Richie could be creepy.

They just walk up to people and start mimin' OH GOD HE HAS A GUN EVERYBODY DOWN

Duncan is out for groceries and hears gunshots. The guy can't go anywhere!

The story here is that evil mimes have been killing people in Paris, and Duncan may be the only one who can get to the bottom of it.

Duncan has a flashback to... I'm not sure when. They don't start telling you the dates of flashbacks until later in the show.

Here's Kuyler, an immortal mime who specializes in assassinating important people. He's also addicted to Absinthe, and wildly insane.

He does a trick with a curtain and kills this nobleman, vanishing at the same time in front of a crowd of people. This guy is like the deadliest court jester in history.

COPS show up to investigate Duncan. I shall call them Le Blackalicious and Le Blackalicious Jr.

Except neither of them looks like Blackalicious. I'll have to find something else to call these two.

This guy's name is Inspector Lebron. No relation to King James.

Richie brings home a bust of Napoleon, which he thinks would be a classy addition to The Barge (they now live on a boat).

Unfortunately for Richie...

A) The bust is plastic

B) The French don't really like Napoleon

C) Tessa is French

D) French women are sexy

E) Tessa is too cultured for plastic

F) Ahh, French women

G) Yeah, not the classiest bust ever

H) Bust, reminds me of corsets

I) I like the sight of a woman in a corset, breasts heaving

J) So uh, yeah, back to the episode.

Tessa pleads with Richie to not knock anything over as he stumbles about unculturedly.

Flashback time. 13 years ago in Paris, Duncan battled Kuyler. He was unarmed at the time, and it looked like it might be the end.

Luckily, Duncan can fight super-well with any kind of staff, and he found a metal rod laying nearby.

After a short, yet sweet battle, Duncan leaps through a window to escape with his life. Don't leave home without your katana next time!

Then a police car nearly crashes into him. Can this guy avoid trouble for one damn minute or what?

He leaps onto a nearby tour ferry to get away from his latest predicament.

People on the ferry are all "uhhh" as he climbs aboard. Well, this is awkward.

Wow, that is one sexy tour guide HEY WAIT

This is how they first met, it seems. He just almost died, so suffice to say he's in a pretty damn light-hearted mood right now and flirting with a woman is no problem.

Duncan proceeds to correct her on the year a chapel was constructed. All things considered, he irritates her at first.

Paris is really

really nice. Someday I'll go there and walk up and down this river just to have done it.

There's Statue of Liberty Jr.

Eiffel Tower... yeah, we're getting the whole scenic tour here.

Back in the present. I like how it constantly rains in this show. Few shows would shoot in the rain, but this one thrives on it.

Having heard about the mime-murders, Duncan sets out to find Kuyler. Things should be different in their rematch. The key to finding him? Absinthe dealers. Duncan knows that the guy has to have his Absinthe and lots of it.

Kuyler's lair is filled with mannequins. Even Richie looks at this and goes "okay, that's creepy"

Stuff happens with Le Blackalicious Jr, a crooked cop who is giving Kuyler info. It isn't that important. 24, this ain't.


As Duncan and Tessa prance around Paris...

...Kuyler shoots one of his own mimes! My God!

He then sits around sipping Absinthe. This is what happens when you fail him.

Meanwhile, Inspector Lebron ends up in the hospital after a killer mime attack.

Seems like Duncan meeting the bad guys on holy ground is a series staple. He wants to battle Kuyler right now, but Kuyler has his mimes nearby and can prompt them to gun down nearby schoolchildren if Duncan does anything.

Besides, Kuyler has to MIME UP before he fights.

Duncan ends up at the mannequin lair, which is about as crowded as Times Square.

Meanwhile, the crooked cop must ANSWER TO LEBRON~!


Kuyler arrives to fight Duncan. Nice headless mannequin between them.

Duncan: "This time, I remembered to bring this!"

Kuyler has some tricks, like disappearing into the crowd of mannequins. This guy really could have been a villain for multiple episodes. Same goes for Grayson.

Duncan gets the better of the exchange.

Duncan wins. He didn't break much of a sweat on this one. Kuyler seemed like he could have been a badass, but he was probably drunk the entire fight.

The Quickening manages to cause all of the nearby mannequins to explode.

On one hand, he has Kuyler to thank for meeting Tessa. On the other hand, Kuyler was a nefarious bastard.

I think that if you climbed Mt. Olympus, you'd find her at the top throwing lightning bolts.

The episode ends with Lebron questioning Duncan while Duncan, and the audience, groan. NO MORE COP SHOW

Interesting guy. Like I said before, this guy seems like he could have lasted a few episodes. Oh well. Seems like this show is pretty set on killing off most of the bad guys inside of one episode, which is a bit of a waste at times like this.

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  1. Going by the costumes in the flashback, it's definitely 18th century, probably around mid to French Revolution. :-)