Sunday, December 29, 2013

Highlander: The Series 1x16 - The Beast Below

A lot of people don't know it, but this is also what women call Richie's penis.

And speak of the devil, here's Richie and his latest girl-interest. It must be embarassing bringing home all these different ladies to meet your parents. Er, Tess and Duncan.

In any case, stuff happens, a guy gets murdered... it happens to be in the theater our heroes are in now, and it happens to be by an immortal. These episodes are getting really repetitive. This one manages to be good nonetheless, thanks in large part to some great visuals.

We see Murderer-Vision as the villain shuffles through the ruins/sewers.

Another episode, another cop who is suspicious of Duncan.

Duncan investigates, because cop show. Seems the murdered guy was antagonizing this singer, so the killer was doing it on her behalf. And the killer likes wildflowers, which reminds Duncan of someone...

...someone from THE PAST.

Here's Ursa, the gentle giant of immortals. He's sorta the Anti-Kurgan.

Unfortunately, since people are pricks, the townspeople want to stone him for his bigness.

Duncan shows up all "knock it off"

Just when it seems the situation is under control, somebody impales Ursa with a spear. NOW YOU'VE DONE IT.

He flies into a rage.

Duncan has no choice but to intervene, impaling Ursa and "killing" him.

He tells the townspeople that they'll be cursed if they stay to watch the burial, and because they're incredibly stupid, they believe him and go away.

Ursa wakes up, and Duncan explains that he was helping. Ursa kinda understands.

He ends up following Duncan as they leave this particular area.

"Ye cain't steyy 'ere ennymore" says Duncan in Scottish.

Back in the present, it turns out that Ursa is infatuated with this piano player. He's in love with her melodies.

She's terrified, but she's also evil. She thinks there's a benefit to having a huge monster in love with her, since she can sic him on anyone she wants. Damn.

Darius remembers Ursa, as well. It seems Ursa spent a lot of time in the church because he enjoyed the singing of the monks.

Back in the past, we see some of this. Duncan brought Ursa to a monastery where he wouldn't have to fight. Gotta say, this episode makes great use of flashbacks and whatnot, and despite the dodgy present-day stuff, it's a good one.

Gregorian chanting strikes a chord with him.

Duncan: "That's music. You could sing too, if you want to."

Back in the present, the evil piano lady tries to talk Ursa into killing someone else for her as they stalk around in the sewer. Ursa senses Duncan's approach, and...

...a battle ensues. Duncan is overmuscled by his foe, but then Ursa realizes who it is and backs off.

Ursa escapes, but now Duncan knows what's really going on with the evil piano lady.

Fast-forward a bit, and Duncan confronts both of them. The piano lady is starting to look like some kind of sorceress. Weird. Maybe she could get Ursa some better clothes.

She convinces Ursa that Duncan wants to hurt her, and the battle is joined. He's got a HUGE sickle-sword.

Duncan doesn't want to fight, and tries to explain to Ursa that he's being used.

The fight spills outside onto the rooftops.

This is like something out of Final Fantasy Tactics. I feel like music from that game should be playing here.

I've never seen Ursa's weapon anywhere else. I think it's a modified scythe-blade.

We go to the wide-camera. The visuals in this battle are outstanding.

Ursa falls off the roof, despite Duncan's attempt to help him.

Duncan barely even went on offense during the fight, mainly just retreating.

Duncan confronts the sorceress-lady and she spills everything about how she used Ursa, not realizing that he's right behind her listening. Oops.

When she sees him, she runs away and gets run over by a car. Hooray!

Duncan takes Ursa back to the monastery. Maybe he got tired of the place, and that's why he left?

Regardless, he'll be safe here, and he can be around Gregorian chants all the time.

Here's a rare instance of Duncan feeling really good about something.

There's Ursa. Really good episode once it found its footing.

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