Friday, February 24, 2023

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pt 3 - Rojas


Today on Arceus: More plains, more busywork. I still don't entirely know what to make of this game, but it's interesting.

She's not your girl, helmet-freak.

The Crimson Mirelands are really pretty, I'll say that. Here, Cataluna walks through the wheat like Maximus in Gladiator.

Lot of grass-type plant foes here, which Ponyta is able to absolutely obliterate with fire.

The good thing about unlocking a new area is that you get an entire new array of Pokemon to capture/battle, which helps a lot in getting the busywork requirements done.

First objective in any new area seems to be to set up a base camp. They did a good job establishing this "wild west" sort of feel in this game.

Before long, it's time for another Souls-style boss. This one is a giant plant foe! Rather than just fighting it normally and letting Ponyta murder it, I have to do a Souls boss fight.

After lots and lots of dodging and throwing balms to "calm down" the enemy's not-life-meter, I get another win.

Seems like these plates from fighting Souls bosses are the game's equivalent to gym badges.

Galaxy Team started with altruistic motivations, but as things go, they got more corrupt over time after this.

Next I head or the Cobalt Coastlands, which sounds like it's got some beaches. But first, I battle Irida and her horde of Eevee-lutions.

My first tier-3 evolution. This particular beast has been useful right from the get-go and now he's ready for endgame.

I can't get a Machamp, but I could use a potent Fighting-type so I recruit Machoke.

Some pretty rad ocean-front landscape in this next area.

Here's Palina, known for breaking her last three Thighmasters.

Another final-tier evolution. The Pidgey equivalent in this game levels up fast and evolves early. Staraptor is actually quite powerful in the endgame, as well. Staraptor (Flying), Machoke (Fighting), Luxray (Electric), Rowlet Final Tier (Grass/Ghost), and Ponyta (Fire) are a pretty solid group at this point, with the 6th place revolving around whatever I want to get in on the action. Maybe I'll look for a Psychic type.

Getting a ton of use out of Luxray's dark abilities, namely Bite (later upgraded to Crunch, IIRC). He owns against Electric foes since he can resist their attacks and then unleash their weakness.

Making sure to recruit EVERYTHING IN MY PATH to try and get that research level-up so I can like, continue the story.

The main character still seems pretty chipper for being homeless and stranded in another dimension. I hope the next Legends game starts with the main character totally freaking out.

This probably isn't the first time the words "Oh, Palina!" have ever been uttered.

Next we meet this gang of misfits, who run around stealing Pokemons.

Whatever, Gengar is still one of my favorite 'mons.

Now I get access to sea travel, which opens up a whole bunch of new stuff.

The next major goal is to get back the stolen Growlithe, which involves climbing a volcano.

Rowlet achieves his final form!, it's been nothing but downhill for this guy. Hard to believe a Pokemon as adorable as Rowlet ends up turning into this weird-ass demon scarecrow.

I mentioned before how this game has the very annoying tendency of having Pokemon constantly running away from you, both on the overworld and also in battles. This gets SO IRRITATING because it just flat-out wastes your time.

ANOTHA ONE. And I'm not even outleveling these things by much, not that it matters because this happens even with same-leveled foes.

Finally we locate Clover and her pack of droogs, and the battle commences!

She's digivolved Growlithe, and...Jesus, Palina is hot.

She starts arguing with Irida. CAT FIIIIIGHT!

Palina has had to hold her tongue a lot, I bet.

...I don't even know what I mean by that.

The Growlithe has now digivolved into a giant form, and it's our next Souls boss.

Another same-y fight of rolling around and throwing balms. I could do without these fights TBH and I'm glad Gen 9 left them out.

Regardless, fire-type Souls boss is defeated, so that's another one down.

Thank God, now I don't have to type "Ponyta" anymore.

My latest excursion yielded me like... 1/5th of the remaining points for this rank. Well, the game slowly grinds onward.

When enemies aren't fleeing, they're escaping capture. On the other hand, we've got access to some nice aquatic environments now.


Fine, I didn't want this butt-for-a-head 'mon anyway!

After the latest round of grinding, I'm so close to unlocking the next area. A lot of players didn't mind all this stuff, but I do. If you're slowly going around and doing everything possible at all times, the game will progress itself. If you're like me and just want to catch new Pokemon once and progress the actual story at a regular clip, these research reports CONSTANTLY hold you up by the mid-game. At least the last third or so of the game drops them entirely.

Next area. Another open zone that looks pretty and doesn't have a lot going on.

Not my favorite Pokemon game but I respect them for trying new things with it.

To be continued.

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