Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Live-a-Live Remastered, Pt 4 - The Sundown Kid


Today on Live-a-Live: We already had a Kung-Fu movie scenario. Now we have a Tarantino movie scenario. Will it be full of n-words and feet?

Exterior, Dusty Frontier Town, Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff goes to the saloon and puts up a flyer for The Sundown Kid, the most wanted criminal in the west.

Here's the Sundown Kid, aka the hero of this chapter. I used to think Oboro was the most compelling of the 7 characters but now I kinda err on the side of this guy because he's so different from the others.

Noted bounty hunter MAD DOG~ shows up to confront him. "Reach for the sky" he probably says.

Sundown uses guns as weapons and has a bunch of gun-themed attacks, which gives him a lot of range in battles. He's very much a "DPS character" and possibly the highest-DPS in the endgame, though that's debatable.

I quickly win the fight and Mad Dog is pissed. Apparently they've done this a bunch of times and Sundown always wins, then lets him go. Maybe Mad Dog should find an easier target to hound?


Sundown is like "yeah, I know you'll chase me down and fight me again, and I don't care"

Sundown is the Orange Cassidy of this game. "You want to fight? Okay sure let's go." then "There you go, later" before walking off while his furious opponent demands satisfaction.

Sundown arrives at the saloon, which contains a Mariachi Band. "Olé!" they say when reached for comment.

They're very stereotypical Mexicans. They love de tequila, ese! Then one of them puts on a Luchadore mask and flies off the upper balcony.

Some guy picks a fight with Sundown for...standing there?

"We don't take kindly to you 'standing around' types!"

Man, everybody's an asshole in this era.

The Sheriff warns us that these times and places are chaotic and not to be taken lightly.

There's one woman here, and she's a SASSY BAR WENCH~

Mad Dog shows up, and he's cruising for a bruising. Apparently he's all bandaged up since his last thrashing. He'll be waiting outside.

"I've done things" says Sundown mysteriously.

This guy just won't cut it out. The duel is quickly interrupted by the arrival of...

...the Crazy Bunch, a gang of fearsome bandits.

The Crazy Bunch is led by the fearsome O. Dio, the baddest ruffian in the land.

The Mariachi Band soothes the tension of this news with a festive song.

...actually they just volunteer to fight. Everyone does. If the Crazy Bunch sweep into town, they'll rape and murder and eat everyone there. And not necessarily in that order.

Even Mad Dog is ready to fight the Crazy Bunch, and joins Sundown.

This is a weird scenario. It turns you loose for like 10 minutes to explore the town before sunrise and the arrival of the 'Bunch. During that time you find all kinds of items that can be used against them as traps and whatnot. I never thought I'd play an RPG where Horse Shit is an item, and a valuable weapon.

However the best thing you can find in the town is Dynamite. Light the fuse and chuck it at your foes. This can be used as a trap to take out a bunch of the bad guys, or it can be thrown in an actual battle to do some significant damage.

The next step is to figure out what to do with all this random debris you've found by turning it all into traps. It's like Home Alone or something.

Somebody has a crush on Annie, probably because she's THE ONLY WOMAN IN TOWN.

Cutscene, as O. Dio and friends ride over the horizon. He's some kind of giant who can somehow still ride a horse, like General Radahn in Elden Ring.

And now...this:

We get that weird cutscene where the kid and his dad arrive in town, look around, and then the dad gets sniped down by the bad guys out of nowhere while the kid runs away crying. I don't get this recurring gag and it isn't even funny. It probably was in 1994 though.

At this point the Crazy Bunch arrives, tripping whatever traps you set before time ran out.

Dynamite EXPLODES, taking out a bunch of them.

I didn't do a particularly good job setting traps so there are still a lot left. You can set zero traps, wait out the time, and fight their whole army at once. Or you can do a perfect job setting traps and I think you get O. Dio by himself.

Mad Dog is out to help, thankfully, because this fight is ROUGH.

Having to go through all of the goons to get to O. Dio makes it a lot worse. Even by himself he's one of the strongest final bosses in this game, especially since there's no way to level grind in this scenario.

His big move is a diagonal mega-strike, which obliterates our hero and spells doom. There are ways to avoid it, though. Still, a very challenging fight.

After that Mad Dog wants to fight AGAIN. It's more of a gimme fight rather than a final boss. You can either spare him by running away, or give him his wish and fight to the death.

I just fight, so that's it for Mad Dog. He hounded our hero all the way into his own grave.

Yeah, all those "hounded"s were puns. I'll show myself out.

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