Monday, June 6, 2022

Terminator Resistance Videos (Now with Kyle Reese DLC)


Terminator Resistance was a huge sleeper hit a couple years ago. Now it has a DLC that is just as big as the main game. I don't know what we did to deserve a good Terminator game in the 2020's, or how they put this much effort into a DLC add-on without it being expensive at all. It's pretty clear this was a labor of love more than anything else. Here are a bunch of videos of said game.

Hiding from T-800s early in the game.
Infiltrator fight - Now equipped with lasers, it's time to fight back.

T-47 fight in Pasadena

Bunker Assault - Pretty sure this is THE bunker assault from the first movie, but I'm not entirely sure.

Final Stage - The final march on the Skynet Pyramid.

All Trophies - I like throwing together these "all trophies" videos and they generally do well.

DLC Playthrough:

Pt 1 - Beginning of the DLC

Pt 2 - The Galleria. What a reference!

Pt 3 - Lots of Silverfish. I hate these things

Pt 4 - The sniper rifle continues to be OP

Pt 5 - The Centurion Cometh. This is my favorite episode of the DLC, just a tremendous part of the game and I was particularly awake for it.

Pt 6 - Lots of atmospheric Dorter Trade City sky in this one.

Pt 7 - The final episode, with some character drama and the big final boss that the main game lacked.

The Main Game Posts:

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