Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Highlander 4x06 - Reunion


It sorta looks like Duncan is charging Amanda's belly-button. "RARRRRRR" he says.

RIP Ray Liotta

After 8 minutes of recapping "The Lamb" the episode finally starts. This one is gonna be shorter than usual. Kenny has returned, and he's being chased by some immortal.

Question is, is this a bad guy trying to get an easy victim, or is it another guy that he screwed over?

Side Note: If you missed the previous Kenneth Episode, it is here: The Lamb

He runs right into the hospital and bumps into Anne, begging her for help. He's got an arm injury, which means the other immortal managed to nick him at least.

The bad guy takes out the power supply, plunging the hospital into darkness Terminator-style.

The only thing missing is Terminator music. In any case, his wound heals up, and she realizes he's one of them immortals.

She tells her assistant to go through her contacts and call Duncan over ASAP, then hides Kenny in the hospital church.

Duncan arrives, he and Anne exchange polite no-longer-shagging pleasantries, and he confronts Kenny. Course he knows how bad the little bastard is, Anne has no idea.

Kenny's all "I ain't going anywhere with you!" before crotch-chopping in the air repeatedly and telling him to "Suck It!"

What has this kid been watching

The bad guy, who we learn is named Kincaid, sees Duncan in the hallway and they recognize each other.

The funny thing about this is, Kincaid was Adrian Paul's name in the War of the Worlds show. No idea if that was on purpose.

No, chances are they were just running out of names for the (barf) "Kimmies"

Flashback time! Back in the day, a boating expedition has run into serious problems. They're running out of food and won't make it to their destination without casualties...unless they detour to China to resupply.

Captain Kincaid is gonna lose money if they detour to China, so instead he insists that the starving crew look for food and water on this random island.

When one of them stands up and says this isn't right, Kincaid SHOOTS HIM.

Another member of his crew is Duncan, hitching a ride on the boat, and he's not thrilled at all with the captain basically sentencing most of the crew to starvation.

This leads to the crew having a mutiny and stealing the boat for themselves to go back to China. Duncan doesn't help Kincaid, 'cause the guy made his own bed. He does, however, tell the crew that instead of beheading Kincaid, they should let him reap what he sows and leave him on this island to grovel around for food and water.

Kincaid vows vengeance against Duncan for stranding him like this, and Duncan says at least he's still alive.

Question is, how long was this guy stranded on this island? That might have been a completely miserable several decades, in that timeframe of not too many boats going by.

Duncan brings Kenny back to The Pad, and Kenny is basically all "f****** you" the entire time. Can we just off this guy already?

Also he looks notably older than the last time he was here, a year before. So they can't bring him back again after this anyway. Just kill 'em.

What, USA Network was afraid of showing Kenny getting slain on the program? Bawk Bawk Bawk!


They sense someone upstairs and Kenny thinks whoever it is will kill him. "We're all like that! Sooner or later you'll figure that out!"

Duncan has this look like "I can't believe I'm getting lectured by a kid"

Then I remember that Kenny is EIGHT HUNDRED. So he's actually twice Duncan's age. Does that mean he's smarter, though? I don't think so. It appears that his brain never finished developing and he really is permanently stuck in a 12 year old mindset.

Amanda is up here cooking (poorly).

Kenny is thrilled to see her and they have a big hug. WTF?

Duncan: "WTF?"

Family Dinner. Amanda is happy, Kenny is apparently starving, and Duncan is defeated.

Apparently these two knew each other in the Middle-Ages. Matter of fact, she was his first teacher in the immortal ways. Now Duncan will never be able to get rid of him.

Flashback time. It's Kenneth: Origins.

Turns out his (adoptive) parents were murdered in the Middle-Ages by a roving band of brigands. It's implied that his mom may have been gang-assaulted in front of him, so that's nice. No wonder he's all angry and hateful.

After he wakes up from his own murder, Amanda finds him. She's as amazed to find a Youth Immortal as everyone else who finds him, and immediately wants to protect him.

She's about 300 at this point so she's been around the block a few times, and tells him she'll teach him the ways.

"You know de wey?" says Kenny.

Kenny can't even lift a sword, so Amanda says they'll find him a smaller sword. He thinks he's helpless, and TBH he isn't far off.

They hang out for one, maybe two days, before trouble arises. A bunch of soldiers find Amanda with a big sack of stolen money, and hang her with no trial. Kenny runs off.

Amanda never saw him again after that fateful day. So really she only knew him for a very short time at the beginning of his tenure as an immortal.

Amanda begs Duncan to let Kenny stay here a while, and Duncan caves because Amanda is fetching in a nightgown.

Richie: "And she...does stuff"

Duncan has one particular condition: He's keeping the sword over here where he can reach it.

Kenny is awake listening to all of this. Then he has a flashback to the previous episode where he almost killed Duncan. Seriously, that's what he's daydreaming about.

He's like an evil Mirror Universe version of Richie, plotting to murder everyone who takes him under their wing instead of turning into an upstanding young man.

One of the better scenes in this season follows, as Amanda wants to know if Duncan thinks she's "nurturing" (he doesn't) and whether she would have been a good mom (if she could be)

He does think so, which means a lot to her. For all of the "aw geez, wacky Amanda is being wacky" that he does, he really does care about her under all that.

The next day, Amanda and Kenny GO SHOPPING.

Kenny thinks Duncan is never gonna like him, and Amanda disagrees. Man, everyone's mincing words with Amanda here. It'd be so much easier if Duncan would just tell her what Kenny did last time, trying to kill him and all that. Instead he's being all vague about it. This is even worse than when he backed down about Kit O'Brady's casino.

Elsewhere, Duncan pays a visit to Captain Kincaid. He's a smooth operator and just as tall as Duncan. It must be weird to be an immortal of advanced age though. Pretty much the reverse issue Kenny has.

While Duncan tries to talk things over, Kincaid says that Duncan stranded him on an island for around 100 years, starving to death over and over again. Duncan says the crew would have beheaded Kincaid if he hadn't stopped them.

Either way, THEY MUST BATTLE. ...for a few seconds until they get interrupted by his current crew of dock workers.

After Duncan leaves, Kenny shows up to make Kincaid an offer he can't refuse: He'll lure Duncan into a trap for Kincaid to kill him. Then Kenny can have Amanda all to himself.


Next thing we know, Kenny shows up at The Pad...with Anne in tow!

How is this kid still allowed to mill around here?

Amanda wants to know who this...fetching young woman is. This is awkward enough that I think Kenneth set it up on purpose. No, he definitely did.

Duncan drags Kenny off to have a talk. I don't know if leaving the women alone is the best idea. Because they're gonna gossip lol

Anne is actually really gorgeous and I feel like I never really appreciated it until after she stopped being a regular.

Duncan wants to know what Kenny was doing at the dock, since he's got dock tar on his shoes. Why was he talking to Kincaid??

"Because dat boi thicc!" says Kenny before scampering off.

Damn kids and their lingo

Anne and Amanda sit around sippin' tea and being awkward.

They quickly pass the Bechdel test, bonding over how much they both like Kenny, and how Anne is gonna have a baby eventually.

Amanda wishes she could be a mom so this is like a vicarious thing for her.

Later, Kenny calls The Pad and claims that Kincaid is after him in some warehouse. Amanda blames Duncan for letting him scamper off, while Duncan thinks it might be a trap.

And it is a trap, as Kincaid is hovering over Kenny. Soon Kincaid will have his vengeance!

They flipped things a bit here by having Kenny's latest ally actually be a bad guy, rather than yet another nice guy he's using.

Amanda heads over to find Kenneth, and Duncan implores her to be on guard that they're likely being lured in.

Their search takes them into this uber-creepy abandoned labyrinth.

Kincaid is waiting here for Duncan, and they battle again. Kincaid is a formidable opponent but nothing super remarkable.

That is, until Young Kenneth turns on a valve that blasts Duncan with scalding steam!

Now Duncan can't see shit!

Amanda witnesses this, and completely changes towards Kenny. Now she knows this was indeed a trap.

Kenny is all "Kincaid made me do it!" like a little bitch. What, with a remote control?

Kincaid then has his way with the blinded Duncan, slashing him up and playing games with his prey. He actually could have slain Duncan here if he'd gone straight for the killshot. Yep, this was a NARROW situation for our hero.

Eventually he recovers his sight, while still playing possum enough to catch Kincaid off guard with a sudden counter.



Kenny handcuffs Amanda to a pipe and plants a kiss on her.


Then he grabs Kincaid's sword and goes to kill Duncan, who can't even stand up post-quickening and is frantically looking for options.

Suffice to say Duncan is having a BAD day.

Amanda easily escapes the cuffs and shows up before Kenny can do it.

It's the "ahh, so now you must choose!" moment.

She immediately chooses Duncan and informs Kenny that if he swings, she's killing him next.


Duncan is like "loooool" and Kenny scampers off...for the last time.

That's right, we never see him again. He scampered right off into history. Legend has it that he's been spotted in the opium dens of Southeast Asia, masquerading as a perfumed Thai ladyboy with magnificent peacock plumage.

Duncan is super-thankful for Amanda and they limp away.

Back at The Pad, Amanda is all dressed-up and Duncan is...not, so he goes for the neck.

They're like 80% of the way to doin' it when someone waltzes in!

It's Anne, looking absolutely hot as f*****

She still has Duncan's key apparently. Well, it's a good thing our heroes weren't actually mid-sex when she walked in. ...or maybe it's a bad thing, that could have gotten spicy.

Duncan isn't sure what's going on, and then Amanda runs over to Anne and they announce that they're going shopping. "Turns out we have a lot in common" they say all wink-wink.

They shut the elevator door and it's like the hottest elevator door shut ever.

Duncan just sorta stands there holding his junk and probably just hoping they don't talk about it too much.

Well, that isn't how that scene would have played out if I were writing it, that's for sure.

This guy might have had a legitimate gripe against Duncan. 80 years of dying thousands of times on an island is pretty excessive punishment for shooting a guy (or as he'd see it, putting down a mutiny).

And here's Kenneth, likely still out there to this day doing Kenneth things. He's the roach of immortals. Someday there'll be a battle between the two final immortals, and then after the fight nothing new will happen, because Kenneth is still lurking somewhere.


  1. Duncan stranding Kincaid in the flashback has to be his biggest fuckup in the whole series. It's hard to blame Kincaid for wanting revenge.

  2. What I like is that Kincaid changed. When we see him in the present, we see him treat his crew with respect. I don’t blame him for going after Duncan. As for Kenny, maybe he knows all kid immortals go sour.

    1. Kincaid is one of those situations where Duncan almost comes off like the bad guy.

  3. Idk. Seems like the dude could have learned to fish and distill water in 100 years. Or swim as far as possible and drown, then repeat the process til he wash up on a different shore somewhere. Not a great storyline.