Monday, March 15, 2021

Fashion Souls (Playstation 5, 2020)

A quick look at the PS5 remake of Demon's Souls: Where my characters are, as the kids say, fashionable AF.

Here's my temple knight from Morocco. He's got a Christian name despite being a moor. He's been many things.

Gotta say, I like everything about this remake except for the very minor amount of UI. Those HP/etc meters at the top just scream "phone game". Other than that, the quality level of this remake is off the charts and probably beyond any other remake I've ever played in terms of how much of an upgrade it is.

Unfortunately Fortunately Unfortunately I had to start the game over midway through and this time I made my character a girl.

She's got sorcery, to a limited extent. Too much sorcery can trivialize the first couple of Souls games. A bit of sorcery is very helpful for getting you out of a pinch.

With the tattered sorceress robes, she strikes a dramatic pose every time she turns and the tatters swing in the air.

Here she is with a flaming sword, just absolutely the epitome of style.

Posing with the great statue of The Nexus.

A thrust!

Illuminated by a fog door, our heroine stares down a boss.

Starting a Souls game over isn't the worst thing in the world. Once you know what you're doing, you can level fast. Here, I gain 17 levels at once.

Sword + shield + peasant garb: A timeless ensemble! The blue hair is a bit newer-age, but hey.

A Great Leap

Ready for battle, still stylish AF.

I also try some heavy armor. Alas, this build is all about quickness/dexterity. Without being able to use very many armor sets, there isn't a lot of variety when it comes to looks that are actually stylish.

A more minimalist look.

The dark chapel.

The greatest screenshot ever taken of Demon's Souls, as I prepare to fight the Storm Lord. Note: This is an actual paused gameplay shot. Not a cutscene. A gameplay shot. Can't wait to see what else the PS5 can pull off with the right direction.

Hiding from the Dragon God.

The final door of the last boss. What a great game. I hope further Souls Series remakes are on the way and are this good.

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